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  1. new year's eve
    Vienna Police Will Be Handing Out Pocket Alarms to Women on New Year’s EveA precaution against last year’s New Year’s attacks in Germany.
  2. diplomacy
    Paris Attacks Prompt Agreement At Syria Peace TalksSignificant hurdles remain, but diplomats worked together to set an ambitious timeline for ending Syria’s civil war.
  3. international intrigue
    That Sound You Hear Is a Nuclear Deal With Iran RecedingTalks have been extended by another six months.
  4. These Cities Built Affordable Housing That’s Also Appealing. Can NYC? Social justice doesn’t mean sacrificing good design.
  5. overnights
    Amazing Race Recap: He Used to Have Dreams About Sleeping With His MamaWhat would Freud have had to say about Kent and Vyxsin?
  6. popularity contests
    Vancouver Wins World Beauty Pageant (Sorry, Contestant No. 56)A survey finds Vancouver the world’s most livable city for the fifth year in a row. New York is still 56th.