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  1. upgrades
    Someone Rearranged Ivanka Trump’s Barnes & Noble Book Display and It’s PerfectIt’s beautiful.
  2. Here’s What the Brooklyn Bridge Promenade Might Look Like in the FutureThe DOT wants to find a way to expand the promenade for cyclists and pedestrians.
  3. stand clear of the closing doors
    Governor Cuomo Unveils Upgrades to NYC Subway SystemDon’t get your hopes too high — but the train doors will be wider, and that’ll be nice. 
  4. upgrades
    Finally, a Chic Version of the Ikea BagThe Swedish furniture giant has redesigned its iconic blue-and-yellow shopping bag.
  5. upgrades
    Key & Peele’s Substitute-Teacher Sketch Will Get the Feature TreatmentComing back for you, A-Aron!
  6. upgrades
    Netflix Now Allows Multiple Queues and Recommendations on One AccountToday you will be able to split your Netflix account into up to five individual profiles. 
  7. upgrades
    Azzedine Alaïa to Open Paris ‘Flagship’ in MarchIt’ll be his first new retail space since his New York boutique closed in 1992.
  8. Upgrades
    DBGB Closes Temporarily, Gets CoolerThe restaurant will be closed for a few days while they install a new air-conditioning system.
  9. upgrades
    Christoph Waltz to Taunt Green HornetAs long as he gets to smoke another giant pipe, we totally applaud this development.
  10. The Other Critics
    Unofficial Times Upgrade for Porter House New YorkFrank Bruni uses two-star words to talk about a recent visit to the steak house.
  11. upgrades
    Real BasterdsThe real version of the ‘Inglourious Basterds’ trailer is now streaming.
  12. Upgrades
    Vinegar Hill House Opens Private Dining RoomThe restaurant has a liquor license now, too.