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  1. facts
    Jon Cryer Wasn’t a Virgin When He Slept With Demi Moore, He Was Just Bad at Sex“I’m sure she was totally justified making that assumption based on my skill level.”
  2. vulture investigates
    Which Game of Thrones Characters Are Still Virgins?After that big hookup in Sunday’s episode, let’s take a rundown of the last remaining V-cards in Westeros.
  3. bachelor nation
    A Running Tally of All the Requisite Virgin Jokes During The Bachelor’s Premiere“I haven’t dated a virgin since I was 12, but I’m willing to give it another shot.”
  4. the bachelor
    The Bachelor Trailer: Did You Know Colton Underwood, Virgin, Is a Huge Virgin?“I have not dated a virgin since I was 12.” Someone says that to his face!
  5. Watch the Silicon Valley Skit That Opened Google’s Event Today“You can be a qualified industry professional and be a virgin.”
  6. sex on campus
    College Virgins Are a Mostly Silent Almost-MajorityThe long before.
  7. touched for the very first time
    TV Is Obsessed With Virgins Right NowA first time for everything! And everyone!
  8. both sides of a breakup
    Both Sides of a Breakup: The Virgin Who Became a Porno Rapper“I had friends fucking at their bar mitzvahs.”
  9. bloodlust
    How Vampires Learned to Love Virgins So MuchIn honor of the final Twilight film.
  10. it's for charity
    Woman’s Virginity Worth 250 Times More Than Man’sAccording to the latest auction data from VirginsWanted.com.au.
  11. adventures in sex
    Sex With a Fake Hymen“Restore your virginity in five minutes,” the advertisement said.
  12. science
    Survey: More Virgins Insisting on Condom Use for First TimeTeen pregnancy is down as a result.
  13. Openings
    First Glimpse at Satellite LoungeWilliamsburg’s new local.
  14. apropos of nothing
    A ‘Sopranos’ Virgin Attempts to Remain Unspoiled