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  1. 2022 preview
    33 Albums We Can’t Wait to Hear in 2022When Rihanna said “soon soon soon,” how soon?
  2. a new york minute
    New York Minute With: Switched on Pop Hosts Nate Sloan and Charlie HardingTalking unpopular opinions and quarantine listening with the songwriter and musicologist duo that dissects popular music.
  3. oscars 2021
    Oscars Extend Season, Push Ceremony to April 25The cutoff for eligibility moves back to February, as well.
  4. the king
    How The King Rewrites Shakespeare’s Most Famous DialogueIn the immortal words of the Bard, “Come for me, big dog!”
  5. x-men: dark phoenix
    The Summer’s Silliest Action Sequence Is the X-Men Trying to Cross the StreetIn one corner, a team of superpowered mutants. In the other, Central Park West. Who will triumph?
  6. you know nothing
    The Game of Thrones Finale Was Awfully Impressed With Itself, Huh?Brienne becomes a blogger, Tyrion lectures everyone about storytelling, and everyone hails Bran, start-up king of Westeros.
  7. avengers: endgame
    When Should You Take Your Bathroom Breaks During Avengers: Endgame?Inspired by the gigantic iced coffee that one of us drank before the screening.
  8. precaps
    What’s Going to Happen on Game of Thrones This Week?Jaime Lannister on trial at Winterfell, a major battle brewing, and other predictions for Sunday night’s episode.
  9. celebrity
    See Cynthia Nixon in Conversation in Los AngelesAt the Vulture Festival.
  10. tv review
    Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 4 Beats the OddsShows like CXG rarely get onto mainstream TV, much less sustain their concept over the long haul.
  11. tv
    Vulture Is Making a Weekly Awards Show for TruTVWhat if there was an award show that celebrated each and every week in popular culture?
  12. @TrumpComedyNerd’s Official Statement on Splitsider’s Move to VultureEarlier this year, we announced that Splitsider was acquired by Vulture and that we were working together to launch a new and expanded comedy […]
  13. A Note About Splitsider Since Splitsider launched in 2010, the goal of our tiny island on the internet has been simple: to keep you up to date on all the best comedy […]
  14. funny business
    Vulture Just Got a Whole Lot FunnierSplitsider.com has had a significant influence on our approach to comedy journalism, which is why we’re so excited to have acquired it.
  15. How Black Panther Crafted Erik Killmonger’s Compelling Arc“The best villains are the ones who have a point of view you can relate to,” explains co-writer Joe Robert Cole.
  16. Why I Couldn’t Stop Watching the New Queer EyeIt’s a show about men trying to fix masculinity.
  17. Crooked House Is a Divertingly Twisty, Over-the-Top Agatha Christie AdaptationWorth it for Gillian Anderson’s wig alone.
  18. Chillwave Is Back … or Is It?The short-lived subgenre that promoted lazy days and good vibes is back, but maybe it never quite left.
  19. overnights
    Orange Is the New Black Recap: Ready for Any and All ThingsThe riot has everyone in Litchfield grasping for power.
  20. Join Vulture’s Game of Thrones Season 6 Finale LiveblogSunday night at 9 p.m.
  21. game of thrones season 5
    Join Vulture for a Game of Thrones Finale Live-Blog Sunday NightStarting 9 p.m. EST.
  22. Eugene Mirman Reviews a Bunch of Farts for ‘Vulture’Proving that “if people are polite, I don’t mind doing whatever,” comedian and Bob’s Burgers voice actor Eugene Mirman recently agreed to […]
  23. Celebrity Fans and Former ‘Colbert Report’ Guests Say Goodbye to ‘Stephen […]After nine years on the air, The Colbert Report ends its run on Comedy Central this Thursday. To celebrate all the wonderful things Colbert has […]
  24. stay tuned
    Which Intense Drama Should I Watch This Winter?You have many options.
  25. Billy Eichner: ‘People Who Are Not Watching ‘The Comeback’ Should Be […]“People who are not watching The Comeback should be ashamed of themselves. If you’re into TV and pop culture, if you like quality, […]
  26. book deals
    Dave Holmes Is Writing a BookCongrats!
  27. vmas 2014
    Watch Blue Ivy Dance Adorably to Her Mother’s VMAs PerformanceShe does the “Flawless” hands.
  28. Watch Aimee Mann and Ted Leo Cover a Bunch of Sitcom Theme Songs Vulture had music duo The Both (Aimee Mann and Ted Leo) into the studio to record a medley of really depressing sitcom theme songs, including […]
  29. H. Jon Benjamin Narrates an Animated McSweeney’s Story in ‘Ballad of a […] Recently New York magazine decided to combine three great things – a funny McSweeney’s story by Mike Lacher, retro video game-inspired […]
  30. Kevin Hart: ‘I’m Never Gonna Step Away from Standup’“I’m never gonna step away from standup. I can’t. That’s what got me where I am and that’s also my muse. That’s how I stay level-headed. That’s […]
  31. oscars 2014
    Fill Out Vulture’s Oscar Ballot, Take On Vulture Editors and Other ReadersSee who is the ultimate Oscar predictor.
  32. quiz
    Quiz: Which Gabrielle Union Is Older?Because she doesn’t appear to be aging.
  33. Paul Feig Explains Comedy’s ‘Angry Villagers Syndrome’“It’s what the editor from Bridesmaids called the ‘angry villagers’ syndrome. People who go to see a comedy are spending their money and want […]
  34. Watch Julie Klausner Quiz Paul Rudd About Prince Julie Klausner interviewed Paul Rudd about his new movie Prince Avalanche for Vulture, and as any serious journalist would do, used the whole […]
  35. Watch Bob Odenkirk Review a Bunch of Bad Local Lawyer Ads Here’s living comedy legend and Breaking Bad’s sleazy lawyer Bob Odenkirk reviewing sleazy local lawyers ads with Julie Klausner for Vulture. […]
  36. Watch Aziz Ansari and Reggie Watts Make Beautiful Music Together Here’s the first episode of the new season of Reggie Makes Music, Reggie Watts’s web series that’s a tie-in with IFC’s Comedy Bang Bang. Last […]
  37. Paul Feig Discusses How Steve Martin Influenced Him“Steve Martin was the No. 1 comic I tried to emulate. To this day, I wear three-piece suits all the time because of him. I got the Let’s Get […]
  38. Vulture’s Comedy Week Has a Lot of Fun Stuff for YouPop culture blog Vulture is holding its “Comedy Week” right now, and they’ve loaded up their page with plenty of fun stuff to read like an […]
  39. John Mulaney, Broad City, The Birthday Boys and More Make ‘Vulture’s […]Vulture made a list of “50 Comedians You Should and Will Know” (full disclosure: we at Splitsider contributed names to said list), featuring […]
  40. Watch Chris Hardwick and Julie Klausner Play a Pretty Exciting Game of […] Here’s a new Vulture video in which rival podcasters Chris Hardwick and Julie Klausner become rival Pictionary players. And don’t worry, it’s […]
  41. ‘The Simpsons’ Deemed the Best Sitcom Ever by Vulture, ‘Cheers’ #2 Over the past few weeks, Vulture has been holding its “Sitcom Smackdown” tournament, pitting a bunch of amazing shows against each other in a […]
  42. Jeffrey Tambor Shares a Bunch of Great ‘Larry Sanders Show’ Stories“[It was] one of the great auditions of my life … That evening, around 5 p.m., I called and I said, ‘May I speak to Garry?’ … He came on […]
  43. Jon Glaser on Being One of the Last Comedians Left in New York“It’s weird. I mean, I bumped into Michael Showalter on the subway and we were having that discussion and came up with the funny idea of some […]
  44. Anthony Jeselnik and Pete Holmes Talk to Each Other About Comedy Stuff for […]“On Fallon, we would have these pitch meetings. And every single time I would pitch, it would be the biggest disaster of all time. Some of the […]
  45. Here’s a Cartoon St. Vincent Covering a Song from ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Here’s a new web series (via Vulture) called “Bob’s Buskers” in which big-time musicians cover silly songs from Bob’s Burgers. Then, the […]
  46. Will NBC Be the First Broadcast Network to Fall?“Five or ten years from now, there’s a good chance we’ll recognize NBC as the Peacock in the coal mine, the first one to fall as the broadcast […]
  47. Paul Giamatti and Julie Klausner Recreate Scenes from Hit Movies Here’s another one comedian Julie Klausner’s videos for Vulture, in which she sits down with actor Paul Giamatti to reenact some romantic […]
  48. ‘Vulture’ Picks Its Top 10 Stand-up Specials of the YearSplitsider alum Jesse David Fox picked the “Top 10 Stand-Up Specials of 2012” over at Vulture this week, selecting the best of the best from […]
  49. What’s the Deal with NBC’s Comeback?While all the other major networks’ ratings have been down this year, NBC, which has been in last place for a few years now, has been […]
  50. Garfunkel and Oates Met the Real John Oates but Have No Video Evidence Musical comedy duo Garfunkel and Oates (Riki Lindhome and Kate Micucci) are the latest to contribute a story to Vulture and UCB’s […]
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