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University Of Michigan Football

  1. the national interest
    Why Jim Harbaugh Came Home to MichiganRomanticism scores a touchdown over cynicism.
  2. homerism
    Esteemed Political Analyst: Michigan State Is ScumOur politics blogger takes a second to behold troglodytism in East Lansing.
  3. everybody can suck on it
    Ha-Ha, I Won the Pool and Will Is Mad About ItThis wouldn’t have happened if he had put in one of those employee-ineligible disclaimers like in the McDonald’s Monopoly game.
  4. university of michigan football
    Notre Dame Football Complaints Refuted by Hard EvidenceYour weekly Michigan football MS Paint update.
  5. university of michigan football
    The University of Michigan Has an Alumni Chapter Consisting of People Who’ve Been in Space … and They Have This GuyHe’s, like, really really good with MS Paint.