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  1. quotables
    Don’t Worry, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Is ‘Very Responsible With [Her] Career’Just don’t mention Transformers: Dark of the Moon.
  2. daily male
    Interview Did a Grindr-Themed EditorialFeaturing Rob Evans, River Viiperi, and more scantily clad male models.
  3. slash jobs
    President Obama in the Know About David Beckham’s Underwear LineSo, that’s awkward.
  4. oscars 2012
    Bérénice Bejo Won’t Wear Spanx to the OscarsWhich places her firmly in the minority.
  5. collaboration station
    Lookalike Beckham Underwear MannequinsSo: attractive, but also a little bit creepy.
  6. racial issues
    ‘What’s Your Nude?’ Campaign Aims to Diversify Bras“It’s absurd to think that in 2012 [women of color] are essentially disenfranchised when we shop for lingerie.”
  7. hot shots
    See the First Ad for David Beckham’s H&M Underwear LineTighty-whities ahoy.
  8. slash jobs
    Mario Lopez Designs Underwear NowAnd more importantly, he models it too.
  9. the secret life of bankers
    Swiss Bank Wants Male Employees to Wear ‘Easily Washable’ UnderwearWhy? …
  10. party chat
    Adam Lambert Would Like to See Chace Crawford in the Next Calvin Klein Underwear CampaignWe had the same thought.
  11. undies
    What It Takes to Be a Calvin Klein Underwear ModelMehcad Brooks tried “Blue Steel.”
  12. important debates
    Point-Counterpoint: Full-Body Scans at Airport SecurityEverybody else has weighed in, so why can’t we?
  13. terror plots
    Let’s Talk About the Terrorist Underpants, Shall We?Seriously, look at those things.
  14. mantasies
    Manty Sales Are Up! Is the End of the Recession Near?If Alan Greenspan’s manty index is correct, then yes!
  15. do you believe in magic?
    Brits Ravenous for ‘Cellulite-Fighting’ UnderpantsThey contain magic fat-melting crystals, you see.
  16. daily male
    Italian Swimmers Star in Dolce & Gabbana’s New Underwear CampaignFive of them!
  17. scantily clad hotties
    Mania Ensues at Unveiling of David Beckham’s New Armani Underwear AdsBut are they his best underwear ads of all time? Maybe not.
  18. this will scare you
    Just Because You Can Make Tank Tops Out of Your Man’s Boxer Briefs Doesn’t Mean You ShouldPrepare to be horrified.
  19. scantily clad hotties
    Victoria Beckham Hath Grown a Tail of Hair for Her New Armani Underwear AdsHer body looks amazing, naturally.
  20. party lines
    Michael Kors Wants Spanx for MenSo he might make them himself.
  21. today in manties
    Statement Manties Are the New SneakersThe waistbands on men’s underpants now come in neon, metallic, and ombré.
  22. gird your loins
    Spanx Is Working on Clothing and We Are ScaredWe’re envisioning supertight push-up tube dresses, and we don’t like it.
  23. campaign trail
    Behold Victoria Beckham’s Armani Underwear AdsShe looks pretty damn good.
  24. body issues
    Mirdles Up Close and PersonalFor those men who care about compressing their spare tires.
  25. divatudes
    Mark Wahlberg Didn’t Like Kate Moss’s Figure“She kind of looked like my nephew,” he says.
  26. spicy dish
    BREAKING: Posh Spice to Star in Emporio Armani Skivvy AdsWhy let David have all the fun?
  27. up for auction
    eBay-Bound: Michael Jackson’s Dirty Tightie-WhitiesA pair of underpants mined for DNA samples in Jackson’s child-molestation trial could be yours.
  28. dress code
    Inappropriate ‘High School Musical’ Panties Upset ParentsThe panties for 7-year-old girls say “Dive In” on the front. Not smart, Disney. Not smart.
  29. model tracker
    Celebrate National Underwear Day by Looking at This Underwear ModelHe’s walking in the runway show being held this evening in honor of this special day and has a Jesse Metcalfe thing going on.
  30. loose threads
    Ralph Lauren Banked in ’07; Ferré Closes UES StoreAlso, Usher wants to design lingerie, J.Crew apologizes for its shoddy Website, and Victoria Beckham’s got a new gig.
  31. run through
    Canadian Man Spends $9K on Old Royal UnderpantsOnce owned by Queen Victoria, they date back to the 1890s and were originally valued at just $1,000.
  32. loose threads
    Tory Burch Seeks Investor; CK’s Steamy Underwear-Shoot OuttakesAlso, Calvin Klein menswear will walk in New York in February, Giorgio Armani designs a bullfighting outfit, and Janice Dickinson flashes.
  33. first looks
    Nelly’s New Underwear Ads for Sean John Revealed!He certainly gives David Beckham a run for his money, but we have one question: Why is he wearing pants?
  34. loose threads
    Kate Moss Lands August ‘Vogue’ Cover; Thom’s High-Waters Get StaresAlso, ‘Vanity Fair’ received oodles of negative letters about Miley, Richie Rich has an album, and Scarlett Johansson models.
  35. cult of personality
    Regarding André Leon Talley’s Skivvies, Credit RatingThe towering ‘Vogue’ editor’s credit issues ruined an innocent day of buying thongs at Macy’s. Oh, we’ve been there.
  36. run through
    Armani Reveals Its New David Beckham AdsWell, hello there! He’s just as cut as ever, and the skivvies are bright and crisp. Well played, Armani.
  37. run through
    David Beckham’s New Armani Campaign to Debut in Grand StyleAn image from Beckham’s second batch of underwear ads will be unveiled on a giant mural in San Francisco tomorrow, conveniently adjacent to a 6,000-person amphitheater.
  38. body issues
    Shirtless Mario Lopez vs. Shirtless Nick AdamsUnderwear company 2(x)ist was going to cast Mario Lopez for its ad campaign. Until they saw Nick Adams.
  39. loose threads
    Jenna Bush’s Wedding Dress and John Galliano’s New York ShowJenna Bush’s wedding gown was very textured, John Galliano shows his Christian Dior resort collection here tonight, and bobo is the new boho.
  40. body issues
    Men Can Pad Their Nether Regions, TooA few weeks ago, we told you about “Booty Pop Panties,” the padded underwear that makes your ass look bigger. Well, Regis Philbin found a version for men.
  41. overnights
    ‘Kid Nation’: All the Girls Hate You!Highlights from the heartwarming sixth episode gives us hope for the next generation.
  42. intel
    Happy National Underwear Day!Today, as you no doubt know, is National Underwear Day. And what better way to celebrate than by picking up some merch from New York’s most visible (and slightly overfriendly) icon of underoos? That’s right — the Naked Cowboy has expanded into retail. You can pick up specially tagged briefs from his Website, or a personalized blue guitar, or his touching Every Moment Counts DVD and its sequel, Fear God Hate Sin. But his newest products, like Statue of Liberty–style figurines, are, frustratingly, only available in person. And if you’re going to venture into the 92-degree human steamer that is Times Square today, you, too, may find the Cowboy’s minimalist look the best way to go. Products [NakedCowboy.com]
  43. in other news
    New ‘Radar’: This Time, Prince Harry in BoxersYippee: The September Radar is almost here! Which means it’s time for early teases of the cover story! The mag posted the new cover yesterday, and Drudge picked it up today, and we’re sure you’re shocked to discover it features a Photoshopped image of a celebrity’s head on an underwear-clad body. (Interestingly, the underwear isn’t white.) Also, “Pop, Politics, Scandal, Style” has given way to “Fresh Intelligence” as the slogan, and there’s nary a mention of Paris Hilton, a presidential candidate, or any sort of homosexuality (in either babies or pets). We barely recognize the thing. The Trouble with Harry [Radar via Drudge] Earlier: The March of ‘Radar’