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  1. how to watch
    How to Watch Springsteen and Bon Jovi’s ‘Jersey 4 Jersey’ BenefitOr, if you’re really feeling nostalgic, why not gather around the ol’ radio?
  2. that's amore
    Tony Bennett Reveals He ‘Met’ His Wife When Her Mom Was Pregnant With HerGo ahead and take a second to let that sink in.
  3. cracking the voice
    What Really Happens When a Singing Voice Gets OldWhy do voices deepen and thin over time?
  4. birthday boy
    San Francisco Gave Tony Bennett a Statue for His 90th Birthday“That’s the most beautiful statue I have ever seen.”
  5. chat room
    Tony Bennett on Gaga, New Album, and Goodfellas“Every day feels like just starting out because I still have so much more to learn.”
  6. the artist is famous
    The Strange (and Often Wonderful) Things We See When Celebrities PaintFame has become such a meta-subject and an American obsession that just the act of someone famous making a painting is thought to add kicky secret layers to the artist’s image.
  7. Alec Baldwin Tells Letterman About the Origins of His ‘SNL’ Tony Bennett […]Alec Baldwin paid a visit to David Letterman on Friday, where he looked back on the creation of the “Tony Bennett Show” sketch at SNL and […]
  8. grammys
    Kanye Was Right: Beyoncé Was Robbed at the GrammysLeave it to the Grammys — the only awards show that can make an upset more boring than the widely predicted outcome.
  9. videology
    Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett Got Jazzy AgainHere’s “Anything Goes.”
  10. Lady Gaga Wore a Floor-Skimming Evening RobeTo tape her special with Tony Bennett.
  11. tony bennett
    Watch Tony Bennett’s Duet With John MayerWait till your mom sees this.
  12. lady gaga
    Bid On Tony Bennett’s Charcoal Portrait of Lady GagaTony Bennett’s side job suddenly becomes very expensive.
  13. loose threads
    Prabal Gurung Designs for Sephora; Tony Bennett’s Naked Gaga Sketch for SalePlus, model Carola Remer covers the new issue of Vogue Germany.
  14. lady gaga
    Watch a Preview of Lady Gaga’s Thanksgiving SpecialGaga goes gobble gobble.
  15. clickables
    Watch Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett’s ‘Lady Is a Tramp’ VideoThe whiskey glass is visible.
  16. clickables
    Hear Gaga Sing ‘Lady Is a Tramp’ With Tony BennettThe two duet on his next album, and here’s a snippet.
  17. Foodies with Benefits
    Tony Bennett To Get 16-Foot Birthday Cake at Staples CenterThe singer will then perform a concert to benefit “Drive to End Hunger.”
  18. out on the weekend
    This Weekend’s Concerts, From Theophilus London to Tony BennettPlus: Eels, MF Doom, Real Estate …
  19. gossipmonger
    Lindsay Lohan Will Eat Food for WorkHer latest director has ordered that the skinny starlet pack on some points. That and the rest of today’s gossip!
  20. gossipmonger
    Tony Bennett Marries Down … in AgeRenée Zellweger bought an employee at Saks Fifth Avenue in Southampton a pair of Manolos the two had been eyeing together. Top Chef gay-bashing victim Josie Smith-Malave spoke at a fund-raiser for potential mayoral candidate and current city comptroller William Thompson. Kaz Bayati, the owner of Persian eatery Persepolis, claims his quote in support of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in AM New York was taken out of context. Anna Anisimova finds it strange that people care how much money she spends on Hamptons rentals. British Foreign Secretary David Miliband has scheduled a meeting with Angelia Jolie to discuss “global diplomacy,” and he’ll write about it on his blog. Tony Bennett officially ended his marriage to Sandra Grant Bennett and married the younger Susan Crow, though Grant is still bitter she didn’t marry Joe DiMaggio instead.
  21. kudos
    An Imagined Conversation Between Tony Bennett and Kanye WestFor reasons beyond the reach of human comprehension, planners for last night’s Emmy Awards seated Kanye West next to Tony Bennett. What did they talk about? We speculate.
  22. party lines
    Clinton Still Loves Tony Bennett, Even As Time Goes ByTony Bennett’s pop-culture relevance may have quietly passed away long ago (his tour this year is sponsored by the AARP), but to a certain subset of the population, the octogenarian’s still a heartthrob. At last night’s sold-out “The Best Is Yet to Come” concert at Radio City Music Hall, the crowd was still screaming, “I love you, Tony!” Just like the fifties! A benefit for the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts that Bennett founded, the show featured collaborators from his last year’s Duets album: a shaky James Taylor, a preternaturally dapper John Legend, and k.d. lang, who even got an (admittedly squandered) onstage kiss from the silver stud. After the concert, the crowd moved across the street to the Rockefeller Center Summer Garden. Bill Clinton arrived late because he was stopped at the Cucina & Co. market down the hall. “He’s getting food? That could take a while!” cracked Regis, stalling during introductions. Oh, Regis! When he finally arrived, the former Pres and Reeg traded tales of Bennett’s painting acumen. During one interview, the leathery Live host said Tony actually took out the brushes. “And I still have that portrait today!” Later, packages, like original Annie Leibovitz prints and private tennis lessons with Andre Agassi, were auctioned off for the charity. The night’s biggest seller? A watercolor, by Mr. Tony Bennett. —Amos Barshad
  23. gossipmonger
    Ron Perelman Is Making Up for Lost TimeRon Perelman wasn’t the ladies’ man he is now when he was in high school. Harold Ford Jr. wants to be governor of Tennessee. Lindsay Lohan turned 21 yesterday, looking healthy and acting rather adultlike. Jackie O. didn’t like it when Caroline gained weight. Anna Wintour’s stylist is working weekends at a salon in Bridgehampton. Zach Braff and Drew Barrymore made out at Beauty Bar. Mice, dead and alive, are wreaking havoc at the new New York Times building. Padma Lakshmi is finally divorcing Salman Rushdie, and a billionaire or an unidentified chef may be to blame. Europe is the new Hamptons for celebrity Fourth of July celebrations.
  24. intel
    Kevin Spacey Comes to Queens, Fails to Impress H.S. Kids When we graduated from high school, our commencement speaker was the valedictorian, a science geek bound for Georgetown who quoted Hamlet’s “to thine own self be true.” At the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts in Astoria yesterday, departing seniors heard from Kevin Spacey — and got a visit from Tony Bennett, the native Astorian who co-founded the school through his nonprofit Exploring the Arts. (Clearly, the Sinatra students trump us, if simply on name-drop points alone.) So what did Spacey have to say? There were a few moments of what appeared to be true earnestness in his sonorously delivered speech; he told the kids to “take care of each other” and “recognize that none of us [attain success] alone.” But his shit-eating irony seemed to be intact. “I’m honored to be looking out at all of you fresh-faced graduates,” he intoned at one point. “You should all feel proud and elated, even if you squeaked by like me.” His tone wasn’t lost on the savvy grads. No sooner had Spacey said, “I want to focus today … on friends,” virtually the entire Frank Sinatra Class of 2007 chorused a big, sappy, sarcastic “Awwwwww!” Spacey was no doubt proud. —Tim Murphy
  25. gossipmonger
    Billie Jean Is Not My Talk-Show HostBillie Jean King says she wouldn’t mind taking fellow lesbian Rosie O’Donnell’s spot on The View. Socialiterank.com will post no more, but its (still anonymous) founders do have a book deal. Arthur Sulzberger Jr. was marginally insensitive toward deaf people at the New York Times Co. annual meeting. American Idol contestants put on a private performance at Rupert Murdoch’s house. Christie’s exec John Hays made a quip about Katie Couric at the Children for Children benefit. Cameron Diaz went shopping in Soho, then freaked out when the paparazzi showed up. Kate Winslet likes New York’s paparazzi more than London’s. A woman obsessed with Sandra Bullock tried to run over Bullock’s husband with a car. Hugh Grant was arrested on an assault charge after throwing baked beans at a paparazzo.
  26. party lines
    Time Warner’s Future Is Now Time Warner has shown us the future — and it is remarkably like the present, but with retro interior design. We arrived at the Time Warner Center last night for the opening of the media company’s “Home to the Future” exhibit expecting robot caterers, smell-o-vision televisions, and Dick Parsons’s clone. Instead we got demonstrations of Time Warner’s revolutionary new concepts, DVR and VOD, and news that apparently Samsung has figured out a way to make a television screen flat. Also, it seems there’s something called the Internet, which allows you, as a sign explained, to get all the music you want, just at the touch of a button. All this breathtaking new technology was set in an exhibit designed by Edwin Schlossberg, best known as Mr. Caroline Kennedy, who used lots of orange-on-orange and blue-on-blue hexagons, plus furniture made out of puffy white-leather circles. It was Camelot! The demi-celebs in the room were as confused as we were. “Whatever this is, I’m underwhelmed,” said man-about-town Boykin Curry. “I thought maybe the food was the vision of the future, that Time Warner was going to start home delivery of tiny pieces of steak through your television.” At around 8:30, guests began filing upstairs for a concert by Tony Bennett. (Again: The future will be like Camelot!) We left for a much more interesting use of flat-screen televisions, Robert Wilson’s video portraits at the Phillips de Pury gallery downtown. They were awesome. —Jada Yuan