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Trump Presidency

  1. campus controversies
    Colleges Don’t Need More Republican ProfessorsUniversities can have ideological diversity without employing apologists for a plutocratic party that cultivates racism and demonizes intellectuals.
  2. books
    Bob Woodward to Publish New Inside Account Fear: Trump in the White HouseThe famed Watergate journalist’s new behind-the-scenes look at the current administration is reportedly based on “hundred of hours” of interviews.
  3. the national interest
    Trump’s Fledgling Presidency Has Already CollapsedAnd the one thing that could save him now is terrifying.
  4. politics
    13 Predictions on How Long Trump’s Presidency Will LastNobody knows, but everyone’s guessing.
  5. politics
    Frank Rich: Nixon, Trump, and How a Presidency EndsJust wait. Watergate didn’t become Watergate overnight, either.
  6. politics
    Ivanka Trump Will Become an Official White House Employee After AllHer title will be “special assistant to the president.”