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  1. vulture recommends
    Relax and Stream These 8 British Dramas About Inconsequential Society ProblemsDownton Abbey (of course) and plenty of other good ones.
  2. party report
    9 Things You See at the Vanity Fair Oscar PartyBurgers, cigarettes, and a dancing Chaka Khan.
  3. the rise of skywalker
    J.J. Abrams Responds to The Rise of Skywalker Reaction“They’re all right.”
  4. how i get it done
    How I Get It Done: Vanity Fair Editor-in-Chief Radhika JonesOn getting inspiration on the subway, needing eight hours of sleep a night, and her favorite Muji pens.
  5. jeffrey epstein
    Jeffrey Epstein Used a Bullet, Dead Cat to Intimidate Graydon Carter: ReportA former Vanity Fair editor says Epstein placed a decapitated cat and a bullet outside Carter’s homes to pressure him to tell reporters to back off.
  6. media
    The Only Good Takeaway From That Bari Weiss ProfileShe has good taste in girlfriends, at least.
  7. q&a
    Tina Brown on Noticing the Right Things“I still feel that talking to people is the best way you get a story.”
  8. party report
    8 Things You See at the Vanity Fair Oscar PartyBurgers, bubbly, and more.
  9. sex
    Vanity Fair’s Hollywood Issue Is Pure SexYou’ll need a cold compress, and a hug.
  10. vulture lists
    Your Very British Streaming Guide to Georgian Period DramasEight sexy shows from a not particularly sexy era.
  11. she's just being miley
    Miley Cyrus Is ‘NOT SORRY’ for 2008 Vanity Fair Nude PortraitShe can’t be tamed.
  12. other magazines
    Lena Waithe’s Vanity Fair Cover Signals a New EraThe actress, writer, and producer wears a humble T-shirt.
  13. reckonings
    Monica Lewinsky Has Her Own #MeToo Moment in New EssayShe talks PTSD, gaslighting, and how her circumstances would have been different in the #MeToo era.
  14. sexual misconduct
    This Actor Was Reportedly Edited Out of Vanity Fair CoverHe was nixed because of misconduct claims against him.
  15. vanity fair
    How to Find the Perfect Makeup MirrorFor when you want to be super reflective.
  16. devil wears prada
    Condé Nast Editors Welcome New Vanity Fair Head by Roasting Her OutfitThe Devil wears Prada, but Radhika Jones prefers fun tights.
  17. media
    Report: Radhika Jones Expected to Be Named Next Editor of Vanity FairThe 44-year-old is currently the editorial director of the New York Times’ book department.
  18. celebrity profiles
    Kate McKinnon Said 6 Things in Her 4,000-Word Vanity Fair ProfileHere they are.
  19. fun rumor
    What If Anderson Cooper Ran Vanity Fair?A rumor swirling around the fashion shows.
  20. media
    Graydon Carter Is Leaving Vanity Fair After 25 YearsThe end of an era.
  21. list anger
    Conservatives Pissed Vanity Fair Best Dressed List Didn’t Include Melania TrumpThe Obamas, Macrons, and Justin Trudeau made the cut.
  22. What Michiko Kakutani’s Departure From the Times Means for Books CoverageThe most powerful book critic gets a book deal.
  23. Vanity Fair Defends Its Description of Angelina Jolie Film Casting ProcessAccording to the magazine, Jolie demanded that they retract the description of how she cast children in her film.
  24. Vanity Fair Defends Its Description of Angelina Jolie Film Casting ProcessAccording to the magazine, Jolie demanded that they retract the description of how she cast children in her film.
  25. fashions
    11 Things We Learned From Raf Simons’s Vanity Fair InterviewHe’s really dedicated to Coke Zero.
  26. brangelina divorce
    Angelina Jolie Will Never Tell Us What Really Happened With Brad PittThis latest interview confirms it.
  27. Here Are the Best Details From Serena Williams’s Vanity Fair InterviewFrom how she met her fiancé to how she’s preparing for her baby.
  28. micro-fictions
    Stories Inspired By the Vanity Fair International Best-Dressed List PollSome more small stories.
  29. Women’s March Co-Chairs on Race, Controversy, and Pussy HatsA co-chair reminded the audience that “all pussies aren’t pink” at a Vanity Fair event.
  30. apparent rules of feminism
    Emma Watson Responds to Critics of Her Feminism Following Semi-Nude Photo Shoot“I really don’t know what my tits have to do with it.”
  31. Tina Brown Is Publishing a Vanity Fair Tell-All Based on Her DiariesThe book will be a “supercharged” portrait of Condé Nast in the ‘80s.
  32. Graydon Carter Is Going Fishing During the White House Correspondents’ DinnerSounds relaxing.
  33. big trouble!
    How Vanity Fair Protected Its Trump Grill Reviewer From Online AttacksThe writer says the publisher’s PR team “were on top of their game.”
  34. sad!
    Of Course Vanity Fair Trashed Trump’s Restaurant, and of Course He RetaliatedHe hears the circulation numbers are “way down, big trouble, dead!”
  35. crunching the numbers
    How Did Magazine Covers Stack Up in Terms of Diversity in 2016?The Fashion Spot tracked the racial, age, and size diversity of this year’s cover stars.
  36. fantasy texts
    Adele Is the Only Person in the World Confident Enough to Roast Beyoncé“[Adele is] funny as hell and her comebacks are legendary.”
  37. Donald Trump Says Only Some Women Want to Be Treated With RespectThe trick is telling the difference between the two.
  38. dirtbag fashion
    An Undercover Dirtbag at Vanity Fair’s International Best-Dressed List PartyAn exclusive report from fashion’s most respected dirtbag.
  39. now smell this
    Margot Robbie on Harry Potter and Not Taking Jared Leto’s Scent SuggestionsGuess which house she’s in.
  40. bad celebrity profiles
    Margot Robbie Also Thought That Vanity Fair Profile Was BizarreThe piece caused an uproar in July. 
  41. adventures in celebrity profiling
    Margot Robbie Is ‘Too Fresh to Be Pegged,’ ApparentlyRead as one Vanity Fair writer tries to peg her anyway.
  42. royalty
    Queen Elizabeth II, Four Dogs Cover Vanity FairThe queen and the royal dogs were shot by Annie Leibovitz.
  43. cannes 2016
    Leonardo DiCaprio Plays It Cool at Vanity Fair Cannes PartyBut did he speak with Kendall Jenner?
  44. photoshop woes
    Rumer Willis Slams Vanity Fair Photographer for Photoshopping Her Jaw“It is a form of bullying, which I won’t stand for.”
  45. interviews
    Amy Schumer Checks Jennifer Lawrence for LiesVanity Fair demands to know what happened with that bidet.
  46. Amy Schumer’s Breakup Advice: Meatball SubThe comic offered her boy-troubled friend a meatball sub and Scotch. 
  47. look of the day
    Whoopi Goldberg Partied in AthleisureA model of post-Oscars excellence.
  48. what would diane keaton do
    Diane Keaton Is the Best Thing About This Vanity Fair Hollywood IssueThe horndog hero is a master of disguise.
  49. unfortunate phrasing
    Vanity Fair Wants to Remind You That Marissa Mayer Has KidsJust in case you forgot.
  50. sassy snap
    Megyn Kelly Doubles Down on Misguided Wage-Gap Stance“It’s like some of these things are anathema — if you say them, you get booted out of the feminist club.”
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