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Voter Id

  1. Did Trump Save Protégé Kris Kobach in Kansas?It could be a while before we know whether Kansas’s quintessential Trumpist has won the GOP gubernatorial nod, giving Dems fresh hope for November.
  2. Voting Rights Foe Kris Kobach’s Very Bad Day in Federal CourtAnother series of defeats in federal court over his voter-ID law won’t bother Kobach much if they help him get elected governor of Kansas.
  3. voter suppression
    Alabama Partially Reverses Closure of Driver’s License Offices in Poor CountiesIn response to widespread criticism, the offices will now open one day a month to serve local residents.
  4. Voter I.D. Laws Blocked in Wisconsin, TexasCourts worried about suppressing turnout.
  5. early and often
    Pennsylvania Judge Ditches Voter-ID LawAs an unreasonable burden on voting.
  6. early and often
    Pennsylvanians Can Be Asked for Photo I.D. Before Voting, Judge Rules*There’s a major catch.
  7. Sarah Silverman is Probably Not Voting for Mitt Romney“I think that any female, any homosexual and anyone who loves a female or homosexual or has one in their family is crazy to vote for Mitt […]