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  1. books
    The Best Sex Melissa Broder Has Ever Read“If you can get off to one story more than ten times, that’s a win.”
  2. stans
    We Made a Fan Tumblr for Never Have I Ever Heartthrob Paxton Hall-YoshidaSorry, #TeamBen.
  3. what were the 2010s?
    The Decade in Internet Culture, in 34 Funny, Stupid, Genius, Emblematic PostsBillions and billions of posts were published this decade. These are the ones that mattered.
  4. making a statement
    Frank Ocean Defends His Exclusive Inclusive Queer Party“Pshhh bitch pls come get a drink next time.”
  5. hunger
    The Hot New Meme: An 18th-Century Frenchman Who Literally Couldn’t Stop EatingA French anomaly resurfaces thanks to a Squidward shitpost.
  6. tumblr
    Tumblr to Get New Owner, Will Hopefully Bring Back PornVerizon will sell it to WordPress owner Automattic.
  7. pride
    Years-Long Queer Tumblr Saga Gets Wholesome Ending at PrideFive years ago, Nick and Gaby came out on Tumblr in a viral post. This year, they finally met IRL.
  8. brands
    How an Aquafresh Parody Tumblr Got Swept Up in a Hate-Speech PurgeFans on Tumblr mourned the loss of the Aquafresh guy, who was collateral damage in an effort to root out hate speech.
  9. media
    Verizon Made a $9 Billion Bet on Digital Media. Here’s Why It Failed.By rolling up Yahoo and AOL—including HuffPost, Tumblr and more—the telecom giant was hoping to compete with Google and Facebook. It couldn’t.
  10. the internet
    Grimes’s Complicated Relationship With the InternetWhy do we care so much about what Grimes does?
  11. death
    Tumblr’s Most Evergreen Meme Has Always Been Its Own DeathThe site’s been dying for years. It’ll keep dying forever.
  12. internet
    Sex Was the Best Part About TumblrWhy softcore porn was the best part of the platform.
  13. tumblr
    Tumblr Bans Adult Content, One of Its Main Selling PointsIt only applies to human genitals though.
  14. fandom
    Why ‘Fortnite,’ the Hottest Game in the World, Is a Dud on TumblrThe hit game placed 30th on the social network’s year-end rankings.
  15. technology
    Tumblr Kicked Off App Store Over Child PornMeanwhile, NSFW artists on the platform say they are getting caught in the crossfire.
  16. select all
    Taylor Swift Is Glad Her Tumblr Stans Liked Her PostShe also likes kicking Republicans, figuratively.
  17. select all
    Just a Few Questions About This Microwave DungeonFirst of all, why? And second of all, what?
  18. select all
    Dozens of Wikipedia Articles Are Being Vandalized Because of Todd HowardTodd Coward, show yourself.
  19. select all
    Tumblr Is, Almost by Accident, Our Best Glimpse of How Russian Trolls WorkThe site’s mechanisms inadvertently archived tons of Russian activity.
  20. select all
    How Did I End Up Rubbing Elbows With Russian Trolls on Tumblr?Users like bellygangstaboo and feelmydragonballs infiltrated the network.
  21. select all
    Indonesia Blocks Tumblr in Attempt to Crack Down on PornTumblr is blocked but Google isn’t, so it’s very unclear how much this will help.
  22. select all
    Michael B. Jordan Will Replace Retainer of Teen Who Broke Hers Seeing His PecsIt all started with a now-viral Tumblr post from the teen’s orthodontist.
  23. select all
    Tumblr Founder David Karp Is Stepping DownAn iconic founder calls it quits.
  24. select all
    The Internet’s Most Famous Frozen Fan Denies Running a Fetish BlogConstable-Frozen says that his fan blog has nothing to do with vore.
  25. select all
    Russia’s Influence Operation Was So Pathetic It Tried to Use Pokémon GoAmong the strategies employed by Russia’s influence operation was a … Tumblr contest involving Pokémon Go.
  26. select all
    Tumblr’s Unclear Future Shows That There’s No Money in Internet CultureWhat does it mean when sites like Tumblr are on the chopping block?
  27. select all
    Yahoo — I Mean, Sorry, Tumblr — Just Made a Video-Chat AppCabana lets you watch videos with your friends in real time.
  28. select all
    Why Is Everyone Posting Mislabeled Film Stills?A long-running meme format helps film nerds establish their credentials.
  29. select all
    One Tumblr User Sent Her Pinky Toe to Another Tumblr User Because That’s TumblrTumblr continues to be the weirdest social network.
  30. select all
    Use This Generator and Make Your Own Custom LaCroix CanMmmm! Harambe-flavored LaCroix.
  31. select all
    The Next Frontier in Internet Culture Is Wholesome Memes About Love and SupportInternet memes are now well into post-irony.
  32. select all
    The Trolley Problem Is the Internet’s Most Philosophical MemeThe classic thought experiment gets a second life as an elaborate running joke.
  33. select all
    Who Said It: Donald Trump or Jenna Maroney on 30 Rock?“Kim Jong Il? I’ve never heard of her.”
  34. Tumblr Users Bug Out Over Write-down and Potential Yahoo SaleYahoo’s enormous write-down of the social network has users panicking.
  35. Call Out Your Problematic Faves in Real Time With Tumblr Live VideoYet another live-video service gets rolling.
  36. Marissa Mayer’s Slow-Motion Tumblr Car CrashThe company bit off more than it could chew with the Tumblr acquisition.
  37. Tumblr Got Hacked 3 Years Ago and Only Just Found OutEveryone’s passwords have already been reset.
  38. Texas’s Coolest Politician Loves Missy ElliottAnd other things we learned from her Q&A with Tumblr at SXSW.
  39. select all
    Inside Tumblr’s Founding Fathers FandomRight now, on Tumblr, the founding fathers are flirting.
  40. cancer
    Senator Claire McCaskill Shares Her Breast-Cancer Diagnosis on TumblrWishing you a speedy recovery, hip senator.
  41. select all
    Teens Are Making Thousands on Tumblr Using This One Weird TrickIt’s not as hard as you think.
  42. Tumblr Users Are Either Outraged or Amused by an Alleged Grave-RobberGrave-robbing has divided the witchcraft community.
  43. The Stan Confessions Is a Great TumblrEverything has a stan.
  44. How ‘Life Is Strange’ Built a Video-Game Romance for the Tumblr EraThe hottest ship since Cloud and Aeris.
  45. How Gay-Themed South Park Fan Art Wound Up on the ShowTalking to the Tumblr and DeviantArt users who were surprised to see their work on South Park.
  46. what are those?
    The Men of Tumblr Love Their Toe SocksIt wouldn’t be a start-up without them.
  47. oh internet!
    Broad City’s Al Dente Dentist Is a Real Thing, and It’s DelightfulCrushed it.
  48. ‘BoJack Horseman’ Creator Raphael Bob-Waksberg Breaks Down Comedy’s […]BoJack Horseman creator Raphael Bob-Waksberg has been fielding questions from fans via his Tumblr this week, and his most interesting response […]
  49. Tumblr and truTV Team Up for ‘Big Deal’ TV Development ContestNot long after renewing its hit sketch show Friends of the People, truTV has teamed up with Tumblr to seek out new ideas for unscripted comedy […]
  50. music
    Lorde Just Explained a Crucial Piece of #Teen SlangShe says it’s a compliment “among the youthz.”
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