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  1. coronavirus
    The Union Square Trader Joe’s Has ReopenedStores in Chelsea, the Upper West Side, and Soho remain closed.
  2. bitter end
    How Manhattan’s City Bakery Crumbled Under Weight of DebtsWhile doing brisk business in sweet treats, the Union Square institution was embroiled in high-cost borrowing from an industry under state probe.
  3. closings
    Good-bye to the City Bakery, a Place That Actually Felt Like a Nora Ephron MovieThe home of the pretzel croissant managed to be quaint, familiar, and luxurious all at once.
  4. comebacks
    Max Brenner and a Return From Chocolate ExileOne of the most famous names in chocolate is back — after a half-decade ban — with a new shop dedicated to cacao.
  5. voyeur
    Who Is She, Actually? A Guessing Game in Union Square ParkWe asked strangers to size each other up.
  6. select all
    Instagram Model Tinder-Scams Dozens of Men Into Competing for a DateThe model, Natasha Aponte, told each man that they were meeting for a drink. When the men arrived, they discovered the truth.
  7. farewells
    Union Square’s Iconic Coffee Shop Will CloseAfter 28 years in business.
  8. openings
    A Per Se Vet’s New Restaurant Reimagines the CheesesteakMetropolis, in Union Square, will also feature “market” cocktails and bouillabaisse that’s finished table side in a French press.
  9. The Chain Gang
    A Fire Broke Out at the TGI Fridays in Union SquareThe FDNY tweeted that the situation is “under control.”
  10. Empire Building
    Sweetgreen Is Opening 3 More Locations In New YorkThe salad empire will expand to Columbia University, the Upper West Side, and Union Square.
  11. Open Again
    Bánh Mì x Cuban SandwichNicely done, Num Pang.
  12. Pop-Ups
    Red Sauce Pop-up Little Sal’s Will Replace Chat ’n Chew in Union“It’s going to be a Chat ‘n Chew on steroids.”
  13. Closings
    Homestyle Union Square Restaurant Chat ’n Chew Served Its Final Pork ChopThe home of crispy mac and cheese and Coca-Cola cake is apparently closed.
  14. Rent
    Danny Meyer Says Rising Rents Are Crushing New York’s Neighborhood“There are neither victims nor villains in this story,” Meyer writes.
  15. Temporary Closings
    Union Square Cafe Will Close and Move to New LocationThe good news is that you’ve got until the end of 2015 to get in there.
  16. Openings
    Manhattan’s Very First Dairy Queen Opens ThursdayDon’t forget about Orange Julius, which is also part of the opening.
  17. Coming Soon
    Blizzard Time: Manhattan’s First Dairy Queen Opens This MonthThe location is serving a custom “Big Apple Blizzard” at its Union Square location.
  18. Openings
    First Look at Union Square Pavilion, Now Open With Outdoor SeatingAfter six years of delays. Six!
  19. Openings
    The Pavilion Opens in Union Square After Years of DelaysReservations are being taken online.
  20. gross things
    Man Arrested for Taking Up-Skirt Video in Union Square Subway StationHave a vigilant spring, ladies.
  21. Chef Shuffle
    Wayne Nish Leaves Simon Oren’s Pavilion in Union SquareThe Pavilion in Union Square Park has been years in the making.
  22. Coming Soon
    Plans for Union Square Park Restaurant ResumeThat “Chef Driven Market” may be opening sometime this decade.
  23. Openings
    What to Eat at All’onda, Michael White Alumnus Chris Jaeckle’sIt officially opens tonight in Union Square.
  24. stand clear of the closing doors
    Man Run Over by Subway Is Completely FineHe only bruised his hand.
  25. Closings
    Heartland Brewery Closing USQ LocationThe brewery’s original location will close at the end of the year when its lease expires.
  26. Lawsuits
    Simon Oren’s Chef Driven Market Will Open in Union Square, After AllShouldn’t it be called Greenmarket-Driven Market, or something?
  27. Drama
    Union Square Park Restaurant a No-Go; Holiday Market Under AttackJudge says it has a “let them eat cake feel.”
  28. sad things
    Skateboarder Killed by Truck Near Union SquareEyewitness accounts vary, but no criminality is suspected.
  29. Coming Soon
    Hu Kitchen Bringing a Yogurt Bar and ‘Preindustrial’ Food to UnionThe spot will focus on catering to a “preindustrial diet.”
  30. Lawsuits
    Lawsuit Aims to Block 5 Napkin Owner’s New Union Square Restaurant ProjectA parks advocacy group opposes the new spot from the owner of 5 Napkin Burger.
  31. neighborhood news
    Union Square Is Getting a Zip Line for SummerWhat could go wrong?
  32. Closings
    Kibo’s KlosedThe Japanese Grill calls it quits after just eight months.
  33. crimes and misdemeanors
    Union Square’s ‘Methadone Alley’ Is Back, Complete With Police CrackdownThe rites of spring.
  34. FYI
    Casa B Launches Late-Night Menu This WeekendUnion Square’s favorite tapas den introduces nocturnal delights.
  35. Truckin'
    Where Should Somerville Food Trucks Park It?The debate rages on this evening at Somerville’s City Hall.
  36. occupy everywhere
    What Comes After May Day for Occupy Wall Street?May 1 brought big crowds and good vibes, but no obvious path forward.
  37. Journeyman,
    Neil Gaiman Tweets, Finds DinnerTweeting for dinner in Boston.
  38. occupy everywhere
    Occupy Wall Street Figured Out How to Have SleepoversProtesters slept outside legally around Union Square last night.
  39. Closings
    Something’s Wrong at RonnarongGoodbye, Thai.
  40. occupy wall street
    Trayvon Martin’s Parents Will Attend the Million Hoodie March in NYCThe 17-year-old’s mother and father will join Occupy Wall Street tonight.
  41. Openings
    Five Napkin Burger’s First Downtown Location Opens Next WeekThe gourmet greasy spoon opens on 14th Street.
  42. Empire Building
    5 Napkin Burger Headed to Union SquareIt’s still in plywood, but will reportedly open soon.
  43. Menus
    Take a Peek at Casa B’s New, Nice-Lookin’ Prix-Fixe MenuIn 2012, Union Square is the spot to sup (for $65, prix-fixe).
  44. Openings
    Backbar to Open by Friday, With a Truly Lethal ManhattanUnion Square’s about to get a lot tipsier.
  45. crimes and misdemeanors
    Chase ATMs in Union Square, Astor Place Were CompromisedBy tourists.
  46. neighborhood news
    Union Square Is a ‘Lawless City Within a City’Apparently, it’s worse than ever out on 14th Street.
  47. Neighborhood Watch
    A Beer Tasting at the Union Square Greenmarket; Sangria Sundays at AnforaPlus: Mystique’s mysterious facade revealed in the Lower East Side, and more, in our daily roundup of neighborhood food news.
  48. Closings
    Union Square Loses Its No-Frills Dive, Bar 119“Union Square is dead.”
  49. Neighborhood Watch
    A Throwback French Booze Party at Astor Center; Alex Guarnaschelli Hosts aPlus: Ralph’s Famous Italian Ices comes to Manhattan, a special at Union Square Café, and more, in our daily roundup of neighborhood news.
  50. fears come true
    Man Falls Between Subway and Platform in Union Square, Gets Pinned by HydraulicsThis is an awful nightmare come true.
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