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  1. the media
    Where the Risk of Coronavirus Comes With Unparalleled AccessThese days, the White House is almost certainly the weirdest beat in American journalism.
  2. coronavirus
    Trump Administration Still Isn’t Prioritizing Coronavirus TestingFederal funding for coronavirus testing sites ends on Friday, even though Trump is aware expanded testing is a prerequisite for reopening the economy.
  3. coronavirus
    Trump Fires Watchdog Overseeing $2 Trillion in Coronavirus Stimulus FundsThe president removed the head of the Pandemic Response Accountability Committee as part of a larger purge of inspectors general.
  4. trump administration
    Acting Navy Secretary Resigns After Calling Captain With Coronavirus ‘Stupid’Thomas Modly resigned after audio leaked of him insulting a Navy captain, who was removed after requesting aid for coronavirus patients on his ship.
  5. coronavirus stimulus
    The Small-Business Loan Program Crashed in the First Week It Was UpThe rollout of the $349 billion program is already causing headaches for the Trump administration.
  6. small business loans
    The Small-Business Loan Program Is Already Hitting 4 Big SnagsThe banks aren’t prepared, and the cap on the bailout fund is too damn low.
  7. coronavirus
    There Is No Plan for the End of the Coronavirus CrisisOn top of Trump’s ongoing mismanagement, there is a shocking lack of a strategy, at any level of government, for what the country will do next.
  8. coronavirus
    As Trump Admin Tells States to ‘Do Your Part,’ Governors Ask What Trump Is DoingGovernors continued to lambaste the Trump administration’s coronavirus negligence after the surgeon general told states to help manage the crisis.
  9. coronavirus
    Navy Captain Who Was Removed From Command Has the CoronavirusOn Saturday, Trump attacked Captain Brett Crozier, who had spoken out about his coronavirus-stricken crew last month.
  10. coronavirus
    Trump Invoked Defense Protection Act All the Time, But Stalled for CoronavirusThe White House used the act thousands of times, but Trump was reluctant to do so for the coronavirus due to reported fears of upsetting businesses.
  11. environment
    Trump Administration Pushes Huge Environmental Rollbacks in Midst of PandemicLast week, the administration allowed polluters to self-regulate during the crisis. Now it is expected to enact a major cut to car emission standards.
  12. coronavirus
    Trump Is Fighting a War Against Governors, Not the CoronavirusThe self-described “wartime president” is focusing on the wrong targets.
  13. coronavirus
    U.S. Foils G7 Consensus by Insisting on the Term ‘Wuhan Virus’: ReportThe Trump administration has again stymied the plans of the annual G7 — this time by teleconference.
  14. coronavirus
    Member of Vice-President Pence’s Office Tests Positive for COVID-19The coronavirus has landed next door to the White House.
  15. coronavirus
    We’re Lucky the Coronavirus Isn’t a Prolific Child KillerGiven our lack of preparedness, a disaster like this was inevitable. We’re lucky the one we got has a low fatality rate among children.
  16. coronavirus
    U.S. Coronavirus Plan Warns Pandemic ‘Will Last 18 Months or Longer’Health and Human Services proposed a discouraging coronavirus timeline to Trump on Friday. The report also anticipates major health-supply shortages.
  17. coronavirus
    Trump Announces New Guidelines to Slow the Spread of the CoronavirusIn a major change of tone, he recommended Americans begin homeschooling and avoiding bars, discretionary travel, and gathering in groups.
  18. covid-19
    Wartime Coronavirus Mentality Emerges as Governor Cuomo Calls for Military AidPoliticians and public health experts are encouraging a “warlike” mentality as they prepare for a deepening crisis in the coming weeks.
  19. covid-19
    Trump’s Coronavirus Travel Ban Causes Chaos at the AirportsTrump’s poorly implemented restrictions on European travel to the U.S. caused massive lines and potential COVID-19 exposure at major airports.
  20. coronavirus
    Trump Administration May Relax Nursing-Home OversightIt’s a counterintuitive move amid a pandemic that appears particularly dangerous for the elderly.
  21. coronavirus
    Why Experts Doubt Warm Weather Will Slow Coronavirus Spread“The heat, generally speaking, kills this kind of virus,” Trump has said. Epidemiologists aren’t inclined to agree.
  22. coronavirus
    Public-Health Expert Jared Kushner Is Advising Trump on COVID-19: ReportTrump is reportedly waiting on the research of Jared Kushner, who read “25 books” to prepare for his last task, before declaring a national emergency.
  23. coronavirus
    Self-Quarantining Republican Shook Trump’s Hand After Coronavirus ExposureAfter posing with a CPAC attendee, Doug Collins shook the president’s hand — while Matt Gaetz, also under self-quarantine, rode on Air Force One.
  24. coronavirus
    Trump Admin Reportedly Overruled CDC’s Coronavirus Advice for Seniors Not to FlyThe White House’s mismanagement of the coronavirus outbreak continues, as infighting and misinformation muddle the government’s response.
  25. turnover
    Trump Names Mark Meadows Chief of Staff, Fires Mick MulvaneyThe president named his fourth chief of staff in less than four years after wanting to get rid of Mulvaney for months.
  26. coronavirus
    The White House May Not Be Taking Coronavirus Seriously, But Congress IsA looming pandemic led to a rare sight on Capitol Hill — decisive bipartisan action, resulting in an $8.3 billion coronavirus aid bill.
  27. obamacare
    Supreme Court Will Hear Obamacare Case Shortly Before the 2020 ElectionWhen the Court takes up this case, voters will get a reminder shortly before Election Day that Republicans want to take away health-care coverage.
  28. the national interest
    Trump Will Not Be the Churchill of the CoronavirusAs the world reaches for face masks, the president buries his head in the sand.
  29. coronavirus
    CDC Reports First U.S. Coronavirus Case of ‘Unknown’ OriginThe UC Davis Medical Center said it took a week for the CDC to test and confirm what could be the first instance of community spread of coronavirus.
  30. coronavirus
    Why Hasn’t the U.S. Done More Coronavirus Tests?As coronavirus cases surge abroad, there has been an alarming lack of testing for the virus in the U.S. and too little transparency from the CDC.
  31. trump administration
    Trump Insists on Paying for Coronavirus Prep by Taking Heating Aid From PoorThe White House’s neurotic obsession with hurting the disadvantaged is going to get us all killed (or, at least, many of us needlessly ill).
  32. vision 2020
    5 Ways a Coronavirus Pandemic Could Change the 2020 ElectionThe bug could expose Trump’s misrule and ruin his economic record — or validate his xenophobia and gift him a burst of catch-up growth this fall.
  33. trump administration
    The White House Reportedly Just Hired a College SeniorThe 23-year-old will be working in the newly politicized Presidential Personnel Office.
  34. coronavirus
    Trump Asks Congress for $2.5 Billion to Fight CoronavirusA former Health and Human Services official said that number would need to be about five times larger for it to make a serious impact.
  35. coronavirus
    Why Trump’s Coronavirus Response Continues to Cause ConcernsWith a pandemic looming, there are signs the Trump administration is improvising much of its strategy as it faces what may be its biggest crisis yet.
  36. authoritarianism
    President Trump Has Never Been More Dangerous Than He Is NowIn the aftermath of impeachment, Trump’s poll numbers have been rising in tandem with his assaults on democracy.
  37. russia
    National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien Denies Russia Is Meddling to Aid TrumpThe national security adviser said there is no intel stating that Russia is aiming to benefit Trump — but did not extend that analysis to Sanders.
  38. trump administration
    Trump Names Loyalist With No Intelligence Record As Acting Intelligence HeadRichard Grenell will become the next acting director of national intelligence, as Trump surrounds himself with loyalists after impeachment.
  39. the second term
    What Would Four More Years of Trump Look Like?The death of global climate efforts. Escalating trade wars. Nuclear brinkmanship. Here, 19 visions of a future that seems more possible than ever.
  40. white house
    Fired Trump Loyalist Will Now Control White House HiringJohn McEntee was fired after committing financial crimes. Now he’s back to help Trump and his allies fire their perceived enemies in the government.
  41. war
    Trump Administration to Ease Restrictions on Landmine Use: ReportThe White House is expected to ease regulations on the explosives, though 160 countries have banned them for their high civilian-casualty rate.
  42. climate change
    Republican-led States Want Disaster Aid Without Having to Address Climate ChangeAs states ignore climate change — but seek funding to limit its damage — the region is expected to bear the brunt of rising sea levels in the U.S.
  43. ukraine scandal
    Lev Parnas Claims That Trump Knew ‘Exactly What Was Going on’ in UkraineGiuliani’s fixer in Ukraine claimed that senior administration staff had been “in the loop,” and said he was worried about his physical safety.
  44. trade wars
    The Wine World Waits to See If ‘Catastrophic’ Tariffs Will Take EffectOne New York restaurateur tells the New York Times, “This will be the end of us.”
  45. white house
    White House Said It Was Snowing in D.C. on Night It Was Almost 50 Degrees OutNot the kind of climate denialism the Trump administration is usually known for.
  46. michael flynn
    DOJ Suggests Michael Flynn Spend Up to 6 Months in Prison for Lying to FBIFlynn, famous for chanting “lock her up” at the 2016 RNC, could be facing jail time for his “apparent failure to accept responsibility.”
  47. foreign interests
    Trump Administration Accidentally Declares End of War in Iraq“We respect your sovereign decision to order our departure,” the U.S. wrote in a letter to the Iraqi government that it did not intend to send.
  48. iraq
    Iraqis Storm U.S. Embassy in Baghdad to Protest Air StrikesThe U.S. launched mass-casualty air strikes in Iraq in defiance of its government. Now, Iran-backed militants surround the U.S. embassy.
  49. donald trump jr.
    Donald Trump Jr. Exploits Nepotism by Shooting Endangered Animal in MongoliaThe president’s son got a rare retroactive permit to kill an endangered argali in Mongolia, a country that relies heavily on U.S. aid.
  50. politics
    William Barr Is Trump’s Most Powerful LawyerThe Attorney General is exercising the full force of the Justice Department to defend a president in crisis.
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