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Voting Rights

  1. Jeff Sessions Makes the Case That He Is Not Too Racist to Be Attorney GeneralThe Alabama senator argues that his prosecution of black activists for voter fraud was a testament to his commitment to voting rights.
  2. Racist or Not, Sessions Chose the Wrong Side in the Fight for Voting RightsWe should fear that Trump’s attorney general pick will use his enormous powers against the powerless — because he’s done it before.
  3. Trump Threatens to Make the GOP the Party of Permanent Voter SuppressionA model under which protecting constitutional government depends on disenfranchising young and minority voters.
  4. Trump Sues Nevada for Letting Too Many Latinos Vote. The Judge Was Not Pleased.Trump claimed that early-voting hours were unlawfully extended at a Mexican grocery store, and wanted to learn the names of the poll workers involved.
  5. 4 Million Americans Can’t Vote for President Because of Century-Old LawsWe’re talking about 4 million Americans who live in the five U.S. territories.
  6. cut cover story
    Granddaughters of the RevolutionEleven descendants of suffragists remind us that it wasn’t so long ago that women couldn’t vote for president, much less run for it.
  7. early and often
    Ohio Voters Illegally Removed From Rolls May Cast Ballots in NovemberAt least 846,391 Ohio voter registrations were canceled between 2010 and 2014.
  8. Deadlocked SCOTUS Refuses to Revive N.C.’s Voter Suppression Law – for NowIn the long battle over voting rights, today’s decision doesn’t even amount to a skirmish. But don’t tell that to conspiracy-minded Trump supporters.
  9. GOP Voter-Suppression Efforts Are Shifting to the Local LevelRepublicans are finding ways of evading federal judicial supervision.
  10. For First Time in 50 Years, No Federal Observers Will Protect Voting RightsIt’s a little-noticed by-product of a landmark Supreme Court voting-rights decision. That invites mischief.
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    You Can Now Register to Vote at Planned ParenthoodGet out the vote.
  12. Courts Strike Blows Against Voter Suppression in Two Battleground StatesVoting “reforms” have been struck down in North Carolina and Wisconsin.
  13. Ohio Purges Infrequent Voters From RollsOfficials in the Buckeye State have removed tens of thousands of infrequent voters from registration lists. Such voters are disproportionately poor, black, and Democratic.
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    Federal Judge Upholds Controversial North Carolina Voter ID LawHe ruled the law does not discriminate against minorities.
  15. Virginia Governor Restores Voting Rights for More Than 200,000 Ex-FelonsGovernor Terry McAuliffe described his executive order as an effort to undo the legacy of Jim Crow. Republicans call it “political opportunism.”
  16. SCOTUS Rejects Challenge to One-Person-One-VoteThis decision wasn’t affected by Justice Scalia’s death.
  17. Kentucky Restores Voting Rights to Ex-FelonsIt had previously been one of three states that did not restore voting rights to certain convicted felons after they’d served time.