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  1. late capitalism
    America Has Central Planners. We Just Call Them ‘Venture Capitalists.’Venture capitalists guide significant portions of industrial development by using their vast wealth to subsidize their favorite money-losing firms.
  2. wework
    How WeWork Went from Unstoppable Unicorn to Postponing Its IPOFive months ago, WeWork CEO Adam Neumann was riding a unicorn to riches. Now his company has postponed its IPO. What happened?
  3. uber
    Mike Isaac on Travis Kalanick’s Downfall and Uber’s LegacyA new book chronicles how Travis Kalanick went from CEO of the world’s hottest start-up to the exit in just a few months.
  4. the top line
    Uber’s Irrational Pricing Is a Problem for Policy-makersHow do you incentivize a company that seems hell-bent on generating massive losses?
  5. work
    This Forum Wants to Give Black Women the Business Network They DeserveBlack Women Raise, a summit that met in New York City, wants to change the conversation on who gets venture capital funding.
  6. naked capitalism
    Fake ‘Unicorns’ Are Running Roughshod Over the Venture Capital IndustryA study finding that venture capital-backed companies are pervasively overvalued might be an existential threat to the venture capital industry.
  7. global tech
    What Motivates China’s Entrepreneurs? A Conversation With Kai-Fu LeeTechnologist and venture capitalist Kai-Fu Lee talks WeChat, AI, and how the Chinese government finally encouraged entrepreneurship.
  8. Blue Hill Co-owner Launches $30 Million Venture-Capital Fund for Food TechMore great news for the future of good food.
  9. select all
    Male Tech CEO Posed As Sexual-Assault Victim to Screw Over a CompetitorThe anonymous blog post was traced back to Brandon Katayama Hill’s home IP address.
  10. select all
    Powerful VC Says Sexual-Harassment Problem Is Just ‘Perceived As a Reality’In recent weeks, numerous women have come forward with accusations of gross sexual harassment and gender discrimination in the industry.
  11. select all
    VC Chris Sacca Apologized to Women One Day Before Misconduct AccusationSacca posted a lengthy letter the day before a female entrepreneur publicly accused him of misconduct.
  12. billion-dollar ideas
    How to Appeal to Dude Investors? Tell Them Your Start-up Is for Men.A few free ideas.
  13. is san francisco new york?
    San Francisco’s South Park: The VC Appeal of Extremely Fancy CoffeeThey don’t see how anyone wouldn’t want to drink what they want to drink.
  14. this appeals to my pinterests
    CNN Finally Understands Pinterest After Visiting the Makeup RoomLet’s get ladies!
  15. venture capital
    Venture Capital Is Shrinking and/or Growing RapidlyWhich is it?
  16. Venture Capital
    Local Raw Snacks Maker Gets a Huge Cash TransfusionThe money’s earmarked for the high-tech dehydration process the company uses to make its chips.
  17. party like it’s 1999
    Corporations Take a Page From Dot-Com Bubble, Get Back Into Venture CapitalFinancing déjà vu.
  18. party like it’s 1999
    It’s John Doerr’s Twitter Party and He’ll Drive Up the Price If He Wants ToDrive up the price if he wants to! Drive up the price if he wants to!
  19. the future is coming
    Silicon Valley Invests Big in 24-Year-Old Tumblr Founder David KarpTumblr gets a “very big and competitive” investment from the same firm that’s backed Google and YouTube.
  20. the future is coming
    The Flatiron District and Union Square Are Crawling With Venture CapitalistsAt least at lunchtime.