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Virginia Governor’s Race

  1. Ed Gillespie Is Sad He Was Forced to Run Racist Ads in Virginia Governor’s RacePoor Ed Gillespie. He wanted to run on his economic-development plans, but they “didn’t move numbers.”
  2. Why Northam’s Win in Virginia Was So ImpressiveHe didn’t just eke out a victory, he improved on Clinton’s numbers in the state — and that’s very promising for Democrats.
  3. the national interest
    The Anti-Trump Wave Has Come, and Republicans Can’t Stop ItEven as Democrats win big in Virginia, the GOP remains dead set on self-destruction.
  4. What’s Up With Those Wild Polls in Virginia?Non-presidential polling is always tougher.
  5. It’s All About Turnout: Virginia Gubernatorial Candidates Rev Up Their BasesIn a contest with huge implications for 2018, it’s coming down the stretch to a battle of turnout operations.
  6. 4 Overlooked Stories to Watch on Election TuesdayBeyond the Virginia governor’s race.
  7. Northam Now Saying He’d Ban Sanctuary Cities — If There Were Any in VirginiaOne of Ed Gillespie’s attack lines accuses his opponent of favoring sanctuary cities. It seems to have drawn blood.