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  1. personal project
    All the Ways I Failed at Self-ImprovementHow could anyone possibly get through weeks of terrorized confinement without coming out the other side a worse version of their former self?
  2. oscars 2020
    Guess Which Oscars Gift Was Inspired by Leo DiCaprio?This year’s goodie bags are reportedly worth $225,000 each.
  3. public health
    Who Thought Sucking on a Battery Was a Good Idea?Millions of Americans, some of them teens who never would’ve picked up a cigarette, are vaping. Last year’s panic might be the least of our worries.
  4. vaping
    Teen Vaping Doubled Since Last YearTeen drinking and hard-drug use continues to fall, but teen vaping (both cannabis and nicotine) is on the rise.
  5. vaping
    The Stoner’s Guide to Vaping IllnessWe spoke to experts about the safety of vaping THC.
  6. vaping
    Trump Sours on E-Cig Flavor Ban Amid Fear of Losing the Vaper VoteTeens don’t vote, but vapers do and Trump doesn’t want to lose them.
  7. vaping crisis
    What Is a Vaping App, Anyway?Apple removed nearly 200 of them from the App Store this morning.
  8. vaping crisis
    The Horror Stories From the Vaping Crisis Are Getting WorseA new study says that patients with vaping-related illnesses have lungs like the victims of mustard gas.
  9. vision 2020
    Trump Allies Think His Vaping Ban Could Cost Him 2020 ElectionA snapshot of our failing democracy.
  10. vaping
    Vape Safety Requires Legalizing MarijuanaIf the government wants to be serious about ensuring consumer safety, it’s the only way.
  11. vaping
    Trump’s FDA Plans to Ban Flavored E-CigarettesThe White House responds to a surge in teen vaping.
  12. health
    Just How Dangerous Is Vaping?Three Americans have died from vaping-related illnesses so far.
  13. health
    Here’s Yet Another Vaping Horror StoryThis time, a healthy 20-year-old buys new vape juice, and his lungs fail.
  14. vaping
    FDA Enlists Street Magician to Stop Kids From Vaping“Some people think that vaping is no big deal, but that is just an illusion.”
  15. the top line
    Instead of Juul, San Francisco Should Have Banned CigarettesOr gotten ahead of the vaping more effectively by piloting an effective age-restriction regime.
  16. vape life
    An Ode to Sophie Turner’s Beloved JuulDoes she ever put it down?
  17. public health
    McConnell Wants to Raise Tobacco Age to 21, in Rare Good GOP Public Health MoveMcConnell’s bill appears to be a step in the right direction to cut smoking, which makes it a departure from standard GOP policies on public health.
  18. teens
    Sorry Teens, Your Juul Days Are NumberedIt looks like Juul is going the way of the Four Loko.
  19. vape life
    Juul Is Under Investigation for Its Teen-Focused MarketingThe company says its product isn’t for kids, but kids sure do like it.
  20. science of us
    Apparently Bots Love VapingFigures they would.
  21. bad ideas
    Government to E-Cig Companies: Stop Making Vapes That Look Like Junk FoodIt’s the end of the line for Candy King Sour Worms and Vape Heads Sour Smurf Sauce.
  22. vape life
    Gaze Into the Abyss and You’ll Find This Clip of Sean Hannity VapingBleak.
  23. select all
    Is That an Exploding Vape in Your Pocket or Are You Just Happy to See Me?It’s unclear what caused the malfunction.
  24. vaping
    Are People Dying Because Vaping Is Being Demonized?Many experts think vaping is significantly safer than cigarette smoking, but you wouldn’t know it if you listened to American authorities.
  25. exclusive
    Watch Whoopi Goldberg Explain Vaping to Neil deGrasse Tyson“I call it my sippy pen.”
  26. the teens
    Teens Are Vaping Themselves Into Nicotine AddictionThe ‘90s are back — but this time, with vapes.
  27. bad science
    E-Cigarettes Sure Are Making a Lot of Health ClaimsA new paper suggests the FDA is about to be inundated.
  28. We Get It, Zayn: You VapeThe singer shows off that he is definitely, totally a badass on the July cover of Paper.
  29. unwifeable
    The Benefits of Marrying a Fellow AddictSometimes the only way to quit is to talk to someone who actually has.
  30. So It’s Come to This: Playing Flappy Bird on a Vape PenInnovation is everywhere.
  31. Leo DiCaprio Not Keeping Great Track of Oscar It’s around here somewhere.
  32. The Oscar Gift Bags Are So Lavish That Even the Academy Is EmbarrassedWhite people continue to receive privileges they did not earn!
  33. vapists
    It’s Like This Hot Congressman Doesn’t Even Know How Embarrassing Vaping IsSomebody should tell him.
  34. planet of the vapes
    Vapes Make Their New York Runway DebutMove over, Leo.
  35. vaping
    There Will Be No Vaping at the Oscars, LeoThe Dolby Theatre’s policies are very strict.
  36. vape life
    Bryan Boy Is Not Amused by Vaping at Fashion WeekHe’ll subtweet you.
  37. the hit list
    19 Ridiculous, Magic Moments at Fashion Week So FarWe’re halfway done; time for a midweek assessment.
  38. 100 person poll
    How 100 New Yorkers Feel About E-Cigarettes and Vaping in PublicNearly 40 percent of locals have vaped, based on our survey.