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  1. usa basketball
    Kevin Durant, the Landon Donovan of BasketballAnd why the U.S. needs Rasheed.
  2. soccer
    The U.S. Soccer Team Is Still PlayingU.S. soccer, against Brazil, at the New Meadowlands tonight.
  3. world cup
    Moving On, Without Team USAWe’re all dealing with the loss.
  4. world cup
    USA Loses to Ghana. SAD FACE.The USA loses. Damn.
  5. world cup
    United States–Ghana: It’s Game Day, People!USA-Ghana. IT IS ON.
  6. world cup
    Questions You Might Have About Saturday’s USA-Ghana MatchYour incomplete USA-Ghana FAQ.
  7. world cup
    Italian Restaurant Packed With Algeria Rooters (Except for Pro-U.S. Ecuadorian)North African rooters served with coffee and disappointment.
  8. world cup
    Team USA, the Day AfterReflecting back on the U.S.’s win, and looking forward.
  9. world cup
    It’s GhanaThough they lost to Germany, Ghana will advance.
  10. world cup
    America: F–K YEAH! A Historic Win, On the Front LinesA look back at the biggest win in U.S.-soccer history.
  11. world cup
    The Scene Outside Demsey’s After the USA VictoryThe scene outside Jack Demsey’s after the U.S. win over Algeria.
  12. world cup
    HOLY SHINOLAS, PEOPLE: THE UNITED STATES JUST WONLandon Donovan scores in stoppage time to give the U.S. a win over Algeria and a win in Group C.
  13. world cup
    FIFA Refs Once Again Cause Every American Fan to Dent Wall With HeadThe U.S. and Algeria are tied nil-nil at the half. That isn’t good.
  14. world cup
    U.S. Soccer’s History, and Future, Is On the Line This MorningThe United States needs to beat Algeria to make the next round.
  15. world cup
    Four Teams Are Through: Now It’s AMERICA’s Turn!Argentina and South Korea are in, and now the U.S. prepares for tomorrow morning.
  16. world cup
    Koman Coulibaly Makes It Difficult to Contain One’s RageDealing with that horrible call ain’t easy.
  17. world cup
    Team USA Draws With Slovenia, But … Argghhhh!That wore us out.
  18. ouch
    Americans Tie Up Nation Wearing Charlie Brown Jerseys!The United States falls behind 2–0 to Slovenia in the World Cup.
  19. world cup
    Les Blues, Merde! Messi! Red Cards! And Now: USA! USA! USA!France is pretty much done, and hey: USA! USA!
  20. team usa
    Meet Your World Cup New YorkerA New Yorker on the USA World Cup team.