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  1. Florida AG Who Dropped Case Against Trump Is Expected to Get White House JobPam Bondi dropped a lawsuit against Trump University after successfully soliciting a campaign donation from the mogul.
  2. the national circus
    Donald Trump’s Pretend Time Is Almost OverThe president-elect has dodged accountability throughout his campaign and transition. But Twitter will only take him so far in the White House.
  3. The GOP Just Gave Congress the Power to Cut the Pay of Individual Civil ServantsHouse Republicans revived an obscure rule that will allow them to cut off funds to any individual federal employee or government program.
  4. Mitch McConnell Says Voters Won’t Tolerate the Blocking of Supreme Court PicksThe Majority Leader reveals that he has developed a brain injury that has erased all memory of the events between Antonin Scalia’s death and today.
  5. Trump’s Treasury Pick Is Ripe for a Public Shaming From Elizabeth WarrenA bank run by Steve Mnuchin broke foreclosure laws, according to a leaked report. Expect hard questions at his confirmation hearing.
  6. Rex Tillerson Will Cut All Ties With Exxon If He Becomes Secretary of StateWith his confirmation fight looming, the Exxon CEO reveals a plan to sell off his Exxon shares before becoming Trump’s top diplomat.
  7. It Was Probably Inevitable, But Omarosa Is Joining the Trump White HousePossibly in a public-engagement role.
  8. trump's america
    Donald Trump Calls Out GOP for Its Move to Weaken Ethics WatchdogHe doesn’t actually seem to disagree with the move. He just thinks the timing was bad.
  9. florida man
    Report: Trump Kicked Critical Biographer Off His Golf CourseDrama on the fairway.
  10. The GOP Wants to Drain the Swamp of Wall Street’s Enemies by Any Means NecessaryRichard Cordray can’t be fired without cause from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau until 2018. But the GOP is determined to find a cause.
  11. Trump Resents Obama for Acting Like He’s Still the PresidentThe president-elect sees Obama’s final executive actions as unfair attempts to undermine his agenda.
  12. Trump Picks Former Bush Aide for Homeland Security AdviserThomas Bossert will serve in the role focusing on homeland security, counterterrorism, and cybersecurity.
  13. Donald Trump Shows Off Holiday Letter From Vladimir PutinThe president-elect said of Putin’s missive, “his thoughts are so correct.”
  14. Trump’s Pick for Health Secretary Traded Medical Stocks While in CongressTom Price traded more than $300,000 in shares of health-care companies while sponsoring legislation that would likely affect the value of the shares.
  15. Donald Trump on Nuclear Weapons: ‘Let It Be an Arms Race’Future White House press secretary Sean Spicer immediately clarified that Trump will not let there be an arms race.
  16. Trump Mulls Imposing Tariffs by Executive OrderThe president-elect is reportedly considering a 5 percent tariff on all foreign imports, much to the chagrin of GOP-aligned business interests.
  17. Donald Trump Is Expected to Retain a Private Security Force As PresidentThe president-elect has been supplementing his Secret Service detail with members of his campaign’s private anti-protester patrol.
  18. trump transition
    Report: National Security Council Facing Staff Exodus Over Michael FlynnFlynn’s unsettling reputation appears to be preceding him.
  19. trump transition
    Trump Nominates a Fiscal Megahawk to Direct Federal BudgetMick Mulvaney is a tea-party hard-liner who will undoubtedly work to cut or privatize as much of the government as he possibly can.
  20. Trump Picks Lawyer Who Likens Liberal Jews to ‘Kapos’ As Israel AmbassadorDavid Friedman says Jews who oppose the occupation of the West Bank are worse than those who aided the Nazis. He opposes the two-state solution.
  21. Warmer Relations With Russia May Mean a Warmer PlanetThe U.S. imposed sanctions on Russia to punish its incursions into Ukraine. But those sanctions have also helped keep Arctic oil in the ground.
  22. Trump Wants to Make an Iraq War Architect One of His Top DiplomatsBut Establishment Republicans think the party needs to move on from the Bush years. (Which makes sense, considering the fact that nothing matters.)
  23. Here’s What the Markets Expect From President TrumpTrump’s America will be a great place for banks and for-profit colleges — but not for hospitals — according to the Wall Street hive mind.
  24. 5 Fun Facts About How Trump Picked His Secretary of StateHighlights include Giuliani’s ego, Romney’s non-apology, and Tillerson’s backers.
  25. Dems: GSA Says Trump Will Need to Fully Divest From His D.C. HotelBut the GSA says it has not yet settled on a position in the matter.
  26. EPA Removes Frackers’ Favorite Sentence From Report on Water ContaminationThe agency is no longer comfortable asserting that “hydraulic fracturing activities have not led to widespread, systemic impacts” on drinking water.
  27. trump transition
    Trump Picks Freshman Montana Congressman to Run the Interior DepartmentOther prospects were better known and more experienced, but this former Navy SEAL was more to Trump’s liking.
  28. College Student Arrested for Carrying Knife and Fireworks Into Trump TowerSecret Service found the stash in the backpack of the 19-year-old “survivalist.”
  29. Condoleezza Rice and Robert Gates Cheer Trump’s Pick of Tillerson for StateRice and Gates took consulting fees from Exxon. Now, they’re giving the company’s CEO a badge of Establishment approval.
  30. today in donald trump
    Trump Says He’ll Skip Most Intelligence Briefings, Still Denies Russian MeddlingKiss another norm good-bye as the U.S. intelligence community braces for impact with the future president.
  31. roundup
    Reports: Trump Will Pick Exxon CEO With Close Russia Ties for Secretary of StateRex Tillerson’s close relationship with Putin may make his nomination a target for Russia-wary Republicans.
  32. Rudy Giuliani Will Not Be the Next Secretary of StateHappy Friday.
  33. Trump Taps President of Goldman Sachs for National Economic CouncilKeep draining that swamp.
  34. Trump Is the Least Popular President-elect in Modern American HistoryA new Pew poll shows just 41 percent of Americans approve of Trump’s transition efforts. In 2009, 71 percent approved of Obama’s.
  35. trump transition
    Trump’s Transition Team ‘Is Like Game of ThronesThere is a power struggle at the center of it between Steve Bannon and Reince Priebus.
  36. bill de blasio's new york
    New York City Will Stop Saving Personal Data for Municipal ID HoldersThe fate of the data for the 900,000 current card holders, many unauthorized immigrants, is not yet clear.
  37. D.C.’s Liberal Civil Servants Are Horrified at the Prospect of Life Under TrumpThey are wrestling with the question of whether to quit as an act of conscience, or stay and fight for their values.
  38. New York Asks for $35 Million for Trump Security, May Get Just $7 MillionA congressional spending bill has allocated $7 million for New York. Mayor de Blasio requested $35 million.
  39. Michael Flynn’s Conspiracy-Loving Son Is Out of Trump TransitionFlynn Jr. has tweeted about Pizzagate and is a proud InfoWars supporter.
  40. Trump’s Sec. of State Candidate List Is Growing, With Addition of More Old MenThe president-elect is reportedly waiting to be wowed.
  41. international affairs
    Intentional or Accidental, Trump’s Taiwan Call Risks a Diplomatic DisasterChina has lodged a complaint about the call, while Trump lodges a complaint against foreign-policy experts who are wondering if he’s in over his head.
  42. U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara Will Keep His Job in Trump AdministrationThe corruption-buster agreed to stay on.
  43. politics
    Donald Trump Falsely Blames Popular-Vote Loss on Voter FraudHe is now baselessly claiming that millions of Clinton voters voted illegally.
  44. Here’s Some More Trump Transition NewsTrump picks his deputy national-security adviser and White House counsel.
  45. Donald Trump to Tap Fellow Billionaire for Commerce SecretaryInvestor Wilbur Ross, also known as the “King of Bankruptcy.”
  46. Remember Jim DeMint? His Fingerprints Are All Over the Trump TransitionIt’s a sign of the times that the bomb-throwing former senator is playing a big behind-the-scenes role.
  47. Trump Cabinet Hopeful Forgets Cover Sheet, Exposes DHS Plan for All to SeeThe Kansas secretary of State met with Donald Trump Sunday and inadvertently provided insight into what he was proposing at DHS.
  48. Christie Reportedly Fired From Trump Transition for Hogging Camera, Not WorkingThe governor of New Jersey favored lobbyists, too, which angered Trump.
  49. trump transition
    John McCain Warns Trump Not to Bring Back TortureMike Pence responded, “We’re going to have a president who will never say what we’ll never do.”
  50. conflicts of interest
    Trump Met With His Indian Business Partners Last Week, Raising Pay-to-Play FearsBut Trump’s new chief of staff says the American people have nothing to worry about.
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