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  1. people's choice
    The Best Toothpaste on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers“This sounds corny, but people no longer flinch or inconspicuously cover their mouth/nose when speaking with me.”
  2. scent memories
    For Jaime King, Regret Smells Like New York City With No Air Conditioning“Just that fan that blows more hot New York City air into your apartment.”
  3. lunchtime buy
    My Toothpaste Is Metal As HellIt’s made with activated charcoal, so it’s pitch black.
  4. teeth week
    What Are the Best Natural Toothpastes?Clean teeth without the chemicals.
  5. teeth week
    The Best Toothpastes for Babies, According to DentistsSix dentists (and one pediatrician) recommend their favorites.
  6. recommended by experts
    The Best Teeth-Whitening Products, According to DentistsSo you can tend to your coffee stains at home.
  7. this thing's incredible
    The Best Fancy European Toothpaste (and It’s Not Marvis)It looks like the kind of thing a cheerful WWI-era nurse would have in her supply kit.
  8. this thing's incredible
    I Found a Sexy Whitening Toothpaste for My Sensitive TeethPlus: A speedy whitening gel for non-sensitive mouths.
  9. party chat
    Janeane Garofalo Would Eat Toothpaste in a Crisis SituationShe would also use dry shampoo.
  10. Floss
    Crest Introduces Totally Nonedible Mint-Chocolate-Flavored ToothpasteAnd so wages on the epic battle against tooth decay.