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  1. the top line
    Uber’s Irrational Pricing Is a Problem for Policy-makersHow do you incentivize a company that seems hell-bent on generating massive losses?
  2. the top line
    The Banks That Ran Uber’s IPO Feared This Would HappenThe stock tumbled in its first few days on the market. But did the banks make it worse?
  3. business
    Global Drivers’ Strike Shows Tide May Be Shifting for Uber and LyftWith both companies going public this spring, the demonstrations are drawing more attention, and Democratic politicians are echoing drivers’ concerns.
  4. business
    12 Experts on the Uber IPO and the Ridesharing Company’s FutureIs Uber a good deal for investors, or is all the hype about the impending IPO overblown? Analysts, academics, journalists, and drivers weigh in.
  5. the top line
    Uber’s Plan to Lose Money on Every Ride and Make It Up in Volume, AnnotatedThe ride-sharing company has laid out a vision for profitability. It is not compelling.
  6. life in pixels
    New York City Could Destroy Uber (If It Wanted To)Uber’s S-1 filing reveals that the cities the company has run roughshod over have an awful lot of leverage over it.
  7. oops
    #DeleteUber Cost Uber Hundreds of Thousands of UsersThe anti-Uber protest revealed a lot of negative sentiment toward the company, a liability as it plans to go public.
  8. trailer mix
    Kumail Nanjiani’s Stuber Trailer Has Way Higher Body Count Than Most Ride-SharesCops probably aren’t allowed to commandeer your Uber and force you to hunt a killer with them, but try telling him that.
  9. crime
    A Woman Was Raped by a Man Pretending to Be Her Uber DriverDetails of the December crime have been released following the death of a University of South Carolina student.
  10. government shutdown
    Uber CEO Says Furloughed Workers Are Driving to Make Money During ShutdownA study in 2018 found over half of Uber drivers make significantly less than minimum wage.
  11. reality tv
    Former American Idol Host Drives for Uber Now, and Don’t Think About Shaming Him“I make over a grand on a good week motherfuckers.”
  12. uber
    Self-Driving Ubers Back on the Streets Nine Months After Killing a PedestrianKeep your head on a swivel if you’re crossing the street in Pittsburgh.
  13. naked capitalism
    Uber Is Headed for a CrashThe company just posted another quarter of jaw-dropping losses. How much is hype and how much is real?
  14. ride sharing apps
    Lyft Does More to Woo Drivers As It Preps for IPOAs both Lyft and Uber prepare to go public in 2019, both companies will be fighting for drivers just as they fight for passengers.
  15. uber
    Next Stop, Uberland: The Onrushing Algorithmic Future of WorkWhat the algorithmically managed lives of Uber drivers tell us about our future.
  16. the pink tax
    The Illusion of Safer Transportation Is Costing WomenWomen spend up to $100 more than men each month, a new study from NYU found.
  17. the pink tax
    New York Women Spend More Money Than Men on TransitThe extra cost ranged from $25 to $100 each month, a new study from NYU found.
  18. crime
    Uber Driver Allegedly Kidnapped, Groped Woman — Then She Was Charged $1,047The driver, Harbir Parmar, faces a potential life sentence.
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    ‘Vomit Fraud’: Uber Drivers’ Fake Puke Claims Cost Riders Up to $150Passengers are filing lawsuits against Uber after being charged a fee for allegedly vomiting during late-night rides.
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    Uber Driver Streamed Unwitting Passengers on TwitchHis accounts have since been terminated.
  21. new york city
    Elaine Welteroth Speaks Out on Instagram About Uber Driver Misconduct“Too many of us deal with this kind of mistreatment daily,” she wrote afterward.
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    Uber Driver in Fatal Autonomous Crash Was Watching Hulu Behind the WheelTempe police deemed the crash “entirely avoidable.”
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    Uber Building Tech to Tell When You Are DrunkThe company applied for a patent that would allow a user’s phone to track things like swaying or typos as indications of intoxication.
  24. Maybe the ‘Gig Economy’ Has Not Arrived — YetNew data indicates the old system of classifying employees as employees persists, despite Lyft and Uber.
  25. memos
    Uber CEO Wants Employees to ‘Have the D’Uber’s got the D!
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    Uber CEO Wants Employees to ‘Have the D’Uber’s got the D!
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    You Can Now Dial 911 From the Uber AppA feature the app probably should have introduced years ago.
  28. gig economy
    The Tragic End to a Longtime Black-Car Driver’s Campaign Against UberHopelessly outmatched by ride-sharing apps, Doug Schifter took his own life to publicize the plight of his fellow workers.
  29. drone deliveries
    Uber Says It Will Test 5-Minute Food Deliveries by DroneIt’s part of a trial program being rolled out in San Diego.
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    Uber Pedestrian Death Probably Caused by SoftwareArizona has since indefinitely suspended Uber from autonomous driving tests.
  31. California Court Ruling Could Be Major Blow to ‘Gig Economy’ FirmsThe largest state has adopted a rule that places the burden of proof on employers in justifying “independent contractor” classifications.
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    An Apology for the Internet — From the Architects Who Built ItEven those who designed our digital world are aghast at what they created. A breakdown of what went wrong.
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    Uber … But for Renting a Car and Buying a MetroCardThe ride-hailing company announced several new business ventures on Wednesday.
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    Arizona Governor Suspends Uber From Further Autonomous Vehicle TestingThe announcement comes after a pedestrian was killed by a driverless car earlier in March.
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    Travis Kalanick Is Back, and He’s Buying Distressed Real EstateIt’s for CloudKitchens.
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    Arizona Woman Becomes First Pedestrian Killed by Driverless Uber CarThe woman was crossing the street when she was struck.
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    Women Accusing Uber Drivers of Rape Could Have to Settle Behind Closed DoorsNine women have joined a class-action suit accusing their Uber drivers of violence, harassment, and rape.
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    Uber Salary Study Was Wrong, But Drivers Still Don’t Make MuchAn MIT study claimed Uber drivers average $3.37 an hour. It’s really more like $10, which is still less than minimum wage in many states.
  39. who among us?
    Drunk Guy Accidentally Takes $1,635 Uber RideHe went all the way from West Virginia to New Jersey.
  40. select all
    The Woman Brought in to Fix Uber Is Leaving the CompanyFrances Frei spent nine months working at Uber.
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    Uber CEO Says Tip More If You Want to Ride With Better DriversA higher score means you’ll be paired with a better driver, so this is sound advice if you don’t want to end up an Uber horror story.
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    Travis Kalanick Squirmed on Floor After Video of Him Yelling at DriverAfter he was caught yelling at an Uber driver, Kalanick paid the driver $200,000 out of his own pocket following a private meeting.
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    Uber in Trouble Again Over Secret, Authority-Thwarting ProgramIn the event of a police raid, the company would remotely lock its computers to keep authorities from accessing information.
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    Uber Settles With NYC Drivers for $3 MillionThe company guaranteed $5,000 in the first month.
  45. crime
    What to Know in the Case of an Uber Driver Accused of Killing a British DiplomatRebecca Dykes was found dead in Beirut on Saturday morning.
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    For the Good of Society — and Traffic! — Delete Your Map AppCities and citizens alike are waging war against map apps.
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    Uber Had a Very Bad Day in CourtA former Uber employee laid out the ride-sharing company’s dubious tactics in court.
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    57 Million People Had Their Uber Data Stolen So the Company Paid to Cover It UpJust when you thought maybe, maybe Uber could be turning things around.
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    Uber’s Location Sharing Makes It Even Easier to Find Your DriverSpend less time wandering around confused in the cold.
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    NFL Investigates Jameis Winston for Allegedly Groping Female Uber DriverThe incident allegedly took place in Arizona last year.
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