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  1. election 2020
    Biden Beat Trump in the Town Hall TV-Ratings BattleBiden’s ABC town hall had the benefit of a stronger lead-in.
  2. extremely online
    Savannah Guthrie Says Trump Can’t Act Like ‘Someone’s Crazy Uncle’ on TwitterThe morning after his NBC town hall, he proved her wrong and did exactly that.
  3. 2020 presidential debates
    Trump and Biden Town Halls Will Go Head-to-Head This Thursday NightNBC News has set a town hall with the president moderated by Savannah Guthrie.
  4. Check Out This Congressman Telling a Constituent to ‘Shut Up’Republican Joe Barton of Texas made a request, and it was not honored.
  5. Mitch McConnell Employs Turtle Strategy to Avoid Town Hall TurmoilThe Senate Majority Leader is peeking very carefully at Kentucky constituents from inside his shell.
  6. oh congress!
    At Town Halls, More Crowds Face Off Against Republican LawmakersRaucous constituents challenge senators and representatives on ACA and Trump.
  7. Republicans Accuse Protesters of Organizing for Political ChangeConservatives are now arguing that protests are illegitimate if they’re planned in advance by activists.
  8. politics
    Women Got All Up in This Virginia Congressman’s ‘Grill’ at Rowdy Town HallRepresentative Dave Brat heard from those women Tuesday night.
  9. These Republicans Faced ‘So-Called Angry Crowds’ at Tuesday’s Town HallsWhile scores of GOP lawmakers are avoiding their constituents, a handful attended packed public events back home.
  10. in the field
    Queens Republicans Like John Kasich Because, Really, Who Else Is Left?The anti-Trump, anti-Cruz candidate gives a town hall and grabs a slice in Howard Beach. 
  11. early and awkward
    Republican Congressman Confiscates Cameras at a Town HallNow everyone hates him, even the tea partiers.
  12. early and awkward
    Democratic Congressmen Avoiding Town Halls for Some ReasonThey’d rather just talk things out over Twitter.
  13. health carnage
    How to Talk to a Town-Hall CrazyBarney Frank takes one to school.
  14. health carnage
    Can We Just Stop Bringing Guns to Events Where the President Is Speaking?FYI, that is not the way to convince your peers that we should have less gun control rather than more.
  15. health carnage
    Surprise: Town-Hall Rabble-rousers Don’t Like the New York TimesAccording to a photographer, irate protesters don’t like the attention as much as you’d think.
  16. leave grumpy old men alone!
    Craig Anthony Miller Will Probably Not Become a Republican Rallying HeroThe man who dramatically confronted Arlen Specter in Pennsylvania yesterday isn’t quite ready for prime time.
  17. health carnage
    People at Obama Town Hall Discuss Health Care Like PeopleImagine that.
  18. Authorities Keep Eye on Scary Dude Near Obama Town HallA scary dude is lurking around Obama’s town hall.
  19. health carnage
    The Best Health-Care Town Hall Confrontation So Far“One day God’s going to stand before you, and he’s going to judge you.”
  20. health carnage
    Florida Town Hall Turns Into Violent Scuffle“The spectacle at the Children’s Board in Ybor City sounded more like a wrestling cage match than a panel discussion on national policy.”
  21. the greatest show of our time
    President Obama Is Aware of Gossip GirlWe’re so pleased right now.