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Voter Fraud

  1. vision 2020
    Get Ready for Guerrilla Warfare on Voting RulesThe Trump campaign will fight state by state against reforms that allow voters frightened by the coronavirus to cast ballots in the November election.
  2. mike pompeo
    Mike Pompeo Isn’t Riding to the Rescue in KansasTrump’s other Kansas buddy, Kris Kobach, could well blow another statewide election for Republicans, one that could even lose them Senate control.
  3. vision 2020
    Judge Orders Purge of 200,000 Voters in WisconsinA conservative lawsuit prevailed, and majority Democratic areas in the battleground state may feel the most impact.
  4. voter fraud
    Bevin Blames His Defeat on ‘Vote Harvesting’ Among Students and Black PeopleLike a lot of Republicans, Bevin considers anything that helps poor people vote illegal or unethical.
  5. elections of 2019
    Bevin Concedes After Republicans Decline to Help Him Steal the ElectionThis could be a useful precedent for Republicans whose president has given reason to fear he might not accept 2020 defeat.
  6. conspiracy theories
    McCarthy Still Repeating Bogus Conspiracy Theories About Midterm-Election TheftHouse GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy is still whitewashing his party’s terrible performance in his home state with lurid tales unsupported by evidence.
  7. vision 2020
    Fresh Signs Trump Might Not Accept Defeat in 2020Republicans are becoming far too accustomed to joining the president in attributing any electoral setbacks to Democratic conspiracies.
  8. voter fraud
    Trump Condemns All Forms of Voter Fraud — Real and ImaginaryAsked to criticize the GOP’s proven election fraud in North Carolina, Trump condemned the Democrats’ fictional election-stealing in California.
  9. state of the union address
    Here’s a Real Bipartisan Idea: Make Trump Leave If He Loses in 2020Since Republicans are so excited about comity, they should agree to eject Trump from the White House if he loses in 2020 but claims “voter fraud.”
  10. politics
    A New Election Might Be the Only Way Forward in North CarolinaNow Nancy Pelosi is threatening to not seat Rep. Mark Harris, the putative victor. And more damning evidence of GOP complicity is coming to light.
  11. 2018 midterms
    Voter Fraud — But Not the Kind That Worries the GOP — Roils North Carolina RaceRepublican Mark Harris’s narrow win over Democrat Dan McCready is being investigated due to allegations of irregularities with absentee ballots.
  12. 2018 midterms
    The New Republican Myth of California Voter FraudPaul Ryan and other Republicans are implying that California’s slow vote counts disguise fraud. It’s important to debunk these myths before 2020.
  13. 2020 elections
    Why New Hampshire’s Bill Gardner May Lose the Office He’s Held for Four DecadesThe secretary of state’s big mistake was joining the Trump-Kobach “voter fraud” commission.
  14. 2018 midterms
    Florida Recounts Proceed Amid Wild GOP Claims of Election StealingFrom Florida to Washington, Republicans are making some pretty lurid accusations about recounts they were probably going to win anyway.
  15. 2018 midterms
    Brian Kemp’s Fake Crusade for Election Integrity in GeorgiaHe claims he’s fighting fraud. But the Republican secretary of state is actually disenfranchising voters while ignoring real infrastructure problems.
  16. Typo Decimates Kris Kobach’s Lead in Kansas PrimaryKobach’s lead in the Kansas GOP gubernatorial primary is so tiny that changing one number cut his lead by more than half.
  17. Voting Rights Foe Kris Kobach’s Very Bad Day in Federal CourtAnother series of defeats in federal court over his voter-ID law won’t bother Kobach much if they help him get elected governor of Kansas.
  18. The Joy of Voting by MailThe growing number of voters who don’t cast ballots on Election Day should grow to nearly everybody.
  19. Trump Thinks He’s Wildly PopularIn Trump’s world, any adverse information about his standing is “fake,” and even positive polls don’t capture his tremendous standing.
  20. President Trump Claims California’s Elections Are Illegitimate“In many places, like California, the same person votes many times … Not a conspiracy theory, folks. Millions and millions of people.”
  21. Lamb Was Right to Declare Victory. His Lead in Pennsylvania Is Likely to Hold.It may be a few days before it’s official, but it’s getting hard to figure out how Rick Saccone can close the tiny gap between vote counts.
  22. California Now Preregisters 16-Year Olds to Vote When They Get Their LicensesIt’s the latest step in Motor Voter reform. Conservatives aren’t happy.
  23. Trump’s Voting Commission Wanted Data on Texans With Hispanic Last NamesCharacteristically above-board behavior.
  24. His Voter Fraud Panel Folded, Kobach Turns His Attention to Ruining KansasPity poor Kansas, which has suffered through two terms of Sam Brownback’s fiscal punishment, and now could wind up being misgoverned by Kobach.
  25. Trump Disbands Commission Studying (Nonexistent) Mass Voter FraudBut it will live on within the Department of Homeland Security.
  26. Roy Moore Files Lawsuit Alleging Voter Fraud Cost Him Alabama Senate RaceHe wants to keep Doug Jones’s win from being certified on Thursday, though Alabama officials say there’s no evidence of voting irregularities.
  27. Study: Thousands in Wisconsin Didn’t Vote Because of ID LawsExactly what the GOP wants.
  28. Heritage Told Trump to Keep ‘Mainstream Republicans’ Off Voter-Fraud CommissionThe conservative think tank warned that if Democrats, “mainstream Republicans,” or “academics” were put on the commission, it would be a failure.
  29. Poll: Half of Republicans Open to Postponing of 2020 ElectionsIf Trump said it was delayed to prevent “voter fraud,” 52 percent would support him, a new survey shows.
  30. Kris Kobach Wants a Promotion. But Will He Stay in Topeka or Head to D.C.?The famous immigrant-baiter and vote-suppressor is running for governor, but certain moves by Trump could mean Kobach’s future is in D.C.
  31. Trump’s Voter-Intimidation Scheme Is Already WorkingVoters are worried about his voter-fraud commission’s attempt to gather information on them.
  32. politics
    Trump Falsely Warns of Multistate Voter-Fraud ConspiracyPutin isn’t the only one trying to damage the integrity of America’s election system.
  33. State Officials Are Not Cooperating With Trump’s ‘Voter Fraud’ PanelCalifornia, Virginia, and Kentucky are among the states to tell Trump’s “voter fraud” czar, Kris Kobach, to get lost.
  34. Trump Creates Panel to Find Those ‘Millions of Illegal Voters’Never mind the total lack of evidence that they exist.
  35. Trump’s Authoritarian Approach to Managing Public OpinionHe is quite literally saying he is the only legitimate source of information on what the American people want.
  36. Pence Vows Full Evaluation of Voter Rolls in Leaked Audio of Private MeetingThe vice-president isn’t going to let a total lack of evidence get in the way of a perfectly good voter-fraud investigation.
  37. Trump May Believe in Voter Fraud Due to a Golfer’s Anecdote About Latinos VotingThe president reportedly cited a story about people “who did not look as if they should be allowed to vote” as evidence of illegal voting.
  38. Donald Trump’s Delusions About Voter Fraud Are Very Useful for the GOPTrump brought the GOP back to the White House by conning insecure voters. Now, he may keep the party in power by conning his insecure self.
  39. voting rights
    Steve Bannon Is Registered to Vote in Two States (Update: So Is Tiffany Trump)An act his boss, President Trump, just promised to “investigate” as part of his ongoing election-fraud fantasy.
  40. alternate facts
    Trump Repeats Lie That Millions Voted Illegally in Meeting With LawmakersHe said rampant voter fraud cost him the popular vote, though there’s no evidence of that.
  41. Franken Stumps Sessions on Trump’s Crazy Voter-Fraud TweetThe former SNL writer wanted to know more about the “millions of illegal votes” supposedly cast for Clinton.
  42. politics
    Donald Trump Falsely Blames Popular-Vote Loss on Voter FraudHe is now baselessly claiming that millions of Clinton voters voted illegally.
  43. Trump Sues Nevada for Letting Too Many Latinos Vote. The Judge Was Not Pleased.Trump claimed that early-voting hours were unlawfully extended at a Mexican grocery store, and wanted to learn the names of the poll workers involved.
  44. select all
    Trolls Are Sending Entire Classic Novels to Terrible Voter-Fraud SiteSomeone submitted the entirety of Moby-Dick.
  45. 4 Answers Trump Could Have Given to Question About Accepting Election ResultsThat would have satisfied his base and not further damaged his candidacy.
  46. Trump Names Guy Who Hyped Up New Black Panthers As Head of ‘Election Protection’GOP operative (and Breitbart contributor) Mike Roman is best known for promoting a video of a couple New Black Panthers watching people vote.
  47. Trump’s Dangerous Game of ‘Beat the Press’Trump’s attacks on “biased” media could incite his supporters not only to distrust coverage of the campaign but to reject its outcome.
  48. Early and Often
    Poll: Half of Trump Supporters Don’t Trust the Vote CountA new poll indicates that Trump’s ongoing perpetuation of the myth of voter fraud is working.
  49. Report: Trump Campaign Chief Fraudulently Registered to Vote in FloridaSteve Bannon registered to vote using the address of an abandoned house.
  50. Trump Is Warning That the Election Will Be Rigged. So Did John McCain in 2008.Trump’s attacks on the legitimacy of our democracy are dangerous. They’re also one of the most traditionally “Republican” aspects of his campaign.
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