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  1. vulture lists
    Stuck at Home? Watch These 12 Movies About Vacations Gone WrongForgetting Sarah Marshall, Jurassic Park, and more.
  2. the coronavirus
    Kelly Ripa Has Been Live From the Caribbean This Entire TimeSecret’s out!
  3. vacations
    I Have No Desire to Board a Floating Death TrapA travel agency reports a spike in cruise bookings, but cruises were already bad pre-pandemic. They’re worse now.
  4. buyer's market
    The Secret to a Relaxing Vacation: Meticulous, Detailed PlansWhen it comes to travel, “going with the flow” is wildly overrated.
  5. ship of screams
    Two Massive Cruise Ships Collided in MexicoThe offending vessel narrowly avoided hitting a third ship, but only minor injuries have been reported.
  6. fears
    This Might Be the Most Terrifying Nightmare Cruise YetA Norwegian Cruise Line ship was recently rocked by 115 mph winds.
  7. vacations
    Can’t Wait to Go on This Golden Girls CruiseThank you for being a thing.
  8. it's complicated
    Never Take a Romantic Vacation for Your Second DateThe story of a romantic Paris weekend turned disaster.
  9. money money money
    Rich People Are Hiring Filmmakers to Take Videos of Them on VacationWe can thank the popularity of video on social-media platforms.
  10. politics
    VA Chief and His Wife Reportedly Had a Great Time in Europe on Taxpayers’ DimeAnother Trump administration official comes under fire for mixing business with pleasure.
  11. Now You Can Stay at Donald Trump’s Childhood HomeThe home, which was recently bought at auction, is now listed on Airbnb with amenities such as “a giant cut out of Donald in the Living Room.”
  12. space of the week
    A Country Cottage Gets a Second Life As an Elegant Rustic Vacation HomeNew Yorkers Adriana Kertzer and Barry Goldman — with help from their designer friend Daniel Kanter — transformed their upstate getaway.
  13. Man Who Said ‘Don’t Take Vacations’ Prepares for 17-Day VacationAfter spending many weekends away at his resorts, Trump is now taking his first official getaway.
  14. In Defense of Cruise Ship Comedy I was talking on the phone with veteran comic Ritch Shydner when he mentioned that he was currently in Mexico taking a daytime break from a […]
  15. my two cents
    How Can I Save Money to Travel When I’m Already Broke?Discipline is key.
  16. Trump: If I Can’t Win by Calling Obama an Ally of ISIS, Then I Don’t Want to Win“All I do is tell the truth. If at the end of 90 days I fall in short … It’s okay, I go back to a very good way of life.”
  17. they're on a boat
    Today in Fashion Designers Having Better Vacations Than YouChecking in with the .01 percent.
  18. bye!
    Martin Shkreli’s Lawyer Celebrates Arrest With Family Vacation in CancúnA judge said he could do it — as long as he promises to come back by January 4. 
  19. foam and diamonds
    How Will We Get Drunk on the Way to Ibiza Now?Ryanair thwarts rowdy vacationers.
  20. how i spent my summer vacation
    Has Anybody Ever Enjoyed Watching Tennis More Than Drake?Memories from Drizzy’s first Wimbledon experience.
  21. travel
    How Tulum Became the Williamsburg of MexicoIf Williamsburg is the frat house of Brooklyn, then Tulum is our Cancún.
  22. nypd
    Bill Bratton Loves Chilling in the HamptonsThe NYPD commissioner goes out east “almost every weekend.”
  23. single-sex spaces
    Why It’s Worth Banishing Men Once in a WhileThe unexpected freedom of a women-only vacation.
  24. girlfriends
    Wonder What Michelle and Oprah Are Doing Right NowOh, sipping cucumber-basil drinks and watching the moon rise over the ridge.
  25. How French
    Corton Announces It Will Close for the Month of JulyPaul Liebrandt’s modernist restaurant shuts down.
  26. 'tis the season
    Traveling Solo: A Manifesto for the Modern WomanSociety assumes that ladies are either unsafe, or that they should be pitied, when on the road alone.
  27. republicans
    A List of All the Places Where Republicans Are Avoiding Washington This WeekendTrust them, it’s nothing against Obama.
  28. vacations
    Romney Aide Who Freaked Out at Press Is ‘Taking Some Time Off the Trail’Rick Gorka seems like he could use a rest.
  29. MaxFunCon Is Heading EastMaximumFunCon, Jesse Thorn’s annual weekend of well-dressed, bookish comedy is getting an east coast version. From October 26-28, Maximum Fun […]
  30. Conan Takes Chicago This SummerFrom June 11-14, Conan O’Brien is blowing into the Windy City for a week of shows, as part of the TBS Just for Laughs Chicago Comedy Festival […]
  31. Welcome to Splitsider’s Year in Review WeekHello! This week Hallie and I are taking the opportunity to close our laptops and avoid all comedy, laughter, merriment, and joy completely, as […]
  32. Vacations
    Restaurants Keep Labor Day Alive: Lula, Hot Doug’s, Big Star, and Kuma’s StillThese restaurants just need a few more days off.
  33. vacations
    Tahrir Square Is Already Becoming a Tourist DestinationForget the pyramids.
  34. Celebrity Chefs
    Chicago Chefs Take on Paris!What to eat in Paris when you are a celebrity chef.
  35. Vacations
    Restaurants Plan January VacationsA few of the city’s best restaurants will be taking vacations.
  36. vacations
    The Obamas Plan A Trip To The GulfThis vacation should prove less controversial.
  37. photo op
    President Obama Hikes in Khakis and a Button-DownThe First Family is already out and about up in Maine.
  38. health carnage
    Health-Care Reform Ruins Obama Family Vacation, AgainSpring break is TOTALLY RUINED for Sasha and Malia now.
  39. health carnage
    Health-Care Reform’s Latest Casualty: Obama’s Hawaiian VacationThe President will stick around Washington until the Senate passes its bill.
  40. vacations
    Katherine Heigl Taking Maternity Leave From Grey’s AnatomyNo, you didn’t miss anything — she’s not actually pregnant.
  41. the industry
    Adrien Brody to Be Killed by the PredatorPlus: Samuel L. Jackson! Chevy Chase! CBS Network TV Entertainment Group president Nancy Tellem!
  42. the obamas are people too
    Dateline Martha’s Vineyard: Presidential-Kitsch WatchWhat, you thought we WEREN’T going to send a reporter to the island?
  43. the obamas are people too
    White House: Leave Malia and Sasha Alone on Martha’s VineyardBut can we play with Bo?
  44. holiday road
    Remembering John Hughes: Vacation 58This short story was the basis for all the ‘Vacation’ films.
  45. early and often
    Obamas to Rent 28.5-Acre Martha’s Vineyard FarmAn island paper has figured out where the First Family will be spending their August vacation.
  46. Chef Shuffle
    Joe Isidori Takes Some Time Off From HarbourAn anonymous tip says he quit, but a rep tells us it’s just a vacation.
  47. vacations
    Oasis Is Definitely Maybe Going on HiatusExpect a Noel solo record to follow.
  48. Off the Line
    Baywatch: Jean-Georges Vongerichten EditionThe chef is intense even when it comes to chillin’.
  49. in other news
    Guidos and Guidettes of Staten Island Fight Back Against Mayor of Belmar, New JerseyIt’s not a group we’d want to antagonize, that’s for sure.
  50. in other news
    Martha Stewart Takes Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins for a Boat RideA chance encounter in rural Maine proves what we’ve always suspected: that all celebrities are secretly required to be friends.
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