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University Of Missouri

  1. awful things
    Missouri Fraternity Allegedly Forced New Members to Give Women Date-Rape DrugsMen hoping to join the fraternity allegedly had to drug a woman as part of initiation.
  2. All That Annoying Fidgeting You Do Might Actually Be Good for Your HealthJust let it happen.
  3. University of Missouri’s Melissa Click FiredClick shoved a student journalist during protests in November.
  4. campus protest
    Students Across the U.S. Participate in #StudentBlackOut to Protest InjusticeCampus protest, circa 2015: watch for the hashtag.
  5. university of missouri
    3 Arrested for Online Threats at the University of Missouri, Other Area Schools Suspect Hunter Park, who quoted Umpqua shooter in Yik Yak messages, was denied bail.
  6. campus protests
    Mizzou’s Interim President Promises to Address Racism ImmediatelyAnd students across the country are calling for action at their own schools.
  7. hurtful speech
    Mizzou Asks Students to Report ‘Hurtful’ Speech“If possible and if it can be done safely, take a photo of the individual(s) with your cell phone.”