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  1. voting rights
    Believe It or Not, Some States Are Making It Easier to VoteAmid the outcry over Republican-led states restricting voting opportunities, some states are moving in the opposite direction.
  2. Why Vermont Is the Ultimate Winter GetawayThere might be no better place to escape a crowd.
  3. games
    What the Story of the Vermont Reds Tells Us About Bernie SandersThe way the minor-league baseball team came to Burlington is the candidate’s career in miniature. So is the way they left.
  4. say cheese
    Why Is the Cheese World So Excited About This Goat Cheese?Eligo might be the next big thing in dairy.
  5. polar vortex
    Second University Student Found Dead Outside Amid Sub-Zero TemperaturesConnor Gage, a freshman as University of Vermont, died over the weekend.
  6. racism
    Amid Racist Threats, Vermont’s Black Female State Representative Steps Down“The sacrifices were becoming too great,” Kiah Morris said.
  7. 2018 elections
    Vermont’s Christine Hallquist Wins Primary, Could Be First Transgender GovernorHallquist won Vermont’s Democratic gubernatorial primary on Tuesday, and will now face GOP incumbent Phil Scott, whose popularity just took a dive.
  8. select all
    This Vermont Librarian Took Equifax to Court … and WonEquifax now has to pay for Jessamyn West’s identity to be monitored for two years.
  9. democrats
    Would You Vote for This 13-Year-Old Running for Governor of Vermont?The state doesn’t have an age restriction, yet.
  10. Sanders to Run in Vermont As an Independent (for the 16th Time)Some see another Sanders indie reelection run as a signal of his presidential intentions for 2020. Could just be inertia.
  11. comeuppance
    Uno Pizzeria Fires Employee Who Marched in Charlottesville RallyThe chain said it’s committed to “the fair treatment of all people” and “the safety of our guests and employees.”
  12. Drama
    Founder of Acclaimed Whiskey Brand WhistlePig Ousted Over Fraud AccusationsIt’s like Silicon Valley with whiskey instead of algorithms.
  13. legal weed
    Vermont Legislature Could Be the First to Legalize MarijuanaDoing Bernie Sanders proud.
  14. super classy
    The First Person in Line to Hear Trump in Vermont Is Not a Trump SupporterWhat happens when Trump visits a state he could never win in a general election.
  15. Ben Carson May Need to Brush Up on the Shapes and Locations of U.S. States A new map raises questions about Ben Carson’s domestic-geography acumen.
  16. Oh Deer
    A Vermont Chef Is Putting Roadkill on a $75 Prix Fixe MenuThis is peak food waste.
  17. only in vermont
    Vermont Lawmakers: Give Us Pot or We Will Make Your Existence a Sad Sober OneTwo state representatives sponsor a bill that would ban booze — but they don’t want it to pass.
  18. Pig Out
    Tiny Bistro Faces Backlash After Removing ‘Insensitive’ Bacon SignOne guy’s pretty sure “the First Amendment extends to bacon.”
  19. In the Field
    Ex-Manhattan Chefs Are Storming Rural Vermont“What you cook may be right in New York City, but maybe it doesn’t fit here.”
  20. Trimmings
    Vermont Reinvented as Rockwell: Table & Stage, Celebrating Boogie NightsThe three-headed venue is simplifying its name, while changing its space and menus.
  21. Mediavore
    Vermont Fights Back Against Phony Syrup; Grapples Are Back!Plus sexism in marketing and more, all in our morning news round-up.
  22. Mediavore
    Where to Get Cicada Ice Cream; L.A. County Fair Opens SaturdayOr, if you prefer, you could always opt for a simple bowl of ice cream ramen.
  23. Mediavore
    Booze Sales Spiked In the Run-Up to Irene; Starbucks Is Coming to an Office NearPlus: The National Guard airlifts supplies to residents in washed out areas of Vermont; and Krispy Kreme ups its coffee game, all in our morning news roundup.
  24. Mediavore
    Refrigerators Learn How To Use Twitter; Live Turtles Smuggled in Snack BoxesYour fridge is about to get better with technology than most seniors, while a strange discovery is made at LAX customs.
  25. kids these days
    ‘Grinding’ Rocks Small Vermont Town, Highlights Generation Gap“This is our way of dancing, even if they find it vulgar.”
  26. Mediavore
    Jay Leno Breaks Down at Chili’s; Westlake Resident Details Harrassment of StreetThe late-night host fixes his car using water from the restaurant and an LAPD officer is singled out for dumping food vendors’ trash.
  27. Mediavore
    Grasshopper Invasion to Ravage Millions of Acres of Crops; Are Sugar and Fat asA swarm is predicted to destroy farmers’ bounties, while scientists find junk food to be powerfully habit-forming.
  28. Foodievents
    Where to Eat Like Elton John at The Oscars and Drink in Some DramaTwo pre-fixe dinners could satisfy your fixation with The Oscars.
  29. Chef Shuffle
    Another Exile ChefA couple of chefs are leaving New York to start their own places.
  30. Hard-Knock Lives
    Portrait of the Daniel Chef As a Young ManA glimpse into the grueling conditions at Daniel.
  31. Celebrity Settings
    George Clooney Takes a Smooth Ride to Crustacean; Tracy Morgan Leaves his LimoGeorge Clooney squired his girlfriend to Crustacean on a motorcycle, while Tracy Morgan hit Wendy’s after the Emmy’s.
  32. Openings
    What to Eat at Rockwell, Open Friday in Los FelizLos Feliz has a new two-story cocktail lounge centered around a coral tree.
  33. equal rites
    Vermont Gay Couples Line Up to WedTo celebrate, Ben & Jerry’s has locally changed the name of one of their most popular flavors.
  34. Trends
    Is Farming the New ‘It’ Profession?Butchering isn’t the only food-industry profession that’s gotten sexier.
  35. Openings
    Rockwell Landing on Los Feliz in SeptemberRockwell is the newest nightlife effort coming Los Feliz’ way.
  36. equal rites
    Vermont Overrides Governor’s Same-Sex-Marriage VetoVermont will be the fourth state to legalize marriage equality, and the first to do so through the legislative process.
  37. nonsense
    Vermont Upset About Burton’s Porn BoardsNaked women show up on snowboards. Offensive or not?