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    Why the White House Is Boosting Mike CernovichThe White House wants to fuzz the boundaries between mainstream, respectable news outlets and utterly gonzo ones as much as possible.
  2. Stephen Colbert vs. ‘Alternative Facts": A Lifelong RivalryThe first week of Donald Trump’s presidency has begun, and one of the weekend’s biggest headlines revolved around the phrase “alternative […]
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    Colbert: ‘Post-Truth’ Rips Off ‘Truthiness’How dare you, Oxford English Dictionary?
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    Even People Who Know Better Fall for Lies If They Hear Them EnoughIf a statement is repeated often enough, it has a funny way of starting to seem true. 
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    Why Sy Hersh’s Piece Wasn’t in The New YorkerHersh says he published the piece in the LRB because Remnick was not interested in having him write a magazine piece on the bin Laden raid. 
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    How Solid Is This Sy Hersh Story About the bin Laden Raid?After reading the story, some find it obviously true, while others finish with nothing but skepticism. 
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    Why Ninja Turtles Are More Real to Us Than Abraham LincolnWhy Americans are more upset about altering the fictional history of cartoon turtles than they are about changing the backstory of honest Abe.