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  1. the sports section
    It’s Official: Tom Coughlin Will Not Return As Giants Coach “I strongly believe the time is right for me and my family, and as I said, the Giants organization.”
  2. Your Official Sports Section Super Bowl XLVI PredictionWho’s gonna win?
  3. giants
    The Giants Have No Problems With Dirty BirdsThe Giants pound the Falcons to win their wild-card round matchup at MetLife Stadium.
  4. giants
    Tom Coughlin’s Feeling Queasy Over a Blown CallPhoto evidence emerges!
  5. nfl season preview
    Giants Season Preview: Taking on the NaysayersTom Coughlin and the Giants can’t live off that Super Bowl forever.
  6. giants
    A Plaxico Burress Return to the Giants Doesn’t Seem So Unlikely AnymoreHe’ll reportedly meet with Tom Coughlin.
  7. free agency
    The Giants’ Free-Agent Shopping ListYour guide to what the Giants will shop for in free agency, if free agency would ever happen.
  8. giants
    Tom Coughlin Tells His Critics Where They Can Kiss Him“The priest is here or I’d say a few more things.”
  9. giants
    The Giants’ Season, But Not Tom Coughlin’s Tenure As Coach, Comes to an EndGreen Bay’s win means the Giants have missed the playoffs again.
  10. giants
    The Giants Have One More Week to Pray to Football GodsThe Giants can still sneak into the playoffs. Though it’s unlikely.
  11. giants
    Tom Coughlin Has the Support of His PlayersSome have speculated that Tom Coughlin might be fired. The players will hear none of it.
  12. giants
    Giants Fans Better Root for the Eagles TonightThe Giants still have a slim chance at the playoffs.
  13. giants
    Giants Spokesman: Philly Radio Host’s Report About Matt Dodge Is ‘Bogus’“I don’t know who this ‘reporter’ is.”
  14. giants
    How Did Eli Manning, Matt Dodge, and Others Respond to Sunday’s Giants Collapse?Who spent a couple hours sitting in a room with the lights out?
  15. this week’s game
    The Giants Can’t Allow Tiki Barber to Be RightThey’ve proven him wrong before.
  16. giants
    Tiki Barber Is Saying Things About Tom Coughlin Again“His job is certainly in jeopardy.”
  17. giants
    A New Kind of Giants LossTom Coughlin’s teams aren’t supposed to be undisciplined.
  18. giants
    New York Giants: Hey, What About Us?The Giants go into the season better than people think, and ignored.
  19. new hires
    Three Reasons We’re Hopeful That Perry Fewell Is a Good Hire for the GiantsA look at the Giants’ new defensive coordinator.
  20. things that are not at all surprising
    At Least Bill Sheridan Probably Saw This ComingA day after the Giants allowed 40 points for the fifth time this season, the defensive coordinator gets the boot.
  21. all apologies
    Eli Manning and Tom Coughlin Would Like to Apologize for Ruining Your SundayAnd Osi Umenyiora would like to complain about playing time.
  22. big fan
    The Closest Tom Coughlin Is Going to Come to Some Sort of ScandalTom Coughlin is the victim of an extortion attempt.
  23. the sports section
    Joe Girardi Pulls a Coughlin and Lightens UpIt’s not just fielding drills and running at Yankees camp this year. There’s golf and billiards, too.
  24. the sports section
    Giants Playoff Preview: Tom Coughlin Will Tell You How This Is Gonna Go, Okay?The coach used to get caught up in piddly battles with his players, most notably exiled tight end Jeremy Shockey. Today, he makes no such mistakes.
  25. the sports section
    Leitch: Why the Heads of Our Team’s Managers No Longer RollWhat’s it take for New York sports-team leaders to get fired anymore?
  26. the sports section
    Giants Coach Tom Coughlin’s Bogus Sex ScandalA grumpy Philadelphia resident tried to blackmail the Super Bowl-winner for affairs he didn’t actually have.