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  1. controversies
    A Nation Divided: Does Old Bay Belong on Grits?A food debate for the ages.
  2. everyone's a critic
    Dick Cheney Is Not a Fan of Christian Bale’s Portrayal of Him in ViceSorry to this man.
  3. media
    Vice’s Race to Save Itself“Making do with less” has become a theme at the once-swaggering youth-media company, as executives try to find a willing buyer.
  4. the grub street diet
    Munchies’ Farideh Sadeghin Is a Regular at Her Local Slice Joint“I like to go in there and talk shit with Massimo, the owner.”
  5. sexism
    Vice Settles $1.87 Million Lawsuit for Underpaying Hundreds of WomenThe company was accused of systematically underpaying women who worked at the company.
  6. deleted scenes
    Watch the Song-and-Dance Number Cut From Adam McKay’s Dick Cheney Biopic ViceGive ‘em the ol’ razzle-dazzle.
  7. oscar futures
    How Every Best Picture Nominee Can Go Home With a TrophyFor the first time since 2015, none of the Best Picture nominees could walk away from the Dolby Theatre empty-handed.
  8. alita: battle angel
    How to Read Movie-Embargo Tea LeavesUsually, the closer an embargo is to the release date, the worse the movie is. But sometimes it’s a little more nuanced than that.
  9. 2019 golden globes
    Christian Bale Brings Back Real Accent, Thanks Satan in Globes Acceptance SpeechHollywood’s king of playing “charisma-free assholes.”
  10. oscar futures
    Oscar Futures: Is Vice Too Polarizing to Score With Voters?The Bush campaign triumphed in 2004 by running on wedge issues, and Adam McKay’s Dick Cheney biopic is proving similarly divisive.
  11. movie review
    Vice Is Gimmicky, But Christian Bale’s Dick Cheney Impersonation Is Spot-onAdam McKay has devised a rollicking comic style for what amounts to an anti-hagiography, a scabrous portrait of Dick Cheney the Unholy One.
  12. i am the batman
    Of Course Donald Trump Thought Christian Bale Was Bruce WayneAnother strange cameo.
  13. Watch Christian Bale’s Weight Change Drastically Over 12 RolesFrom American Psycho’s Patrick Bateman to Vice’s Dick Cheney.
  14. oscar futures
    Oscar Futures: Could Roma Actually Pull This Thing Off?Whatever misgivings the Hollywood Establishment may have about Netflix, they are not shared by critics, as Roma was the big winner at the NYFCCs.
  15. nurse!
    Christian Bale’s Vice Research Saved Adam McKay From a Heart Attack“I always thought when you get a heart attack, it’s pain in the chest or the arm.”
  16. party report
    Tyler Perry Called Up Colin Powell to Get His Blessing to Play Him in Vice“The guy has gravitas.”
  17. oscar futures
    Oscar Futures: How Will The Favourite Untangle Its Three Stars?A Star Is Born hits theaters, The Favourite opens the New York Film Festival, and we get our first glimpse of Vice.
  18. trailer mix
    Vice Trailer: Christian Bale Goes Full Dick CheneyJust in time for the holidays.
  19. where's the beef?
    Desus and Mero Make Working at Viceland Sound Like Hell“The channel wanted us to die for this f*cking network.”
  20. trump tapes
    Michael Cohen Denies Giving Tom Arnold Any Dirt on Trump for His Vice ShowAh, what might have been.
  21. media
    Vice Media Was Built on a Bluff. What Happens When It Gets Called?For almost 25 years, Shane Smith’s plan was that, by the time the suckers caught on, he’d never be stuck owning the company he co-founded.
  22. Tom Arnold Teams Up With Vice to Hunt for the Missing Trump TapesAnd he says there are a lot of them.
  23. chat room
    Michael K. Williams on His New HBO Documentary, Raised in the System“I’ve been visiting friends and family in prisons since I was 17 years old, so I have something to say.”
  24. twitter fails
    Here’s the Barbecue Tweet That Broke TwitterNever tell people in the South that the best barbecue is in Brooklyn.
  25. conscious uncoupling
    Vogue Puts Collaboration With Vice on ‘Indefinite Hold’Project Vs was slated to launch yesterday.
  26. the wage gap
    Vice Sued by Former Employee for Pay Discrimination Against WomenThe media group had previously committed to pay parity by 2018.
  27. media
    Two Vice Executives on Leave Following Sexual-Misconduct ClaimsAndrew Creighton and Mike Germano were both named in a recent New York Times investigation into the company’s sexual-harassment problem.
  28. media
    Amanda Knox Is Getting Her Own ShowVice has tapped Knox, once wrongfully convicted for murder, for a new series.
  29. more sexual harassment allegations
    Another Major Media Company Was Just Hit With Sexual-Harassment AllegationsA new report highlights what former employees say is a toxic culture of sexual harassment at the company.
  30. sexism
    Vice Reporter Slammed for Sexist Breitbart EmailsMitchell Sunderland is a senior staff writer for Broadly, Vice’s women’s channel.
  31. video feed
    Action Bronson Is Getting His Own Late-night Cooking ShowHe’s the new Emeril.
  32. frittatas
    Harrison Ford Enjoys the Vice TV Show Fuck, That’s Delicious and a Good FrittataFord met a correspondent who was sleeping on the couch at his son’s apartment.
  33. Vice Holds Field Day in Brooklyn As Dozens of Employees Are Laid OffLike so many other media entities, Vice is making a stronger push into video.
  34. Mario Batali Cooks a Very Fancy Meal for Kyle Mooney and Beck BennettMario Batali recently teamed up with Vice’s food channel Munchies to host a web series called Moltissimo, and in the second episode he welcomes […]
  35. video feed
    Mario Batali’s New Cooking Show Is Basically Molto Mario 2.0It’s like a return to the Food Network series that made him famous, only this time set in trendy Brooklyn offices.
  36. the industry
    Vice’s HBO News Show Will Have Touch ScreensVice News Tonight premieres on HBO October 10.
  37. select all
    The Rise of Video Is Making 2016 a Weird Year to Be a Digital PublisherIt’s video all the way down.
  38. tv
    Gaycation Season 2 Trailer: Shatter This RealityThe series returns on September 7.
  39. the industry
    Vice News Will Debut Weeknights in SeptemberThe new nightly series will premiere on HBO September 26.
  40. Maybe Gloria Steinem and Vice Aren’t Such Unlikely PartnersThe legendary feminist speaks about her new Viceland show, Woman.
  41. vice
    Vice Partners With ESPN, or Maybe Just Gets Into Sports IronicallyVice Sports will start producing a new short-form series for ESPN.
  42. stuff vice does
    The Vice Must Flow: Vice Media Expands With U.K. Production Company Pulse FilmsHe who controls Vice controls the world.
  43. sxsw 2016
    Read Ellen Page’s Powerful Words on Coming Out, Plus Gaycation at SXSW“Being in the closet hurt my career way more than being out and being happy and feeling inspired again.”
  44. Should Severely Depressed People Be Eligible for Physician-Assisted Suicide?A mini-documentary offers a really difficult, hard-to-watch example of what euthanasia laws look like in parts of Europe.
  45. eagles of death metal
    EODM to Discuss Paris Attacks in Vice InterviewSet to air next week.
  46. roll clip!
    Here’s a Sneak Peek at Vice’s New TV Channel, VicelandFeaturing: Gaycation, Black Market, and Balls Deep, among others.
  47. stuff vice does
    Vice Media Is Launching a TV Channel With A&EMakes sense.
  48. journalism
    Turkey Reportedly Releases Vice Journalists Arrested Earlier This WeekTheir fixer remains in jail.
  49. journalism
    Vice Journalists Accused of ‘Terror Activity’ in TurkeyTheir translator was also arrested.
  50. Watch the First, ‘VICE’-Themed Episode of IFC’s ‘Documentary Now!’The Onion isn’t the only place to take on VICE this summer – Bill Hader, Seth Meyers, and Fred Armisen’s new IFC show Documentary Now! has a […]
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