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  1. memoirs
    8 Revealing Stories From Constance Wu’s Memoir, Making a SceneIncluding sexual-harassment accusations on the set of Fresh Off the Boat and the response an actress sent to those tweets.
  2. a long talk
    Danger Mouse Has the Cheat CodesExploring 20 years of hits, surprises, and DOOM stories with the elusive producer.
  3. ask an expert
    Ask a Psychic Medium: Is Marilyn Monroe’s Spirit Still Among Us?“I just don’t see American culture ever letting her go.”
  4. underrated
    The Rich, Theatrical, Very Not Normal Charm of Los EspookysAmber Ruffin unloads her love for Julio Torres, Ana Fabrega, and Fred Armisen’s HBO comedy series.
  5. remembrance
    Loretta Lynn Was FearlessShe created a world where women had permission to tell their truths.
  6. music notes
    A Tour of the Tolkien Lore in the Rings of Power ScoreCourtesy of series composer Bear McCreary.
  7. comedy review
    Welcome to Hasan Minhaj’s Inspirational School AssemblyIn The King’s Jester, the comedian’s boldness gets packaged into a too-slick presentation.
  8. sleeper hit
    No One in Hollywood Wanted to Make BarbarianThe horror hit’s journey to No. 1 packed in the twists: “I had a movie, I lost the movie, I rescued the movie, then I lost the movie again.”
  9. review
    Kid Cudi’s Entergalactic Is Pretty, Affecting, and a Little Too SmoothThe new album and Netflix project hit their marks but will make you pine for something stranger.
  10. bros
    Stop Saving the Rom-comAs an empty vessel of a genre, the romantic comedy is not worth resuscitating, though what it once contained probably is.
  11. fire and blood
    Why Did This Week’s House of the Dragon Look So Bad?Possible explanations, not excuses, for why you couldn’t see anything.
  12. trials
    What to Know About Kevin Spacey’s Upcoming TrialHe is accused of abusing a 14-year-old boy, actor Anthony Rapp.
  13. overnights
    House of the Dragon Recap: Bastards and Broken NosesThe various dispersed Targaryens descend on Driftmark, and bring with them their genetically endowed abilities to be uniquely awful.
  14. overnights
    Saturday Night Live Season-Premiere Recap: A Rebuilding Year for SureSNL knows you think this season is going to suck, and it has the cold open to prove it.
  15. nothing compares 2 her
    When America Met Sinéad O’ConnorO’Connor’s stand at the 1989 Grammys showcased her power — and made her a threat.
  16. remembrances
    The Mid-’90s Belonged to CoolioThe late rapper achieved global fame without turning his back on his Compton roots.
  17. fire and blood
    The Casting Challenge Behind House of the Dragon’s 10-Year Time JumpHow the series’ casting director navigated a time-lapsed, multigenerational plot.
  18. funny videos of the month
    The Best Comedy Shorts of September 2022Rounding up our favorite funny videos of the month.
  19. vulture lists
    Kings, RankedThere are a lot of kings out there these days, and some of them are even good.
  20. close read
    The Hollow Impersonation in BlondeIn life, Marilyn Monroe was a complex artist and human being. In the hands of Ana de Armas, she’s an eternal victim.
  21. influences
    How Basic Instinct, Fight Club, and Hitchcock Shaped Do RevengeDirector Jennifer Kaytin Robinson on the unexpected cinematic inspirations behind her candy-coated black comedy Do Revenge.
  22. buffering
    Dragons vs. Elves: Who Has the Better Release Strategy?Streamers say time slots are irrelevant. Maybe they’re wrong.
  23. oscar futures
    Welcome to the First Oscars of the Post-Slap EraWake up. It’s awards season again.
  24. into it
    Guy Branum Loves That Bros Made Room for a Happy-Sack GayBut he’s more mixed on the discourse: “You cannot change the problems of millennia of marginalization without things being a bit weird around it.”
  25. blonde
    Onscreen Marilyns, RankedMarilyn Monroe’s image is iconic, but few actresses have managed to channel what made her a star.
  26. this month in comedy podcasts
    This Month in Comedy Podcasts: Hopped Up on Black Betties with Patton OswaltRounding up our favorite comedy-podcast episodes of the month.
  27. superlatives
    Tegan and Sara on Their Best and Most Pedestrian Music“I hate to say that’s a high point because it came out so long ago. So are we over? I don’t know.”
  28. at home in asian america
    Cathy Park Hong, the Poet PunditHer book Minor Feelings became COVID canon — and Hong became liberal America’s go-to Asian thinker.
  29. comedy review
    At His Best, Nick Kroll Is a Mischievous Little DemonIn Little Big Boy, Kroll excels when he leans into the juvenile.
  30. a long talk
    Life, Death, and Titus AndronicusFrontman Patrick Stickles used his band’s new album to process loss. Now he just needs to get their van fixed.
  31. at home in asian america
    The Mixed MetaphorWhy does the half-Asian, half-white protagonist make us so anxious?
  32. remembrance
    Pharoah Sanders Found His Voice in New York CityHe arrived broke, homeless, and with little more than his saxophone, and left the unofficial leader of the spiritual-jazz movement.
  33. close read
    House of the Dragon’s Brutal Birth Obsession Isn’t Realism. It’s Cruelty.In three separate instances, the Game of Thrones prequel reduces a birthing woman to the limits of her body.
  34. fine lines
    Kelsea Ballerini’s Country FavoritesFive classic lyrics that inspired the singer to cut loose on her new album.
  35. one perfect scene
    A Hell of an IntroductionHow director Romain Gavras and his cast and crew created the year’s wildest movie opening.
  36. book review
    When Grief Returns Again, and Again, and Again …In her time-looping novel The Furrows, Namwali Serpell’s deft use of repetition makes the plot feel dynamic even as she retells the same story.
  37. album review
    It’s Cam’ron’s HarlemU Wasn’t There, his new album with A-Trak, feels like an uptown therapy session.
  38. movie review
    Sorry, But Avatar Still RulesJames Cameron’s 2009 blockbuster is back in theaters to remind us how special and spectacular it is.
  39. profile
    Kate Berlant Plays the FoolThe influential, very offline comedian perfects her self-described clown show.
  40. into it
    The Immense Powers of Kim Kardashian Are in Transition — Not DeclineOne doesn’t become a “cultural fractal icon” by being easily put away.
  41. buffering
    When Broadcast Shows Move to Streaming, Do Viewers Follow?If the show is Thursday Night Football, the answer is yes.
  42. good one podcast
    Kevin Smith’s Characters Can’t Stop Talking About Star Wars“If you are making a Clerks movie, there has to be a Star Wars something.”
  43. a long talk
    Come On, Live HappyA quarter-century of feuds, regrets, and (eventual) success with Mogwai’s Stuart Braithwaite.
  44. 1.5x speed
    Podcasting Is Just Radio NowIt’s been ages since the last blockbuster narrative show. What does that mean for the medium as an art form?
  45. into it
    Issa Rae is Not Not Moving Like a Hollywood Beyoncé“I can show people that there’s an audience for the work that I want to create, and now it just comes down to the resources to make it.”
  46. snl
    10 of Chris Redd’s Best SNL SketchesIn honor of his departure ahead of season 48.
  47. 1.5x speed
    Let’s Talk About Kids’ PodcastsThey’re a great alternative to screen time — if you can find them.
  48. hacks
    Everything We Know About the Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto 6 LeakA hacker claims to have the source code for what is perhaps the most anticipated game in history.
  49. whole lotta hamm
    Confess, Fletch Gets Jon Hamm’s Appeal Like Nothing Has Since Mad MenHamm’s willingness to directly engage in a thorough send-up of Don Draper makes Fletch goofier and, well, hammier.
  50. start here
    Want to Try Best Friends? Start Here.Highlighting the best episode of Nicole Byer and Sasheer Zamata’s podcast for newcomers.
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