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    Your U.S. Open PreviewThe tournament begins Monday.
  2. party lines
    Maria Sharapova’s Tennis Outfits Never Clash With the Court ColorHer fashion-design process involves “some really bad sketches.”
  3. u.s. open
    Your U.S. Open Brackets Are OutThe U.S. Open tournament bracket is out.
  4. u.s. open
    The U.S. Open Fun Starts Earlier (and Is More Free) Than You ThinkThe U.S. Open qualifying rounds begin on August 24, and they’re quite enjoyable.
  5. tiger woods
    Tiger Woods Is Playing Golf Today, If You Care AnymoreTiger Woods goes for another major, to yawns, mostly.
  6. Mediavore
    Starbucks Embroiled in Gun Debate; Flay Settles With EmployeesPlus: the FDA gets serious about food-label claims and Wilco-inspired sandwiches, all in our morning news roundup.
  7. tennis anyone?
    How You — Yes, You — Can Play in the U.S. OpenIntroducing the U.S. Open National Playoffs.
  8. the sports section
    Our Sports Blog Managed to Cover Juan Martin del Potro’s U.S. Open Win Without Objectifying HimSeriously, this is why you should tune in to the Sports Section.
  9. the new king of queens
    Juan Martin del Potro Proves Roger Federer Is MortalThe king is dead.
  10. let the woman scream already
    In Defense of Serena WilliamsSerena Williams didn’t do anything countless male tennis players haven’t done for decades.
  11. serena williams
    On-Court Test Reveals Serena Williams to Be HumanFierce in battle, graceful in defeat.
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    Who IS This Guy?Why is the same old story — Federer wins — always so compelling?
  13. a rare post on sports
    The Times Likens U.S. Open Outfits to Clown Costumes“The linesmen wearing Polo clothing are about the best-dressed people on court.”
  14. playlist
    Behind the Music at the U.S. OpenMost of the top seeds pick for themselves, sometimes challenging the sport’s still-conservative image.
  15. Food Tour
    Morimoto Wants to Take Over Food at U.S. OpenTennis fans should have food as good as that of baseball fans.
  16. who wants to hug nadal?
    Rafael Nadal Makes a New, Scary FriendIt’s free-hugs night at the U.S. Open.
  17. parks and recreation
    At Least Somebody Gets to Play Tennis in This TownRoger Federer can show up and find plenty of places to volley in this city … but you can’t.
  18. she was just 17
    Melanie Oudin’s Home-Court AdvantageShe’s just 17, and she already owns Flushing Meadows.
  19. u.s. open
    U.S. Open Week One: What Have We Learned?Among other things: Even Federer’s opponents want to watch him win.
  20. the sports section
    U.S. Open Week One: What Have We Learned?Among other things: Even Federer’s opponents want to watch him win.
  21. loose threads
    Talbot’s Founder Dies; Anna Wintour Scopes Out Federer at the U.S. OpenAlso, Monique Lhuillier is launching a lower-priced bridal collection.
  22. party lines
    Badgley, Palermo, and Venus at U.S. Open PartyThat’s what he told us at the USTA-Heineken Official U.S. Open player party last weekend.
  23. a rare post on sports
    Rafael Nadal Is Competing in the U.S. Open in See-through Shorts?An investigation reveals yes, that does appear to be the case.
  24. User’s Guide
    Sustainable Food at the U.S. Open, by the NumbersLocal produce is pouring into Arthur Ashe Stadium.
  25. the sports section
    The U.S. Open: Villainous Serbs, Boring No. 1 Russians, and the Swiss GuyThe players and personalities to watch for in Flushing.
  26. we purposely skipped andy roddick
    The U.S. Open: Villainous Serbs, Boring No. 1 Russians, and the Swiss GuyThe players and personalities to watch for in Flushing.
  27. a rare post on sports
    Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Serena Williams Explain Their Flashy U.S. Open EnsemblesRafa and Roger’s were inspired by New York City taxis and subways, respectively.
  28. the sports section
    Lucas Glover Wins the U.S. Open!The 29-year-old had never finished better than twentieth at a major.
  29. the sports section
    Swells Enjoy the U.S. Open While They CanEven though the tabloids have tried to stir up populist rage, there hasn’t been much evidence of it.
  30. Freebies
    Balls of GoldThe world’s most expensive chocolate golf balls. And in USEFUL news, free cupcakes and sangria.
  31. the sports section
    Andrew Giuliani Didn’t Qualify for the U.S. OpenIf only he hadn’t been cut from the Duke golf team.
  32. The New York Diet
    Celebrity Stylist David Evangelista Chews His Way Through Fashion Week and theThe onetime ‘Iron Chef’ judge says he has the best protein shake recipe ever. He likes real food, too!
  33. the sports section
    Gee, Roger Federer Won the U.S. Open. Yay?This would have been a lot more fun if Rafael Nadal were involved.
  34. the sports section
    Jelena Jankovic, Gracious LoserSerena Williams won the U.S. Open last night, leaving Jelena Jankovic free to be the sorest loser. Like she’s freaking McEnroe or something?
  35. Soho/Tribeca Grand’s Herb Wilson Now Dating, Not Just Feeding, CelebsHerb Wilson was spotted smooching Star Jones at the U.S. Open yesterday.
  36. the sports section
    Leitch: Required Reading Before Attending the U.S. OpenIn other sports, there are rules and regulations to be followed, lest you find yourself duct-taped to the men’s-room ceiling.
  37. company town
    Why Do Weather Reporters Need to Stand IN a Hurricane to Report on It?Do we really need Anderson Cooper, Katie Couric, and Brian Williams in Louisiana when they could cover the hurricane and the RNC at the same time? Plus, all your daily finance, real estate, law, and media news.
  38. Mediavore
    A Magnolia Bakery for Midtown; Is Tap Water Safe?Where to eat tacos in the Hamptons, a new casual restaurant at the U.S. Open, and more, in our morning news roundup.
  39. NewsFeed
    Tennis and Barbecue, Almost as Bizarre as Bagels in BeijingHill Country will be one of the food vendors when Madison Square Park screens U.S. Open matches.
  40. it just happened
    Natalie Portman’s New Man Likes Walks in the Park It looks like the romance between Natalie Portman and Nathan Bogle that was first snapped at the U.S. Open, has legs! Literally — the pair were seen walking hand-in-hand through Central Park today, and damned if they weren’t caught by the paparazzi. Bogle, the model-cum-designer-cum-boyfriend (he used to design for Rag & Bone), is quite the looker, so kudos to Portman. According to JustJared.com, they’ve actually been dating for four months! We can only hope that photo-stalking of them remains at a minimum, so they stay in New York rather than decamp to Los Angeles where their every Starbucks will be dissected. Nothing would thrill us more than to see the couple out and about together in the West Village and not acknowledge them. Nathan Bogle and Natalie Portman Holding Hands [JustJared]
  41. NewsFeed
    Anyone for Tennis? And Lobster Salad? Damn! You’ve been so busy bragging about the tickets you snagged to tonight’s showdown between Federer and Roddick that you’ve forgotten to eat. Obviously, when you get to the Tennis Center, you’re going to want to know what’s what. According to our rundown of U.S. Open offerings, it looks like Aces is the best place to catch Newt Gingrich, Janet Jackson, Anna Wintour, Martha Stewart, or any of the other weird celebs that have been spotted courtside this year. Heineken’s Red Star Café? Not so much. U.S. Open Eats [NYM]
  42. photo op
    In Which Some Getty Photographer Continues to Be Obsessed With Roger Federer’s Feet Look! Roger Federer wore sneakers again yesterday! But they’re different ones! Maybe Anna likes these better? Earlier: Tennis Shoes
  43. photo op
    Roger Federer Makes Anna Wintour So Very HappyThe most interesting thing about Anna Wintour’s intense crush on Roger Federer isn’t just that she’s showing up at the Tennis Center for even his early-round matches — Miss Anna was there again yesterday, to watch her man beat Paul Capdeville of Chile in straight sets — but that, even more remarkably, she seemed to be happy. What’s come over her? Earlier: At ‘Men’s Vogue’ Dinner, Roger Federer Makes Anna Wintour Giggle Anna Wintour Fails to Lighten Up, Even Under Blazing Sun
  44. intel
    Anna Wintour Fails to Lighten Up, Even Under Blazing SunWhy does Anna Wintour look so mad? She’s at the U.S. Open; she should be having fun! Is it because she’s been exposed to sunlight? Nope. It’s because one of her dreadful aides has failed her once again. A Daily Intel spy spotted Miss Anna reaming out the hapless helper outside of Court 13 on day one of the Open yesterday because she was briefly denied access to the stands. Seems officials wouldn’t let her — or anyone else, not that that matters — in until a changeover. Bad assistant! Very bad!
  45. photo op
    Tennis Shoes The U.S. Open started today. Roger Federer, the No. 1 seed, played Scoville Jenkins, an American. Federer won in straight sets. These are his shoes. We can only imagine what parts of Federer the AFP will be offering by the time this thing ends, in two weeks.
  46. party lines
    Serena Williams Likes Nadal, Russians Not as MuchOn Friday night, the Garden of Ono was overrun by tennis balls and Heineken kegs to celebrate the U.S. Open kickoff. Like fillies just learning to walk, young lady tennis stars tottered around hesitantly, their knotty calves unaccustomed to stiletto heels. Men sporting blazers and bronzer gleefully spectated. “I really like [Rafael] Nadal,” said Serena Williams, who was avoiding alcohol and snacks for the night. We tried to get her to dish on what happens in the stadium locker room, but she upheld an Open oath of omerta. “What happens there stays there,” she said. “It’s kind of like Vegas.” Her sister Venus, who sneaked in the back, kept incognito under a tennis cap (except to say hi to Kevin Connelly and Andy Roddick). We asked Serena what new girls we should look out for on the court. “You know everyone now is so young and so good,” she said, shrugging. “And so … Russian.“—Amy Odell
  47. Neighborhood Watch
    U.S. Open Stadium Eats; Red Hook Vendors’ Bread and Butter in JeopardyAstoria: Get your feet rubbed while eating ice cream at Freeze Peach this Saturday — or maybe just stick to sampling the variety of flavors at this $9 tasting event that will also feature reflexology and tarot-card reading. [Joey in Astoria] Flushing: New reasons not to fill up before a match: Five serious restaurants including a steakhouse, seafood restaurant, and Cuban café flank the U.S. Open stadium, all under the supervision of Charlie Palmer–trained chef Michael Lockard. [NYDN] Hell’s Kitchen: Mitchel London Pizza from the owners of Burgers & Cupcakes has been open for a couple of weeks, but they’re still working on good char. [Slice] Lower East Side: Whole Foods’ beer room, which stocks over 200 international, domestic, and local beers, opened this morning. [Gridskipper] Meatpacking District: Los Dados from Sueños chef Sue Torres opens Monday. [Eater] Red Hook: Department of Health inspectors are now turning a critical eye to restaurants associated with the ball-field vendors. Honduras Maya is already closed. [Brooklyn Eagle]
  48. gossipmonger
    It’s Not Easy Playing Graydon CarterJeff Bridges has to wear a coiffed wig to play Graydon Carter in How to Lose Friends and Alienate People, but he didn’t wear a fat suit. Roger Federer told Anna Wintour that he will be wearing blue and white during the day and black at night for the U.S. Open, and Andy Roddick says that Elton John actually has a good backhand. Vivica Fox was allegedly drinking at their birthday party Tuesday night despite a court mandate forbidding her to on account of her March DUI. “Obama Girl” Amber Lee Ettinger is actually more enthusiastic about Hillary Clinton. Christiane Amanpour and other CNN staffers often saw Ted Turner in a bathrobe when he lived above CNN Center in Atlanta. Elizabeth Taylor will star in a play with James Earl Jones in December to raise $1 million to fight AIDS. Bill Clinton ate at Serendipity. Justin Timberlake’s manager got him a round of golf at Glen Oaks Country Club on Long Island.