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  1. tonys 2018
    5 Long-Shot Votes I’m Casting for the Tony AwardsThey’re not likely to win, but I loved these performances and productions.
  2. tonys 2018
    Tom Hollander Talks Playing a ‘Grumpy’ and ‘Immortal’ Brit on American Stages“He’s a sort of Brexiteer.”
  3. theater
    The Best Plays and Musicals of 2018 (So Far)From Tina Fey to Tennessee Williams.
  4. theater review
    Theater Review: The Travesties I’ve Been Waiting Decades to SeeRevisiting Tom Stoppard’s spectacular, dazzling intellectual swordplay.
  5. bans
    The World’s Best City for Street Food Just Banned All Its VendorsBangkok says food stalls must go away by year’s end, in the interests of “order and hygiene.”
  6. travesties
    Junk Food Now Responsible for Causing Obesity in the ArcticGood job, food industry.
  7. Obama Welcomes His Successor to the White HouseThe first black president begins transferring power to the leader of the “birther” movement. And Trump begins his assault on press freedom.
  8. tiger puppies!!!!!!
    Bronx Zoo Waits Entirely Too Long to Unveil Baby Tiger TripletsAt six months, they’re almost not even adorable anymore!
  9. travesties
    New Jersey Denies Old People Fun New PastimeAsbury Park won’t go topless after all.
  10. travesties
    Why Can’t New York Have the New Justin Timberlake Movie?’The Open Road’ will play in fourteen theaters across the country this weekend — and not one of them is in New York.
  11. travesties
    Studio Rejects Nick Cave’s Awesome-Sounding Gladiator 2 ScreenplayIt’s true, we guess!
  12. travesties
    How Can Artist Possibly Make Art Without Gold Bars?!?!We have a suggestion for artist Chris Burden, whose installation is stymied by missing gold bricks.