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  1. the kim k nudie news cycle
    Teen Starlets Feud Over Kim K’s Nude SelfieAriel Winter and Chloë Grace Moretz don’t agree on the meaning of “body confidence.”
  2. Twitter to ISIS: Delete Your Account Per Twitter, 125,000 accounts have received the ultimate troll.
  3. our selfies ourselves
    Alec Baldwin’s Daughter Hijacked His TwitterIt’s a good thing.
  4. twitterror
    Dr. Phil Asks If It’s Okay to Have Sex With Drunk GirlsAnd gets his own Twitter scandal.
  5. twitterror
    E!’s Twitter Got Hacked TooJustin Bieber is not gay, everyone.
  6. twitterror
    Twitter Is Finally Rolling Out Hack-Proof PasswordsTo prevent yesterday’s AP disaster from happening again.
  7. thank you notes
    Meet the Woman Who Saved Twitter From Chris BrownA Jenny Johnson (@jennyjohnsonhi5) appreciation post.
  8. twitterror
    KitchenAid Didn’t Mean to Joke About Obama’s Dead GrandmaSomeone’s Twitter privileges have been revoked.
  9. twitterror
    Microsoft Employee Zings Ann Coulter on TwitterDelete!