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Truman Capote

  1. true crime
    How Casey Cep Wrote the True-Crime Book Harper Lee Couldn’tFurious Hours picks up the tale of a murderous preacher — and asks why Lee dropped it.
  2. audiobooks
    The Best-Ever Recordings From the Prehistory of AudiobooksThe Voices of the Dead Brought to Life Digitally, from Kesey to Nabokov to Tolstoy and Maybe Walt Whitman
  3. murder mysteries
    In Cold Blood Killer Wrote His Own Manuscript That Truman Capote Knew AboutThere is reason to suspect Capote tried to suppress its publication.
  4. season orders
    SundanceTV to Revisit In Cold Blood Called Murder in the Heartland: In Cold Blood.
  5. mad auctions
    Some Delightful Literary Weirdo Just Bought Truman Capote’s Ashes for $45,000To go in the shrine?
  6. the industry
    Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood Is Becoming a TV Event SeriesProduced by the Weinstein Company.
  7. On His 90th Birthday, Unseen Photos of Truman Capote in BrooklynIn that house on the Heights.
  8. actor directors
    Scarlett Johansson to Make Her Directorial DebutAdapting a Truman Capote novel.
  9. guests of honor
    Capote’s Ashes Invited to Breakfast at Tiffany’sBut security concerns got in the way.
  10. theater review
    Theater Review: Roughening Up Breakfast at Tiffany’sHow does one turn an untheatrical novel into a compelling play?
  11. beauty q&a
    Q&A: Emilia Clarke Is the New Holly GolightlyShe doesn’t get a Givenchy dress, but she does gets to wear Louboutins.
  12. vulture reads
    Your Sunday Long Reads: Frank Ocean and a Dad at Burning ManAnother excuse to stay indoors.
  13. in cold blood
    deleteNot that we didn’t already know that.
  14. tru wuv
    The 50 Best Couples in Fashion’s HistoryMarc and Sofia, Karl and Choupette, Mary-Kate and Ashley — plus 47 other symbiotic unions worth celebrating.
  15. vulture reads
    Sunday Reads: Capote, Brando, Lauper, and CraigAnother excuse to stay indoors. 
  16. the most important people in the world
    Grand Theft Auto Creator Moving Into Truman Capote MansionTwentieth century, meet the 21st century.
  17. Truman Capote House Fetches Record PriceA record for Brooklyn, that is.
  18. movies
    Scarlett Johansson to DirectScarlett Johansson — from Avenger to auteur?
  19. birthdays
    Holly Golightly Turns 50Today’s the 50th birthday of Capote’s original novella.
  20. in other news
    Remembering Bobby Van’s Glory DaysBobby Van, the founder of the popular eponymous restaurant chain, died earlier this week, “Page Six” reports. While his name lives on at the Bobby Van’s in Bridgehampton, as well as at four steakhouse outlets in Manhattan and two in Washington, DC, Van, who had unhealthy appetite for booze and cocaine, was forced out of the business many years ago. “He was reduced to driving a cab. He was on dialysis,” said a source who spent many a pleasant evening at the original East End restaurant. Van was 64. “Page Six” noted that Truman Capote often went to Van’s Bridgehampton restaurant to drink his favorite drink, an “orange thingee” (four parts vodka, one part orange juice), and that James Brady, George Plimpton, and John Knowles were regulars as well. But that’s not the half of it.
  21. neighborhood watch
    Truman Capote Slept Here, But Not for $40,000 a MonthBoerum Hill: Believe it or not, the new Boerum Heights Condos are 100 percent sold out even though they’re smack up against the Atlantic Yards project. [One Hanson Place] Brooklyn Heights: Rent 70 Willow Street (where Truman Capote used to live) for only $40,000 a month. Call Sotheby’s for details. [Brownstoner] Chelsea: Body-conscious Chelsea boys will no longer be tempted by the huge, pink rotating cupcake atop 23rd Street’s Burgers and Cupcakes. The store has 30 days to take it down. [Blog Chelsea via JamesWagner] Dumbo: With all these CGIs of planned improvements for the area (including a new Brooklyn Bridge walkway), it’s almost like they’ve already happened! [Dumbo NYC] Fort Greene: One resident is launching a campaign to get Zipcar to place some cars here and in Clinton Hill. [Brooklyn Record] Howard Beach: Was Liberace’s last bungalow mistakenly constructed in Queens? [Queens Crap]
  22. cultural capital
    Breakfast at Truman’s Joanne Carson’s glee grew with each sale of Capotiana, her arms shimmying with delight. Truman Capote’s longtime friend, with whom he frequently stayed in L.A. and at whose home he died, Carson put over 300 of the writer’s personal items up for sale today at Bonhams & Butterfields auction house on Madison Avenue. Tweedy men and reedy women sat tightly among the writer’s belongings. Bidder No. 4445 declined to answer questions, but he did repeatedly knock his chair and elbow into a dummy wearing a diminutive blue “Kid Capote” jersey that somehow retained its shape. (It looked like 4445 was bidding on Lot 1095, two engraved and, one hopes, durable pewter mugs.) The early lots were books from Capote’s personal library.