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  1. capitol insurrection
    This Chilling Video of the Capitol Riot Speaks for ItselfDemocrats opened Trump’s second impeachment trial by showing footage of the insurrection — and Trump’s comments at a rally right beforehand.
  2. politics
    Trump’s Impeachment Trial and the Verdict of HistoryIt may take a few decades, but the Senate’s handling of Trump’s impeachment trial will stand out.
  3. politics
    Trump Fires Impeachment Witnesses Alexander Vindman and Gordon SondlandThe president’s post-impeachment revenge spree is now officially underway.
  4. trump impeachment
    Trump Impeachment Hearing Schedule: What’s Next?The Trump impeachment proceedings have finally moved to the Senate. The trial is set to start next week, following today’s procedural moves.
  5. last night on late night
    Trump Impeachment Gets the Reality Show Treatment in SNL Cold OpenHe’s a very sick old man.
  6. politics
    The Senate Impeachment Trial Returns to Its Foregone ConclusionWith Trump’s acquittal all but inevitable, the Senate started getting back to normal. That includes taking the weekend off.
  7. senate impeachment trial
    The Impeachment Trial Became Saturday Detention for SenatorsThe mood was subdued as members sat through “Death Valley” and earned a 49-hour break.
  8. ukraine scandal
    Watch: Tape of Trump Saying ‘Get Rid of’ Ambassador to Ukraine Marie YovanovitchThe lawyer for former Trump operative Lev Parnas has released the full recording in which the president tells his associates to fire the ambassador.
  9. impeachment
    Ratings Show Americans Don’t Care About the Impeachment Trial Enough to Watch ItAccording to TV ratings, fewer viewers are tuning into the trial than to normal programming on MSNBC and Fox News.
  10. impeachment
    Impeachment Trial’s Distracted Senate Audience: Milk, Crosswords, Banned PhonesTo pass the time, senators brought crosswords, banned phones, light reading like The Federalist Papers, and decorum-approved glasses of milk.
  11. trump impeachment
    How Senators Are Coping With Trump Impeachment-Trial TediumSenators were spotted doing crossword puzzles, passing notes, and chewing gum — and some even paid attention to the proceedings.
  12. trump impeachment
    The Impeachment Process Explained: What Happens to Trump Now?Everything you need to know about the next steps in the Senate, and the consequences Trump might face.
  13. trump impeachment
    McConnell Dubbed ‘Midnight Mitch’ for Pushing Impeachment Into ‘Dead of Night’The Republican’s proposal, which would see the impeachment trial last well into the night, have Democrats crying “cover-up.”
  14. trump impeachment
    Trump Lawyers Ask for Quick End to ‘Flimsy’ Impeachment CaseIn a memo released Monday, the President’s team argued that he did “absolutely nothing wrong.”
  15. vision 2020
    How the Impeachment Trial Affects Sanders, Warren, and Klobuchar in IowaThe four senators still running for president will lose valuable face time and local media coverage during a crucial stretch of the campaign.
  16. the national interest
    Republicans Don’t Even Know What They’re Covering UpBut the latest revelations about Trump and Ukraine are explosive.
  17. trump impeachment
    Bad News, John Roberts Will Not Wear a Striped Robe for Impeachment TrialThe impeachment trial just got a little less sartorially interesting.
  18. trump impeachment
    The Complete Guide to President Trump’s ImpeachmentEverything you need to keep up with the Ukraine scandal and Trump’s impeachment, from analysis of key issues to daily recaps of the proceedings.
  19. trump impeachment
    What Will Happen to the Trump Toadies?Look to Nixon’s defenders, and the Vichy collaborators, for clues.
  20. trump impeachment
    John Bolton Willing to Testify in Senate Impeachment Trial If Subpoenaed“I have concluded that, if the Senate issues a subpoena for my testimony, I am prepared to testify.”
  21. trump impeachment
    Trump Rips ‘Crazy Nancy’ Hours After His Christmas-Morning Call for UnityThat was fast, even for Trump.
  22. ukraine scandal
    White House Ordered Freeze of Ukraine Aid 91 Minutes After Zelensky CallThe freeze had been held up over legality questions, then reordered shortly after Trump tried to pressure Ukraine’s president.
  23. impeachment
    Pelosi Buys Democrats Time With Impeachment Trial StandoffPelosi may just be trying to squeeze concessions from McConnell, but if the stalemate drags on both both sides may opt to forego a Senate trial.
  24. impeachment
    Rep. Debbie Dingell Responds to Trump Suggesting Her Late Husband Is in HellAfter Trump said John Dingell may be “looking up” rather than in heaven, Debbie Dingell told New York she “can’t explain why he’s fixated on me.”
  25. the capitol
    The Impeachment Debate Took Place in Two Parallel UniversesThere was a surreal lack of drama – or even human interaction – in the House on Wednesday, despite the historical context.
  26. impeachment
    Assessing Nancy Pelosi’s Impeachment Wins and LossesThe final verdict on this skillful Speaker’s strategy won’t come until after the election, but she’s already achieved some goals and failed at others.
  27. the national interest
    In the End, Impeachment Was the Only ChoiceTrump claimed he has an “absolute right.” Congress had no choice but to label that unconstitutional.
  28. trump impeachment
    House Debates Trump Impeachment: TimelineSix hours of floor debate were followed by the successful vote to impeach President Trump on counts of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.
  29. impeachment
    Presidential Scholar Douglas Brinkley: How History Will Judge Trump Impeachment“Trump’s pettiness and petulance is making the presidency look small.”
  30. trump impeachment
    President Trump Is Getting More PopularA handful of recent polls show his approval rating climbing, despite his impending impeachment.
  31. impeachment
    How the House Vote on Impeachment Will WorkOnly a couple of partisan defections are expected during a long day of debate and two key votes, which begins at 9 a.m.
  32. trump impeachment
    New Jersey Congressman’s Staff Resigns Ahead of Expected Party SwitchJeff Van Drew is an anti-impeachment Democrat, for now.
  33. trump impeachment
    Read the House Judiciary Committee’s Full Impeachment ReportThe 658-page report justifies the attempt to impeach Trump.
  34. trump impeachment
    House Judiciary Committee Approves Two Articles of Impeachment Against TrumpThe articles passed 23-17 on a strict party-line vote, much like during Clinton’s impeachment. What’s different is that Trump defenders have no shame.
  35. trump impeachment
    Senate Democrats May Try to Force a Longer Senate Impeachment TrialSenate Democrats and Donald Trump are the only people talking about a long trial with lots of witnesses.
  36. trump impeachment
    Congresswoman Accuses GOP of Impeachment Hypocrisy, Comparing Trump to ClintonIf Republicans will only impeach for lying about sex, maybe Congress should hear from Stormy Daniels, said California representative Zoe Lofgren.
  37. trump impeachment
    Senate Republicans Push Back Against Trump’s Impeachment Show TrialTrump is now promoting a lengthy counter-trial that may alienate some Republicans, but Mitch McConnell is resisting him.
  38. trump impeachment
    Read the Articles of Impeachment Against TrumpTrump is charged with abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.
  39. trump impeachment
    House Democrats Go Narrow With Just Two Articles of ImpeachmentDemocrats who wanted a broader and longer impeachment effort will be unhappy, but the die is cast for impeaching President Trump by year’s end.
  40. trump impeachment
    Trump Warms to Idea of a Long Impeachment Show TrialAfter pushing Senate Republicans for no trial, or at least a quick one, Trump may try to put the Bidens and other Democrats on trial in the Senate.
  41. trump impeachment
    Pelosi Says House Will Begin Drafting Articles of Impeachment“Our democracy is what is at stake,” the House Speaker said.
  42. trump impeachment
    Pelosi Announces Trump Impeachment SprintLooks like the House will adopt articles of impeachment in three areas involving investigations of foreign election interference — and do it quickly.
  43. trump impeachment
    In Jonathan Turley, Republicans Find Ideal ‘Impartial’ Witness for TrumpThe law professor seems like the perfect non-partisan opponent of Trump’s impeachment — until you look at his underlying views.
  44. trump impeachment
    Republicans Offer Feisty Trump Defense at House Judiciary Impeachment HearingUnlike Devin Nunes, Doug Collins doesn’t ask you to accept wild right-wing conspiracy theories. But he and his colleagues want to convey pure outrage.
  45. trump impeachment
    Who Are the Legal Experts Testifying in House Judiciary Impeachment Hearings?Three constitutional scholars are expected to testify on the legal case for Trump’s impeachment, and one called by the GOP will provide the dissent.
  46. trump impeachment
    It’s Decision Time on Trump’s Impeachment: Narrow or Broad?Getting impeachment done quickly could make a narrow range of articles necessary, though obstruction of Congress and of justice is on the table.
  47. ukraine scandal
    Trump Knew of Whistle-blower Report Before Releasing Ukraine AidDespite his “no quid pro quo” claim, it seems Trump knew he’d been accused of abusing power when the White House released aid to Ukraine.
  48. ukraine scandal
    Trump Ally Senator John Kennedy Walks Back Ukraine Conspiracy Theory“I was wrong,” Kennedy said Monday, after claiming the day before that no one knew if Russia or Ukraine had interfered in the 2016 election.
  49. ukraine scandal
    Top House Conspiracist Devin Nunes May Be Subject to Ethics InvestigationAfter reports that Nunes visited Europe in 2018 to investigate conspiracy theories also pushed by Giuliani, Dems say an ethics inquiry is ‘likely.’
  50. the national circus
    Frank Rich: Republicans Are Excusing a Criminal ConspiracyIf the GOP cared about facts this week’s impeachment testimony would be apocalyptically damaging. But nothing will keep them from defending Trump.
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