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  1. street view
    Can Better Design Redeem the Cruise Ship?Our architecture critic goes to sea.
  2. 3-Hour Supersonic Flights From New York to London Are Just Around the CornerA partnership between Virgin Galactic and Colorado-based Boom, the passenger jet will hit speeds of Mach 2.2.
  3. barely legal
    ‘18 Again,’ India’s First Vaginal Tightening Cream, Gets Mixed ReviewsThe gold dust will make you feel shiny, if not new.
  4. legal troubles
    Should You Consider Including the Word Virgin in Your Fashion Label…Richard Branson would suggest chaste as an alternative.
  5. air travel
    Flight Attendants Ration Pringles on Sixteen-Hour Nightmare Flight From LAX to JFKIt’s always Pringles, isn’t it.