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    LinkedIn Is Also Getting Into the Trending-Topics BusinessThe move could help LinkedIn keep users engaged.
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    Facebook Takes Another Stab at Fixing Trending TopicsLet’s try this again.
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    Facebook Is Going to Fix Its News Technology Problem With More TechnologyThere’s an algorithm for everything.
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    The Problem With Facebook’s Trending TopicsAfter firing the team responsible for editing its “Trending” feature, Facebook still can’t get news right.
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    Emilia Clarke on GOT Misogyny: It’s Make-BelieveThe mother of dragons weighs in.
  6. Todd Barry, the King of Twitter Trending Topics“Yeah, I do [participate in tending topics on Twitter]. It’s probably annoying. It’s just easy. Some guy said I don’t participate in these […]
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    The Twitterverse Is Not Excited That Michael Kay Is BackIt took all of one inning for “Michael Kay” to become a trending topic on Twitter.