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  1. uh oh
    The ‘Cocaine Hippos’ Are Out of ControlEighty to 100 invasive hippos are running roughshod over Colombia’s Magdalena river basin — and scientists fear their ranks could swell.
  2. uh oh
    CELEBRITY FEUD ALERT: Stanley Tucci Comes After Peppa PigThe beloved actor called the anthropomorphic children’s star “irritating animal swine.”
  3. grocery wars
    Dean & DeLuca Has Filed for Bankruptcy ProtectionThe former gourmet grocer owes creditors nearly $275 million.
  4. uh oh
    Ample Hills Creamery Has Filed for BankruptcyThe Brooklyn-born ice-cream chain is looking to restructure its debt.
  5. uh oh
    Super Bowl Halftime Show a Little Too Sexy for Some Viewers to HandleThe FCC received over 1,300 complaints about Jennifer Lopez and Shakira’s performance.
  6. uh oh
    You Might Want to Throw Away Your Thinx UnderwearA scientist found high levels of toxic chemicals in the popular menstrual underwear.
  7. uh oh
    HBO’s Naomi Watts Game of Thrones Prequel Is DeadThere were reportedly many “issues” when filming the pilot.
  8. uh oh
    Moviepass Is Shut Down for Maintenance That Could Take WeeksThat’s right, weeks.
  9. uh-oh!
    Everything You Need to Know About LaCroix’s Recent TroublesIt’s been a wild nine months for the seltzer brand, which seems to be losing its cult status among consumers.
  10. uh-oh
    A Salad Is the Perfect Food to Dump on SomeoneMiranda Lambert got into an argument at a Nashville restaurant and expressed her anger with a salad.
  11. uh oh
    Emily Ratajkowski’s Husband Put His Arm Around Suki Waterhouse!And he wasn’t wearing his wedding ring.
  12. uh oh
    Donald Trump Jr. Sent Suggestive Twitter Messages to a Model While MarriedIn which bacon became the subject of flirty tweets.
  13. uh oh
    Amazon Sent People Emails About Their Nonexistent Baby RegistriesOops.
  14. uh-oh
    Footage From Dog’s Purpose Shows Petrified PupOn-set footage shows a handler forcing a scared German shepherd to film a water scene.
  15. uh-oh
    Science Channel Pulls Pumpkin Show After InjuryPunkin Chunkin would’ve aired on November 26.
  16. uh-oh
    Feds Are Now Probing Mayor de Blasio’s Campaign Fundraising As part of an expanded investigation into NYPD corruption. 
  17. uh-oh
    Nina Simone Fans Are Not Here for the Zoe Saldana BiopicThe singer’s official Twitter account came out swinging against Saldana.
  18. uh-oh
    Josh Trank Leaves Star Wars FilmThe force is with Trank, but he’s not a Jedi yet.
  19. uh-oh
    HBO Cracks Down on Williamsburg Bar for Screening Game of ThronesWomp womp.
  20. uh-oh
    E.L. James Wants Control Over Fifty Shades of Grey Sequel Script – Uh-OhOh no.
  21. uh-oh
    Ryan Gosling’s Directorial Debut Won’t Make It to TheatersIt will be released in April via home entertainment instead.
  22. Uh-Oh
    The Ebola Outbreak Is Threatening the World’s Chocolate SupplyBorder closures are affecting the harvest and workers’ jobs.
  23. Uh-Oh
    MasterChef Finalist Josh Marks ‘Turned Into God’ by GordonThe seven-foot-two reality-television-show contestant apparently did not respond to three cops pepper-spraying his face.
  24. uh-oh
    Smash Gets Smooshed: It’s Banished to SaturdaysThis really isn’t a surprise.
  25. uh-oh
    Lindsay Lohan Won’t Be Prosecuted For That Jewelry Heist [Updated]Phew.
  26. uh-oh
    Senate Committee to Examine Possible Insider Trading in CongressA Senate panel will examine possible improprieties next week.
  27. uh-oh
    Does Congress Have an Insider Trading Problem?So says a new ‘60 Minutes’ report.
  28. old men with money
    Old People Keeping All the Wealth for ThemselvesFigures.
  29. uh-oh
    Does Obama Have Another Solyndra on His Hands? [Updated]New questions about its loans to electric-car companies.
  30. pakistan
    Did Pakistan’s Intelligence Agency Help Afghan Insurgents Attack the U.S. Embassy Last Week?That’s what Mike Mullen says.
  31. bad language
    Brett Ratner Explains That When Chris Tucker Calls Him a ‘Jew Boy,’ It’s With LoveUh-oh.
  32. finance
    Government Expects Standard & Poor’s to Downgrade Its AAA Bond RatingHappy Friday?
  33. uh-oh
    On Second Thought, Wall Street Not Very Excited About the Jobs ReportDarn.
  34. uh-oh
    More Controversy for Lil Wayne’s New SingleWas the sample jacked?
  35. books
    Christian Production Company Worries Harry Potter Will Turn Children to Witchcraft, Devil WorshipA montage of concern.
  36. uh-oh
    You’ll Be Seeing Cliff Lee in Your Nightmares For a WhileThe Yankees lose Game 1 of the World Series to the Phillies, 5-0.
  37. uh-oh
    The Saints Answer the Question of Which NFC Team Is BestBy the end of yesterday’s game, you were made to feel silly for asking the question in the first place.
  38. uh-oh
    Sanchez Learning It’s Not Actually That EasyThe Jets lose a crusher to the Bills at home, in overtime.