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  1. follow friday
    Humbly, Rachel Coster Deserves to Own a SailboatWe caught up with the comedian on Instagram Live.
  2. back to the office
    The Great Office-Opening Rollback Has BegunAs tech companies once again pave the way, it feels like March 2020 again.
  3. instant classics
    Caitie Delaney’s Music Engineer Videos: The Complete CollectionDeleted from Twitter, but forever present in our hearts (and on TikTok).
  4. profile
    Boys, InterruptingAt home with Please Don’t Destroy, the sketch-comedy group all over your feeds.
  5. follow friday
    Reid Pope Is the DeuxMoi of T-shirt EntrepreneurshipWe caught up with the comedian on Instagram Live.
  6. extremely online
    Twitter Loves Olivia Rodrigo’s White House Look, and So Do WeJackie Kennedy–meets–Ariana Grande for the “Sour” singer’s presidential visit.
  7. who asked for this
    Twitter Can Have a Little Story As a ‘Fleet’ UPDATE: NEVERMINDTwitter is yeeting fleets.
  8. follow friday
    Yes, That’s Literally Daddy’s Birth Name. Please Stop Asking.We caught up with the comedian on Instagram Live.
  9. #freebritney
    Christina Aguilera Speaks Out in Support of Britney SpearsMouseketeers solidarity.
  10. bullying
    What Exactly Happened With Courtney Stodden and Chrissy Teigen?Teigen has posted a lengthy apology, one month after old tweets resurfaced in which she encouraged Stodden to kill themself.
  11. extremely online
    Megan Thee Stallion Calls Out DaBaby for Tory Lanez Retweet“These industry men are very strange.”
  12. twitter
    And on the 10th Day, Lorde Gave Us MemesShe’s back.
  13. music
    Sinead O’Connor Walks Back Retirement AnnouncementThe musician said she made the announcement as a reaction to triggering media coverage of her memoir, Rememberings.
  14. book excerpt
    How to Mind Your Damn BusinessAn excerpt from Quinta Brunson’s new book, She Memes Well.
  15. follow friday
    Amar Risbud Has Thoughts on Flounder Representation in MediaWe caught up with the comedian on Instagram Live.
  16. twitter
    You Can Now Pay Twitter for Your AddictionA new subscription service for people who can’t get enough scrolling.
  17. extremely online
    Matt LeBlanc Is Twitter’s Favorite Irish Uncle After Friends ReunionIn case you couldn’t quite put your finger on who he reminded you of.
  18. follow friday
    Hannah Solow Does a Mean Impression of Her LandladyWe caught up with the comedian on Instagram Live.
  19. jokes
    What I Learned After My Joke About Israel-Palestine Went ViralComedian Sammy Obeid has performed material about the conflict for years. Now, more people are listening.
  20. last night on late night
    Patti Harrison Apologizes to Bisexual People Who Love Nilla Wafers“It was probably really painful to read that your favorite cookie hates you and doesn’t want your business.”
  21. psa
    Feeling Like Your Life Has No Meaning? Consider Comedy!But first, prepare yourself with this PSA from stand-up Sara Schaefer.
  22. follow friday
    Danielle Perez Introduces Us to Darla the DeerWe talked shop with the comedian on Instagram Live today.
  23. stand-up
    Why Comedian Peng Dang Posted That Racist Tony Hinchcliffe Video“It’s tough, but sometimes you’ve got to stand up for yourself. You’ve got to push back.”
  24. apologies
    Chrissy Teigen Apologizes to Courtney Stodden for Tweeting They Should DieStodden has responded with an Instagram post saying, “I have never heard from her.”
  25. internet studies
    25 Edits That Define the Modern Internet VideoAnd create the vocabulary for an absurd, ingenious art form.
  26. follow friday
    Julia Young Was the Most Popular Girl at Sleepaway CampWe chatted it up with the comedian on Instagram Live today.
  27. follow friday
    Niles Abston’s Flawless Beard Took Time and PatienceWe caught up with the comedian on Instagram Live today.
  28. bump its
    Snooki Explains the Origins of Her ‘Hot Mess Pics’ in Highly Detailed TweetsFrom faking a broken neck to dressing as a pickle princess.
  29. follow friday
    Basil and Ely Kreimendahl Offered Me Free Maple SyrupIt’s Cute Couples Week over here at “Follow Friday.”
  30. extremely online
    Chrissy Teigen Announces Departure From Twitter“I’ve always been portrayed as the strong clap back girl but I’m just not.”
  31. extremely online
    Jensen Karp Is More Than Just the Cinnamon Toast Crunch Shrimp Tails Guy(But he’s also the Cinnamon Toast Crunch Shrimp Tails Guy.)
  32. comebacks
    Trump Adviser Says Ex-President Will Launch Social-Media PlatformFinally, we’ll get to hear his unfiltered thoughts.
  33. how i get it done
    Soledad O’Brien’s Got Her Priorities Straight“Everybody gets the same 24 hours. You just have to figure out how you want to spend yours.”
  34. follow friday
    Mike Abrusci Turned This Interview Into NUGG SponConWe caught up with the comedian (and current COVID patient) on Instagram Live.
  35. exits
    Mumford & Sons Banjoist Winston Marshall ‘Taking Time Away From the Band’Following his tweet praising a far-right pundit.
  36. follow friday
    Vinny Thomas Lies to His Uber DriversWe caught up with the comedian on Instagram Live today.
  37. second acts
    How My Life Changed (and Didn’t) After Writing a BookYou can have all the second acts you want, but you’ll always be yourself.
  38. extremely offline
    Famous Non-Asshole Alec Baldwin Quits Twitter Again, Says It’s for AssholesConsider the source.
  39. why you gotta be so mean?
    Taylor Swift Calls Out Netflix, Ginny & Georgia for ‘Deeply Sexist’ Joke“This outfit doesn’t look cute on you,” she added to Netflix, home to her documentary Miss Americana.
  40. follow friday
    Janelle James Is All IdeasWe caught up with the comedian on Instagram Live today.
  41. huh
    Don Jr. Is Somehow Still TweetingHe recently shared a strident video disparaging California’s teachers … filmed against a backdrop of guns.
  42. follow friday
    Mila Myles Is Getting Vaxxed and Then Motorboating EveryoneWe caught up with the comedian on Instagram Live today.
  43. extremely online
    Ted Cruz Can Run to Cancún, But He Can’t Hide From These MemesThese Ted Cruz memes are keeping us warm today (because Ted won’t).
  44. follow friday
    Justin Covington Believes NYC Needs More DDRWe caught up with the comedian on Instagram Live today.
  45. pivot
    The Kindler, Gentler TwitterKara Swisher and Scott Galloway think Donald Trump’s absence has already made the platform a healthier place.
  46. can a dog be twins?
    Patricia Lockwood’s Infinite ScrollThe Twitter-famous poet’s first novel, No One Is Talking About This, moves between the body in space and the mind online.
  47. #freebritney
    Britney Spears Indirectly Addresses Recent Documentary on TwitterWith a clip from a performance of “Toxic.”
  48. follow friday
    Kareem Rahma Has Childish, Horrible Taste in DessertsBut you should still follow him on TikTok!
  49. extremely online
    Shitposting With ‘the Guy From Eve 6’“I’m literally making fun of people who are more successful by orders of magnitude. With maybe the exception of Trapt, but he has it comin’.”
  50. extremely online
    The Capitalist Case for Overhauling TwitterWe know it’s terrible for society. But it’s also a terribly run company.
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