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  1. coronavirus
    Trump Vows More Rallies Despite CPAC Coronavirus CaseA CPAC attendee tested positive for COVID-19, but Trump is not concerned about the risks and vowed to hold “tremendous” campaign rallies.
  2. politics
    Trump Is Beefing With the Mayor of Minneapolis Over MAGA Rally BillAfter a Minneapolis arena tried to pass a half-million-dollar security bill on to the campaign, Team Trump threatened to sue and attacked the mayor.
  3. trump campaign
    Trump Campaign: ‘Remind AOC and Democrats That This Is Our Country, Not Theirs’In a campaign email, the president defends the Electoral College on the grounds that the U.S. belongs exclusively to Republican voters.
  4. other people's money
    Trump Cared About His Campaign Spending When It Was His Money — Not AnymoreHe loves spending “other people’s money,” and that’s what he’ll do in 2020.
  5. vision 2020
    GOP Donors Demand Trump Magically Become a Normal Human by 2020Donors are starting to worry that Trump’s 2020 campaign might just be a bunch of nepotism hires rationalizing the outbursts of a senescent narcissist.
  6. russia investigation
    Rick Gates Solicited Proposal for Online Disinformation Campaign to Help TrumpHe wanted to use fake social media personas to sway voters, among other things.
  7. russia investigation
    Sessions Was ‘Enthusiastic’ About Trump-Putin Meeting, Says PapadopoulosPapadopoulos’s account indicates the attorney general may have perjured himself when he said he “pushed back” on the meeting pitch.
  8. politics
    Doorman Who Sold Trump Affair Story to AMI Releases ‘Catch and Kill’ ContractThe former Trump World Tower doorman was likely paid off by AMI to suppress damaging stories about Trump during his presidential campaign.
  9. russia investigation
    Mueller Wants Papadopoulos to Go to Jail, Says He Harmed Russia InvestigationProsecutors say the Trump campaign aide’s lies did significant damage to the Russia investigation in its critical early stages.
  10. russia investigation
    Alleged Russian Agent’s Contacts Also Included Trump Campaign AideFormer Trump campaign national security director and transition team member J.D. Gordon met with Maria Butina right before the 2016 election.
  11. racism
    Former Trump Adviser Uses Racist Slur to Attack Black Guest on Fox NewsTrump’s former deputy campaign manager, David Bossie, told black Democratic strategist Joel Payne that he was out of his “cotton-picking mind.”
  12. russia investigation
    Roger Stone Admits Meeting With Russian Who Promised Damaging Clinton Info11 Trump associates have now acknowledged interacting with Russian nationals during the campaign or transition.
  13. russia investigation
    Top Brexit Backer Passed Trump Transition Team Info to RussiansA trove of leaked emails have exposed the extensive Russian ties of two top Brexit supporters in the U.K. who later threw their weight behind Trump.
  14. Report: Cohen Set Up $774,000 Credit Line During Trump CampaignAnd if the money was used to pay off porn stars who had affairs with President Trump, Cohen may have committed bank fraud.
  15. DNC Sues Russia and Trump Aides for Conspiring to Hack Its EmailsThe DNC is seeking millions in damages — but its primary aim may be to create a new source of legal and political jeopardy for Trump’s team.
  16. politics
    Trump Campaign Used Amazon to Buy Its Office SuppliesAnd most of its orders qualified for free shipping.
  17. trump campaign
    Trump’s Data Firm Exploited Private Information From Millions of Facebook UsersCambridge Analytica, which has finally been suspended by Facebook, is even shadier than we thought.
  18. russia investigation
    Report: Former Trump Aide Rick Gates Will Plead Guilty, Testify Against ManafortThings aren’t looking good for Trump’s former campaign chairman.
  19. Mueller Probing Whether Trump Team Aided a Russian Disinformation CampaignDid the Trump digital operation help Russian trolls target their ads on Facebook? The special counsel wants to find out.
  20. Email References Yet Another Effort to Set Up Trump Campaign–Russia MeetingRick Dearborn, who is now deputy chief of staff, reportedly passed along information about someone trying to connect Trump officials with Putin.
  21. russia investigation
    Mueller Investigation Requests Flynn Documents From White HouseInvestigators now appear to be looking for evidence that Flynn committed a specific crime.
  22. politics
    Senate Judiciary Committee to Drop Subpoena of Paul ManafortThe former Trump campaign chair will no longer face a public hearing on Wednesday.
  23. Trump Jr. Emails Confirm He Was Solicited With Info to ‘Incriminate Hillary’“This is obviously very high level and sensitive information but is part of Russia and its government’s support for Mr. Trump.”
  24. The Trump Team Reportedly Had 18 Contacts With Russia During the CampaignDespite repeated denials, the Trump campaign was in fact talking to Russia as he ran for president.
  25. Mueller Is Appointed Special Counsel for Russia-Trump InvestigationIn an abrupt turnabout, the Department of Justice decides to appoint a special counsel instead of attacking the idea there is anything to investigate.
  26. Federal Judge Says Trump Incited Violence at Campaign Rally, Lawsuit Can ProceedA federal judge has ruled that what Trump says actually matters, and in the case of a campaign rally last year, plausibly incited violence.
  27. russia scandal
    FBI Has Information Suggesting Trump Team May Have Colluded With Russia: ReportThe top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee says there’s “more than circumstantial evidence now.”
  28. Paul Manafort Leaves Trump Campaign to Spend More Time With His Ukrainian MoneyTrump’s campaign chairman resigned Friday amid reports that he helped Ukraine covertly lobby the U.S. government.