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Usain Bolt

  1. dadsploitation
    Usain Bolt’s Twin Storm and More Celebrity Father’s Day PicsThe sprinter celebrated with the announcement of newborns Thunder and Saint Leo.
  2. the chosen one
    Usain Bolt Blesses the Internet With Daughter, Olympia Lightning BoltHe shared the photos on his girlfriend Kasi Bennett’s birthday.
  3. celebrity babies
    Now This Is a Perfect Baby NameCongrats to Usain Bolt on the birth of his daughter.
  4. huh!
    I Need to Believe Britney Spears Is the Fastest Human on EarthShe posted on Instagram that she ran a 100-meter dash faster than Usain Bolt. I accept this without reservation.
  5. How Much Faster Could the Fastest Human on the Planet Be?Of the six fastest 100-meter runners in history, Usain Bolt is the only one who has never tested positive for the use of a banned substance.
  6. year in review 2016
    The Year in Black JoyA look back at the moments that made a terrible year salvageable.
  7. last night on late night
    Watch Usain Bolt vs. James Corden, Owen WilsonGuess who really is the fastest man on earth.
  8. select all
    This Is an Excellent Photo of Usain Bolt Frolicking Across the Finish LineThe pair had time to share a giggle while dominating the 200-meter semifinal.
  9. memes
    Ellen DeGeneres Responds to Accusations of Racism Over Usain Bolt Meme“I am highly aware of the racism that exists in our country.”
  10. select all
    Unreal Photo of Usain Bolt Smoking His Competition Is Meme Manna From HeavenBolt smiled for the camera mid-race.
  11. pitches
    Ten Olympians Who Deserve Their Own BiopicU-S-A!
  12. Game Over
    Gatorade App Warned Kids to Avoid Drinking Water Because It’s ‘the“The integration needed to position Gatorade as the hero, helping drive better performance and higher scores, with water as the enemy that hinders performance.”
  13. Mixocalypse
    A Peek at Picca’s New CocktailsEven Usain Bolt gets a drink named in his ‘legendary’ honor.
  14. london games
    Olympics Prime-time Recap: How NBC and Matthew Perry Ruined the NightThe argument that NBC is serving the needs of the masses with its profit-minded prime-time broadcast has now gone out the window.
  15. 2012 london olympics
    Sunday’s a Day for Bolt and MurrayTwo champions yesterday, very different.
  16. beauty marks
    Top Met Gala Beauty Trends; Pink’s Hair Now Looks PlainAlso, a 54-year-old’s beauty-product addiction put her $14,000 in debt.
  17. beauty marks
    Tokidoki Makeup Lands at Sephora; Clive Owen Up for Bulgari Fragrance CampaignAnd let’s discuss the state of Jennifer Aniston’s look.
  18. quote machine
    Jason Schwartzman Will Use Any Excuse to Gaze Deeply Into George Clooney’s EyesPlus: KRS-One starts a new religion.