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    You Should Really, Really Make All Your Venmo Transactions PrivateA computer science student scraped data from millions of transactions without even needing the app.
  2. get that money
    Why Is Stalking People on Venmo So Addictive?I can’t look away from my friends’ (and ex’s) Venmo feeds.
  3. The 18 Best Gifts This Year, According to Exceptional Gift GiversGift-giving savants share their failsafes.
  4. The Best Gifts for College Students Under $65These are the gifts they actually might want.
  5. 12 Ways to Spend Your Excess Venmo BalanceThe phrase may be played out, but there’s simply no other way to put it: treat yourself.
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    My Ex Blocked Me on Social Media — But He Forgot About VenmoI can’t see pictures of his dog anymore, but I know that he still has the same sh*tty taste in alcohol.
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    You Can Now Split Airbnb Payments With Your FriendsNo more hoping your friends complete your Venmo requests.
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    Apple Apparently Wants to Replace VenmoThe company is reportedly working on its own money-transfer service.
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    Somebody Found Sean Spicer’s Venmo and Now People Are Asking Him for MoneyIf it’s really Sean Spicer’s account, this is hilarious and sad. If it’s not, this is an excellent scam.
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    Genius Teen Venmo’d $400 After Holding Up ‘Student Debt Sucks’ Sign on MSNBCAlbert Wu is an 18-year-old student at Washington University in St. Louis, which is hosting the second presidential debate tonight.
  11. It’s Not Venmo’s Fault If Your Friends Are JerksBlame people, not the app.
  12. vicemo
    Columbia Students Now Regret Using Venmo to Buy DrugsA reminder: This was a bad idea.
  13. guilty as charged
    All Your Money Is Going to Pizza, Wine, and PartiesA rigorous emoji analysis of Venmo exchanges. 
  14. debauchery
    Guilty As Charged: Vicemo Collects All Your Sketchy Venmo Payments“See who’s buying drugs, booze, and sex on Venmo.”
  15. guilty as charged
    Making Your Ex Jealous and 8 Other Good Ways to Use VenmoGuilty as charged.
  16. the future is coming
    Apple’s Newest iPhones and iPads Will Function Like Credit CardsIs Apple about to become the biggest company in the world?