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  1. frontiers in fertility
    This Groundbreaking Transplant Would Let Women Born Without Uteruses Have KidsThe organs came from random, altruistic donors.
  2. penis news
    Man Who Got the Country’s First Penis Transplant Left the HospitalThomas Manning is doing well enough to go home and, yes, he can now pee standing up.
  3. medical breakthroughs
    Everything We Know About the Country’s First Penis TransplantA Massachusetts man has a new penis after he lost his to cancer.
  4. the worst
    The Country’s First Uterus Transplant Failed Because of a Yeast InfectionYeast infections continue to be the worst.
  5. bummers
    The Country’s First Uterus Transplant Is No MoreThe transplant failed on Tuesday and the organ had to be removed.
  6. very modern medicine
    Everything We Know About the Country’s First Uterus TransplantAnd the woman who received it.
  7. very modern medicine
    All Your Penis-Transplant Questions, AnsweredFirst uteruses, now penises — it’s been a good month for transplants.
  8. feature
    How One Man’s Face Became Another Man’s FaceA story about cutting-edge medicine and the mysteries of identity.
  9. rah rah science
    Sister, Can You Spare a Uterus?Uterus transplants: the wave of the future.
  10. transplants
    Betsey Johnson Is Going to Reinvent Herself in MalibuShe talks about moving to Cali, meeting Prince, and her love life.
  11. dong watch
    Seems Like the First Penis Transplant Works Really Well The proof is in the pregnancy.
  12. interview
    Talking to the Doctor Behind the World’s First Successful Penis Transplant“Why is the penis so important to us? I’m not sure, but it is,” says Dr. Andre van der Merwe.
  13. get well soon
    Lou Reed Had a Liver TransplantIn April.
  14. Transplants
    La-la Land: Ludo Lefebvre on NYC Plans; the Animal Guys on ‘Amazing’Also: The Animal guys aren’t interested in cooking in New York.
  15. Admirable Eaters
    Aziz Ansari Misses Shake Shack SoWhat’s the first thing a New York expat eats when he returns from L.A.?