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  1. Supreme Court Upholds Trump’s Travel Ban in Huge Victory for AdministrationIn another win for conservatives, the court struck down a California law concerning “crisis pregnancy centers.”
  2. Trump’s Travel Ban Is Still a Legal MessThe definition of the Supreme Court’s “bona fide relationship” is the new battleground.
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    Seth Meyers Gathers Evidence on How to Unite the World: Ignoring Trump Tweets“Responding to Trump’s ill-informed tweets can be a full-time job. And I know, because it’s my full-time job.”
  4. ‘Khan,’ the Name That Rules Bollywood and Stalls Airport Security LinesThe world’s most bipolar name.
  5. WATCH: Two Oscar Winners Missed the Ceremony Because of Trump’s Travel BanIranian director Asghar Farhadi and Syrian cinematographer Khaled Khateeb did not attend.
  6. Leaked DHS Report Undermines Trump’s Argument for His Travel BanIt says citizenship in the Muslim-majority countries included in the ban is an “unlikely indicator” of a terrorism threat.
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    Russell Simmons Protested Trump’s Travel Ban at We Are Muslim Too Rally“We are here unified because of Donald Trump. We want to thank him for bringing us together.”
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    Subject of Oscar-Nominated White Helmets Will Attend Awards Despite Travel Ban“We are eagerly looking forward to coming to the Oscars.”
  9. DJ Khaled on Trump Travel Ban: ‘I’m Too Positive to Think It Will Happen to Us’Major key.
  10. Cringe Your Way Through This Breitbart News Interview With Sean SpicerThe White House press secretary sat down with the right-wing outlet and the video is a sight to behold.
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    ‘These Books Can Help’: Reading to Kids About Immigration and RefugeesWe asked children’s librarians, elementary-school teachers, and booksellers for their recommendations.
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    Daily Show’s Trevor Noah Examines Trump’s Anti-Judge Tweets Following Travel BanTrump vs. Judge James Robart, Game 1
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    Seth Meyers Does a Postmortem on Trump’s Travel Ban and Putin CommentsAfter a weekend like America had, a few rounds might do everyone some good.
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    MoMa Foregrounds Art From Countries Affected by Trump Travel BanThe museum is moving pieces from the Western canon in order to showcase art from Iran, Iraq, and Sudan.
  15. More Than 800 Refugees Will Now Be Let Into the United StatesThe administration concedes that they will otherwise face “undue hardship.”
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    24 Hours at JFK: The Hour-by-Hour Account of Two Iraqis’ Detainment and ReleaseThanks to a team of lawyers operating on no sleep, two persistent New York representatives, and a huge mass of spontaneous protesters.
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    The Attorneys Fighting Trump’s Immigration Ban at Airports Around the CountryWomen are taking the lead in the fight against Trump.
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    Seth Meyers Takes a Look at Trump’s Travel BanAs if going to the airport wasn’t heinous enough.
  19. Obama Calls Trump Protesters the ‘Guardians of Our Democracy’In his first statement since leaving the White House, Barack Obama says “American values are at stake.”
  20. World Leaders Rip Trump’s Travel Ban As Iraqi Parliament Votes to Ban AmericansThere’s disappointment in Europe and pledges to take reciprocal measures in Iran and Iraq.
  21. Most Detained at JFK Airport Under Trump’s Travel Ban Have Been ReleasedThe Department of Homeland Security says no one is being held, but reports on the ground indicate that some are still in limbo or have been deported.