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  1. emma watson is the feminist we need but don't deserve
    Emma Watson Demands End to Campus Sexual AssaultShe delivered the speech at U.N. headquarters this week.
  2. saint angelina
    Angelina Jolie Scores Major Victory in U.N.So she’s pretty serious about this humanitarian stuff, huh?
  3. Foodievents
    United Noshes Supper Club Has Served Meals From 34 U.N. Countries (and Counting)A Carroll Gardens couple is cooking their way through the U.N. roll call, and you’re invited.
  4. statistics
    The World’s 7 Billionth Person Is Expected to Be Born on MondayA Halloween baby!
  5. terrible things
    Cholera Outbreak in Haiti Started With the U.N. PeacekeepersIt’s a “perfect match” for a strain from Nepal.
  6. revolt like an egyptian
    U.N. Votes for No Action in Syria As Hundreds of Government Officials Defect En MasseProtesters object to being characterized as extremists.
  7. international intrigue
    Ivory Coast Strongman Laurent Gbagbo Has Been ArrestedBut by whom?
  8. international intrigue
    This Ivory Coast Thing May Come to an End SoonIt doesn’t look good for Gbagbo.
  9. international intrigue
    France Joins U.N. Strike in Ivory Coast, Prompting Gbagbo’s SurrenderFrance’s newfound interventionist streak.
  10. sad things
    32 Dead in U.N. Plane CrashMost onboard were U.N. personnel.
  11. international intrigue
    U.N. Helicopters Fire on Laurent Gbagbo’s Forces in Ivory CoastU.N.: “We are now in a way under siege.”
  12. revolt like an egyptian
    Coalition Meets in London As Fiercest Battle Fought in Qaddafi’s HometownAmerican officials are still discussing arming the rebels.
  13. revolt like an egyptian
    Qaddafi Continues Attacks After U.N. Approves Air Strikes [Updated]Interventions are expected to start immediately.
  14. japan
    U.S. Urges Wider Evacuation After Pool for Spent Fuel Rods Boils DryThe U.S. urges Japan to vastly expand its evacuation zone.
  15. Neighborhood Watch
    Free Brazilian Pool Party Returns to Times SquareClinton Hill: “Seder in a Box” prayer kit available for $1 at St. Joseph’s College. Bring it to one of the nontraditional Seder meals we recently recommended! [Clinton Hill Blog] Lower East Side: MySpace pages offer insight into why Falai Panetteria waitresses are so bitchy. [Gawker] Midtown East: No longer keeping their chin up: I-Chin has closed. [NYT] A Burger King on Fifth Avenue sues its landlord over rats, who were probably seeking a new food source after Hunan Fifth got shuttered. [NYS] Red Hook The beloved El Huipil is no more, but the new owners of the space will also serve Mexican food — made by a “hot chef.” [Eat for Victory/VV] Times Square: “Reality dining” comes to Broadway when Spotlight Live opens on April 6. [NYT] The free Brazilian pool party at Hotel QT returns this Thursday, promising live music, cachaça specials, and skinny-dipping-themed pickup lines. [NewYorkology] Tribeca: Oh, dom: Dominic closes. [NYT] Turtle Bay: The U.N.’s all-you-can-eat Malaysian buffet kicks off in mid-April! [NewYorkology] Union Square: Union Square Café name sold to Tokyo group. Related: Tokyo has a Union Square? [NYT] Upper West Side: Ollie’s Noodle Shop workers follow Saigon Grill deliverymen. [Eater]