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  1. revolt like an egyptian
    Three BBC Journalists Were Tortured in Libya, Two Others Missing and DetainedBBC’s journalists said Libyan prisoners suffered much worse.
  2. 43
    Bush’s Deciderly Response to Waterboarding: ‘Damn Right’ You Have My PermissionAnd I’d do it again if I could.
  3. torture
    Former Justice Department Official Says CIA Acted Without ApprovalOfficials never checked before inflicting prolonged shackling to ceiling, repeated beatings.
  4. international intrigue
    That Abu Dhabi Royal Family Member Caught on Tape Torturing Someone Was Found Not GuiltyThe brother of NYU’s principal backer in the Middle East was acquitted despite damning video evidence.
  5. what other people think
    What If Torture Did Work?A Washington ‘Post’ story says torture made Khalid Sheik Mohammed sing like a canary.
  6. today in torture
    Holder Names John Durham As Special Prosecutor on CIA Interrogation AbuseThis is the first step in the direction of criminal prosecution for CIA officers.
  7. today in torture
    Pentagon: Nope, No Rape in PhotosThe Pentagon denies an earlier report about the content of prisoner-abuse photos.
  8. today in torture
    Report: Unreleased Abu Ghraib Photos Show RapeA general who compiled a 2004 report on prison abuses in Iraq says the photos Obama has decided not to release contain graphic, devastating imagery.
  9. what other people think
    Obama vs. Cheney: The Reactions Are InAnd they are split largely along an ideological divide. Shocker!
  10. torturous debates
    Obama and Cheney, Side by SideThe two party leaders engage in a national-security death match today. Here’s how their arguments compared.
  11. early and often
    Maddow, Rove Raise Stakes for Obama, Cheney National-Security SpeechesShe’s dissing Obama on national security and he’s praising him? What’s going on in the world today?
  12. torturous
    Nancy Pelosi Admits to Eavesdropping on Waterboard ConversationsShe knew, but she didn’t Officially Know. Important distinction!
  13. what other people think
    Obama Doesn’t Want Those Abuse Photos Public After AllIn a stark reversal, he tries to block the release of photos showing detainee abuse in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  14. today in torture
    Charges Against Bush Administration Lawyers Over Torture Seem UnlikelyAn internal Justice Department report, while still incomplete, seems to indicate that different forms of disciplinary action will be recommended instead.
  15. the bush years
    Bush Administration Still Leaning on Justice Department From Beyond the GraveThey’re trying to “soften” a report on the torture memos.
  16. today in torture
    Condi Rice Protected From Fourth-Grader’s Ruthless InquisitionThe word “torture” was removed from a student’s question to Bush’s secretary of State.
  17. today in torture
    Condi Rice Takes the Richard Nixon Approach to TortureNot the comparison you really want to invite, probably.
  18. what other people think
    Obama’s Enchanting Prime-time PresserThe questions and answers people are buzzing about today.
  19. today in torture
    Keith Olbermann Really Wants Sean Hannity to Get WaterboardedNow he’s calling Hannity yella if he doesn’t do it. You gonna take that, Hannity?
  20. those were the 100 days
    Bailouts, Bankers, Brackets, and Bo: Obama’s First 100 DaysLet’s relive all of the memorable moments we’ve already forgotten.
  21. today in torture
    Military Group That Developed Interrogation Tactics Labeled Them ‘Torture’ and Warned of ‘Unreliable Information’So, there’s that.
  22. what other people think
    Should America Delve Deeper Into Torture?What leading columnists and opinionators think about further torture investigations, and possibly prosecutions.
  23. school daze
    Brother to NYU Abu Dhabi Backer in Torture VideoAnd it goes beyond abdominal slaps and bugs in boxes.
  24. early and awesome
    Tell Us How You Really Feel About Torture, Shepard Smith“We are America! We do not f—ing torture!”
  25. today in torture
    Today in Torture: Even If We Did Investigate Bush Lawyers, Could We Prosecute?Oh, and about that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.
  26. The Bush Administration Torture Memos: Now With Music!Introducing the twee pop cover of the torture memos, performed on YouTube.
  27. secretary of awesome
    Hillary Joins the FrayShe takes a swipe at Dick Cheney during her congressional testimony, just for kicks.
  28. the bush years
    Bush Administration Wanted Iraq–Al Qaeda Connection, One Way or the OtherOne way: waterboarding.
  29. Crime Scenes
    When Restaurant Owners AttackThe owners of a kooky unopened restaurant threatened their landlord’s managing agent with torture.
  30. what other people think
    What Does Obama’s Intelligence Director Think of ‘Torture’?And does the Obama administration want us to know?
  31. today in torture
    Today in Torture: A Race to Approve Interrogations, With No Sense of HistoryNot only were Bush administration and Department of Defense officials fine with the recently detailed interrogation techniques, they were downright psyched.
  32. the bush years
    Source: Cheney Never Made ‘Formal Request’ to Release Memos After All?We are shocked. Shocked!
  33. the bush years
    Who Defends ‘Torture’?The political commentators and former Bush officials who don’t have a problem with the interrogation techniques that many think constitute torture.
  34. early and often
    Obama Not Opposed to Prosecution for Torture MemosHe doesn’t necessarily endorse going after the CIA agents, but Justice Department officials are fair game.
  35. early and often
    Cheney, Everyone, Want to See More Torture MemosThe former vice-president is seeking the release of memos he says report the successes of controversial interrogation techniques like waterboarding.
  36. the bush years
    Is the Administration Doing the Right Thing on the Torture Memos?Should they have been released in the first place? Should the Justice Department pursue prosecutions?
  37. early and often
    Your Evening Reading: The Bush-Era Terror MemosObama authorizes the release of memos detailing previous interrogation tactics.
  38. inaugur-nation!
    Christopher Hitchens Blames Torture on Common Americans, Demands ‘Tongue’ From Andrew Sullivan“I want tongue. Give me tongue,” Hitchens implored.
  39. intel
    Steve Powers Wants to See You Get WaterboardedThe grafitti artist known as Espo is seeking lawyers for an “experimental art event.”
  40. early and often
    Hillary Clinton: Still Running for President!The growing clamor for Hillary Clinton to exit the primary race grew a bit louder these last few days.
  41. right-click
    Beyoncé’s ‘Nightmare’ Is Our DaydreamPlus new MP3s from Hot Chip, Prodigy, and The Game.