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    W and Its Fashion Closet to Guest Star on Gossip GirlIn the plot, Blair AND Dan get internships there.
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    W’s Strange Covers ContinueWith Emma Stone in a fringed corset and Garret Hedlund wearing leopard pants.
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    Miranda Kerr Is Naked at Six Months Pregnant in W’s ‘Family’ IssueEvery fashion magazine needs a shot of a hot, naked pregnant woman.
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    A whole new look at Red Hook.Because no matter what, ‘W’ is still mostly about the pictures.
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    Cathy Horyn ‘Needs a Clearer, More Authoritative Reason’ to Read the New WShe thinks the new logo may be the best thing about the magazine.
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    Maybe With Stefano Tonchi’s Makeover, You’ll Read W for the ArticlesWe got a full look at the redesigned magazine today.
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    W’s September-Issue Documentary Won’t Be in TheatersJust online as part of an online film festival.
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    W Is Filming a Documentary About Its September IssueUnfortunately, Anna already called dibs on the most obvious title.
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    Stefano Tonchi’s First W Cover Suggests It’s Becoming ‘Less of a Fashion-Obsessed Publication’Which is what Tonchi said his goal was.
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    Stefano Tonchi Says He’s Not Trying to Steal Anna Dello Russo for WAlex White is staying on as fashion director.
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    Have Staffing Changes at W Made Way for Terry Richardson to Resume Working for the Magazine?He’s thought not to have shot for the title since 1996.
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    Stefano Tonchi Cleans House at W, Brings In Newsweek’s Ted MoncreiffIt’s a big day in the land of fashion editorial.
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    Stefano Tonchi to Do Away With W’s High-Society ColumnWho will write about Nicole Kidman looking like a kangaroo?
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    Lynn Hirschberg Heads to WThe rumors were correct.
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    Lynn Hirschberg Left the Times … for W?Stefano Tonchi will need an entertainment director.
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    Stefano Tonchi Just Wrapped Up a Year-Old DUI CaseTaking care of business before the new job starts.
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    Ex–French Vogue Fashion Director to W?Could be an odd choice, but that’s the rumor.
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    W Creative Director Dennis Freedman to ExitAnd so a new reign begins at the title.
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    Designers Sad to See Patrick McCarthy Leave Fairchild; Stefano Tonchi Plans to Tackle W’s Website“It’s the end of an era,” Carolina Herrera said.
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    W to Undergo Redesign in SeptemberTonchi will begin overseeing the staff very soon.
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    Stefano Tonchi to Make W ‘Less of a Fashion-Obsessed Publication’And “more of a general-interest style magazine.”
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    Stefano Tonchi IN at WRumors: confirmed.
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    Sources Say Stefano Tonchi Will Be Named Editor-in-Chief of WTop staffers at ‘W’ will reportedly leave.