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  1. posthumanism
    The Team Behind CGI James Dean Heard Your Complaints and Does Not CareThe company is expanding.
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    Get Up and Running on PSVR for Cheap TodayIf you already have a PlayStation 4 and are curious about VR, this is a no-brainer.
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    Facebook’s Stand-alone VR Headset Means No More Cables or PhonesMark Zuckerberg announced the new device at Oculus Connect 4 earlier Wednesday.
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    Oculus Reportedly Working on $200 Wireless VR HeadsetIt’ll hit stores next year.
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    VR Start-up Sued for Sexual Harassment, Office Allegedly Had a ‘Kink Room’Another tech company faces allegations of rampant discrimination.
  6. Father John Misty Says ‘Bedding Taylor Swift’ Line Is About His Concerns Over VR“If you don’t think that this virtual reality thing isn’t going to turn into sex with celebrities, then you’re kidding yourself.”
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    Are Apple and Zeiss Working on Augmented-Reality Glasses?One tech blogger claims that Apple and the high-end German optics company will release a pair of AR glasses — this year.
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    20 Techy Gifts for Gadget-HeadsOld-school Nintendo, an olfactory alarm clock, VR headset, and more.
  9. vulture hacks
    How to Experience Virtual Reality on Any BudgetVR is a reminder that below layers of abstract thought, we’re still just walking apes who will freak out if a bright light comes at us from the corner of our eyes.
  10. bjork being bjork
    Watch Björk Livestreamed As a Giant Avatar “Technology is enabling women to work outside the already formed hierarchical systems.”
  11. Justin Roiland and Tanya Watson Launch VR Game Development Studio […]Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland wants to develop and produce comedic VR games, and he’s teamed up with former Epic Games executive […]
  12. Japan’s First VR Porn Festival Was So Popular It Had to Be Shut DownToo many bodies.
  13. And on the 8th Day, the Lord Said ‘Let There Be a 3-D Virtual-Reality Bible’And he was pleased.
  14. Adorable Irish Granny Is Not So Sure About This Whole Virtual-Reality Thing[Screaming.]
  15. An Actual-Reality Guide to Virtual-Reality HeadsetsVR is the next frontier of consumer tech. But where do you even start?
  16. This Crazy VR Theme Park Lets You Play Laser Tag in 5-DA VR theme with 5-D laser tag is due out in 2017 and it could change the way people play video games forever.
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    Is VR Porn Sexy?Inside the brave new frontier of America’s adult industry: virtual reality.
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    I Did Not Care About VR Until I Watched the Puppy Bowl in VRThe future of puppy-based sporting events is here.