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  1. up in the air
    F-35 Fighters Are Supposed to Disappear — Just Not Like ThisThe super-expensive American stealth jet has had its share of mishaps. It’s still the envy of the world.
  2. up in the air
    12 Beauty Products a ‘Super Influencer’ Brings on Every TripFrom masks to hair oil.
  3. up in the air
    Survey Confirms That Airplane Travel Is the Worst The poll identified the most hated air travel faux pas. 
  4. up in the air
    Hot Shot: Cara Delevingne Takes Flight at Burberry’s Shanghai ShowSky high.
  5. the vulture transcript
    Walter Kirn on His E-book and Oscar Predictions“There’s some kind of Obama-Lincoln connection, so that’s the one you vote for when you can’t decide.”
  6. Up In The Air
    Yep, Those Are Meat BalloonsAll we need now is fro-yo trousers.
  7. video
    From Jane Eyre to Grey’s Anatomy: A History of Surprise Cinematic SpousesA roundup of the best “Surprise, I’m married!” movie and TV reveals, honoring great achievements in husband and wife concealment.
  8. beef
    Blood-Feud Movie to Be Made by Guys Who Know a Thing or Two About FeudingSheldon Turner and Nicolas Chartier are teaming up.
  9. product placement
    Reitman Responsible For Up in the Air Hilton DealThe agreement reportedly helped the lower-budget film get made.
  10. space clooney
    Could This Deleted Scene, Set in Outer Space, Have Won Up in the Air an Oscar?Best Visual Effects, maybe?
  11. jason reitman
    Nice ShadesWe were considering writing a thing about how ‘Up in the Air’ lost the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay last night because of Jason Reitman’s noxious public persona …
  12. happy endings
    Walter Kirn Finally Scores Oscar Tickets“Thanks to Paramount Pictures for coming through with Oscar tickets and proving true to its word, which I shouldn’t have doubted.”
  13. kudos
    The Hurt Locker and Up in the Air Win Writers Guild Awards’Modern Family’ got some love, too.
  14. crestfallenness
    Walter Kirn on His Oscar Snub: ‘I Just Feel Crestfallenness’“People vastly overestimate the amount you get paid when your novel becomes a movie, and for me to go to the Oscars would have been good publicity.”
  15. beef
    Can Somebody Get Poor Walter Kirn a Ticket to the Oscars?“Caution to writers: Don’t expect that because you write a novel that becomes an Oscar-nominated film that you’ll be invited to the Oscars.”
  16. kudos
    Up in the Air Wins Scripter AwardTake that Sapphire.
  17. What to Watch for at This Weekend’s SAG AwardsHint: The Best Actress category seems to be up for grabs.
  18. ranters and ravers
    What’s the Worst Movie of 2009?With ballots and commentary from 43 critics, the Vulture Critics’ Poll is the definitive survey of crappiness in film.
  19. news reel
    Clooney, Freeman, and Gyllenhaal at the NBR GalaMorgan Freeman: “I want to express my appreciation to the NBR for not settling for George Clooney.”
  20. kudos
    Tarantino, Bigelow, HMFIC Nominated for Directors Guild AwardsAlso: Lee Daniels and Jason Reitman.
  21. red-carpet look book
    Red-Carpet Look Book: George ClooneyA fashion yearbook for the lead actor from Up in the Air.
  22. red-carpet look book
    Red-Carpet Look Book: Vera FarmigaA fashion yearbook for the actress from Up in the Air.
  23. red-carpet look book
    Red-Carpet Look Book: Anna KendrickA fashion yearbook for the supporting actress from Up in the Air.
  24. weekend box office
    Weekend Box Office: Avatar Does What Everyone ExpectedWinners: Avatar and Up in the Air.
  25. kudos
    Golden Globes: Surveying Today’s Winners and LosersThe Weinsteins are pretty happy this morning, while Clint Eastwood no doubt added a shot of vodka to his morning prune juice.
  26. kudos
    Inside the New York Film Critics Circle’s Votes’The Hurt Locker’ was a no-brainer, but things got tense deciding Best Screenplay.
  27. kudos
    Inside the Boston Society of Film Critics’ Hurt Locker LovefestThey liked ‘A Serious Man’ too.
  28. the greatest depression
    Frank Rich Really Liked Up in the AirThe George Clooney Oscar vehicle is gonna heal America!
  29. seat backs and tray tables
    Up in the Air Has WingsAt least in limited release.
  30. chat room
    Anna Kendrick on Telling Off George Clooney“What I think is a big underlying thing for Natalie is that she’s really frustrated by the fact that she was born a woman.”
  31. kudos
    National Board of Review Names Up in the Air Best FilmBoom!
  32. ryan bingham
    Oscar Season’s Hottest Name: Ryan BinghamEverybody’s named Ryan Bingham this year!
  33. vulture lists
    17 of Clooney’s Signature Expressions, RankedThis handy field guide rates George’s smirks and smiles using our highly scientific Smarm to Charm scale.
  34. pie charts
    Jason Reitman Now Pretty Much Just Being Asked About Pie ChartsWho could’ve known that Reitman’s pie-chart making would come under such scrutiny?
  35. marketing
    Zeitgeist-Capturing, George Clooney–Starring Oscar Front-Runner Somehow Poses Marketing Challenge“It’s not an R-rated horror movie where audiences know what they’re going to get.”
  36. vulture lists
    Thirty-Four Ways New Moon the Movie Is Better Than New Moon the BookNo matter how passionately you love a florid, overwritten, hilarious book, the movie can be EVEN BETTER.
  37. georgeclooneypocalypse
    Disaster Averted, Sort OfParamount bumps ‘Up in the Air’ to December 4.
  38. georgeclooneypocalypse
    George Clooney to Battle George Clooney at November Box Office’The Men Who Stare at Goats’ and ‘Up in the Air’ are scheduled to open just a week apart.
  39. dates
    Every Movie to Be Released on November 25Paramount has decided to move up the release of Jason Reitman’s ‘Up in the Air’ from December 4 to November 25
  40. trailer mix
    Up in the Air’s Marketing Problem Solved in New TrailerDid you know Zach Galifianakis is in this?
  41. first looks
    First Clip From Up in the Air Doesn’t Exactly Play Up Film’s Zeitgeist-Capturing Qualities“Incomprehension, fury, bewilderment, sense of injustice, hopelessness and despair.” Also: It’s a romantic comedy!
  42. eff the recession
    How Many Looks Were Lost on the Fall 2009 Runways?Designers had to cut out the extras this season, and sometimes that meant the number of looks they sent down the runway.
  43. the industry
    Keira Knightley’s Organs Are in High DemandPlus: ‘The Addams Family’ musical sets dates.
  44. the industry
    Vera Farmiga and George Clooney to Join Mile-High ClubPlus: Finally a television show about police work.
  45. the industry
    George Clooney’s Career Finally Takes OffPlus: Remember that horror movie Liv Tyler made about a month ago? She’s making another one!
  46. the industry
    Daniel Day-Lewis Is Ready for His Eleven O’Clock NumberPlus: Tom Cruise will play the president, and Jason Reitman is adapting ‘Up in the Air.’