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  1. maga
    Legislators Urged to Declare CNN and Washington Post ‘Fake News’In cultish act, Trump fan attacks elitist media for Trump’s cultlike following.
  2. veterans
    The Next Fight for Cory Remsburg, the Wounded Veteran Obama Made FamousIn 2014, a White House speechwriter made a brain-injured soldier a symbol of resilience. Now he finds the story didn’t end so neatly.
  3. vision 2020
    Just What the Democratic Primary Needed: A 25th CandidateJoe Sestak’s reputation for not taking party Establishment advice probably helped him decide on a longest-of-long-shots candidacy.
  4. politics
    Sending More Veterans to Private Care Isn’t Solving the VA’s ProblemsA report found that the Veterans Choice program led to higher costs and longer waits, which does not bode well for Trump’s move toward privatization.
  5. veterans
    Trump Picked a Fight With Vietnam Vets Over Who Knew More About Apocalypse NowDuring a White House meeting on health care, Trump fought with veterans over who knew more about the difference between napalm and Agent Orange.
  6. veterans
    The Trump Administration Is Launching Stealth Attacks on VeteransThe White House is making it easier for predatory lenders to profit off veterans’ misplaced trust, while letting Trump’s golfing buddies rule the VA.
  7. White House: U.S. Can’t Afford Veterans’ Health Care Without CutsAfter adding $1.5 trillion to the deficit for tax cuts, Trump opposes adding to the debt to increase health-care funding for veterans.
  8. Trump Replaces Veterans Secretary With His Personal DoctorDavid Shulkin is out. The man who declared that Trump is in “excellent” health – thanks to his “incredible genes” – is in.
  9. awful things
    Gunman, 3 Hostages Dead After Standoff at California Veterans CenterThe three female victims all worked at a facility which assisted vets with PTSD, and the shooter was a former patient.
  10. After Backlash, VA Won’t Scrap Program to House Homeless VeteransThe Trump administration’s attempt to realign the program was not well received.
  11. the chain gang
    Starbucks Unveils Camo Cup Sleeves to Prove How Much It Supports VeteransThe side reads, “10,000 veterans and military spouses hired. And counting.”
  12. Jon Stewart Will Co-Host Tonight’s ‘SportsCenter’ from the Warrior GamesJon Stewart will return to the anchor desk tonight for a special edition of SportsCenter on ESPN. According to Entertainment Weekly, the former […]
  13. food fight
    Everyone Is Mad at Baker Who Complained About Charity Event for Fallen SoldierLocals are calling for a boycott.
  14. food politics
    Veterans Tell Conservatives to Quit Claiming Starbucks Hates the MilitaryThey want to officially correct “inaccurate statements” about the chain’s commitment to military.
  15. casting couch
    S. Stallone to Direct and Star With Adam Driver Tough As They Come tells the true story of Army staff sergeant Travis Mills.
  16. dakota access pipeline
    Thousands of Veterans Will Form a Human Shield Around Standing Rock ProtestorsMore than 2,000 veterans will take over the front lines this weekend to give long-term demonstrators “a moment of peace.”
  17. Will Trump Insult Veterans by Sending Sarah Palin to the VA?She’s not really qualified, and will create a sideshow wherever she goes. But that doesn’t mean it won’t happen.
  18. great things
    We’ve Reached Peak New Jersey With a Bruce Springsteen Roadside RescueInvolving some motorcycles, of course.
  19. a chance at a family
    IVF and Adoption Costs Will Finally Be Covered for Wounded VeteransVeterans Affairs is finally covering the costs.
  20. ya burnt
    The Mother of a Veteran Who Suffered From PTSD Has Harsh Words for TrumpAfter the GOP nominee implied “strong” people don’t get PTSD.
  21. Mat Best on How a Demented Zombie Movie Is Tackling PTSDRange 15 may be the sickest movie of the year, and the most important.
  22. beta male
    Mat Best on How a Demented Zombie Movie Is Tackling PTSDRange 15 may be the sickest movie of the year, and the most important.
  23. Let Traumatized Veterans Use Marijuana, Says Virtually Everyone in AmericaA new Quinnipiac poll finds 87 percent of Americans believe VA doctors should be allowed to prescribe marijuana to veterans with PTSD. The poll also found that 54 percent want marijuana legalized.
  24. today in donald trump
    Trump Wrote Checks to Veterans Just Last WeekCoincidence?
  25. Donald Trump Tells Media It Should Be Ashamed for Holding Him Accountable Trump explained that when he says he donated money to veterans’ groups, the media’s job is to believe him, thank him, and ask no further questions.
  26. The Privatize-the-VA Lobby Wilting With ExposureIt seems that claims the Veterans Affairs health system is killing vets were fanned by the Koch brothers.
  27. Donald Trump Offers Fox News an Olive Branch, in the Form of a Very Boring RallyAfter an apparent apology from Roger Ailes, Donald Trump put together the dullest sideshow he possibly could.
  28. ptsd
    Can Expressive Writing Help Veterans Readjust to Civilian Life?A new study offers mixed results on “expressive” writing but adds to the evidence that personal writing, overall, has some therapeutic benefits.
  29. Big Mistakes
    A Restaurant Booted a Decorated War Vet Because of His Service DogThe vet and his black Lab have both received an apology.
  30. Street Food
    A 93-Year-Old Vet Is Getting NYC’s First Ecofriendly Food CartThe city has promised disabled veterans the first 100 carts.
  31. VA Can’t Cover IVF for Injured SoldiersRepublicans in Congress think embryos are more important.
  32. Jon Stewart Has Been Helping Veterans Get TV Jobs for the Last Three YearsJon Stewart might be nearing the end of his run as host of The Daily Show, but that’s not the only television legacy he’s created as a late […]
  33. midterms 2014
    11 Big Firsts From the 2014 Midterm ElectionsMeet the first black Republican woman in Congress, and more.
  34. Leftovers
    Peck Slip Pickle Fest Fund-raises for Sandy Relief; Truffle Season at MaialinoPlus, a new chef at the Hotel on Rivington and lots of lobsters at the Mermaid Oyster Bar.
  35. sad things
    Department of Veterans Affairs Has Discovered Misplaced Headstones at Military CemeteriesA cemetery administrator says there is “no excuse.”
  36. u.s. military
    Sensitive Equipment Stolen From Troubled U.S. BaseAn entire company is locked down while the military investigates.
  37. soldiers
    Watch a Supercut of Soldiers Reunited With Their DogsThis Thanksgiving, be grateful for many things: a beloved soldier, a loyal dog, and a supercut of reunions between soldiers and their dogs.
  38. occupy everywhere
    Iraq War Veteran Seriously Wounded at Occupy OaklandA fractured skull has him in critical condition.
  39. veterans
    Department of Veterans Affairs ‘Asleep at the Wheel’ While Prudential Withheld Lump-Sum Payments to Soldiers’ FamiliesFamilies received “checkbooks instead of checks.”
  40. cry baby cry
    Who Wants to Have a Good Cry?Watch this video if you do.
  41. early and often
    Liberals Sniffing Around a Swift-Boat Strategy Against McCain?This weekend, General Wesley Clark and a popular liberal blog raised the question: Does McCain’s military service really matter in this election?